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Where to call? Phone does not work MGTS: phone list

People who use communication services in one way or anothercompanies and facing problems, you have to think about the question of where to call? "The MGTS telephone does not work" - a similar complaint can be heard from subscribers who are actively using a fixed telephone. If you cope on your own with the situations that have arisen and find out why the impossibility of making calls is unreliable, you need to contact the support line. In this article we will tell you how this can be done, we will give information about which offices can be contacted.

where to call does not work phone mgts

general information

If the client's difficulties are not related to the fact thatthe telephone line is not connected to the device, then if there are problems with dialing or the inability to make calls, and if there is interference, you should contact the MGTS service bureau. A qualified employee will try to remotely identify possible causes of inoperability and help to eliminate them. In the event that this can not be done, the contact center specialist will accept the application and organize the departure of the master. So, where to call? "The phone does not work MGTS" - quite a frequent complaint from customers. Below we will tell you how to get out of this situation.

MGTS: technical support phone

You can report problems on the phone line withany device: both from a cellular device, and from another fixed phone. Moreover, the help MGTS provides customer support around the clock - the call center employees answer questions and help to cope with difficulties without days off and holidays. Thus, you can contact the following contacts at any time convenient for the subscriber. Please note that it is recommended to perform the initial diagnosis (if possible) and try to find out. Probably, the reason lies in the damaged wire or the telephone device disconnected from the socket. Such information will help speed up the process of resolving the issue and start using the device again.

mgts does not work home phone

On the official website of the company, you can find phone numbers that can be reached both from a fixed and mobile device.

Please note that both of these numbers allow you to contact the consultant and get answers to your questions, including why the MGTS the home phone does not work. Before you start a call, you must enter your name and indicate the contract number or the address where the city number is registered.

How to contact the support line

Where to call (MGTS phone does not work), wefound out earlier. The specialist should describe the essence of the problem briefly. In the event that a telephone line failure is associated with the technical work carried out by the service provider, the operator will inform the subscriber of the address and inform about the end time. However, problems with communication can not always be caused by work at the station. It is necessary to answer all the questions of a specialist as completely and accurately as possible - this will allow him to quickly understand the essence of the problem. You also need to follow the recommendations of the contact center employee. If after the actions advised by the MGTS Customer Support Officer, the home phone does not work, you must create a call for the master. In order to agree on the time of visit, you should leave your contact phone number in the application.

 offices mgts

During the visit, the wizard will clarify the reasons for theline, will determine whether they are due to the fault of the client (within his apartment) or are related to external factors. Depending on this, the order of elimination of the breakdown will be determined, and also at the expense of whose funds will be executed: the client or the company - the service provider.

Contacting the operator's office

Complain about the quality of telephone communication, andYou can also ask questions of interest by contacting MGTS offices. Here, the staff will also tell you whether any repair work is in progress on the line, which may be the reason for the inability of the home phone, and will give some recommendations.

reference mgts

In the offices of MGTS, you can find out the basic information on the account, consult on tariff plans, terminate or conclude a contract for communication services and perform many other operations.

MGTS Offices

In total, the Moscow region has 24 offices,in which individuals can be serviced. In five branches, corporate customers are also accepted. To choose a geographically convenient office, it is recommended to visit the official resource of MGTS. Here you can see not only the list of available options for treatment, but also to specify on the map their location. For each point of maintenance, the schedule of work, the mode of functioning of offices during the holidays are indicated. Also here you can see how busy the office is. In the selection form, you need to set the desired area and specify for which type of customers this branch is available (by default, the list for individuals is displayed).

mgts technical support phone


In this article, we talked about where to call(MGTS telephone does not work), and also gave a brief description of how it will carry out the consultation procedure and further interaction with the company, if the remotely resolved issue has not been resolved. If there are problems that the call center consultant can not solve, it is necessary to make an application for the visit of the master for the diagnosis and repair work.

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