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The receiver of digital television. TV-receiver. Digital television

You like watching serials, sportsor quiz on TV? Evening collection of the family from the "blue screen" has become for you a good tradition? Then think about the option how to make a joint holiday more comfortable. Modern technologies allow to improve the quality of broadcasting. It is enough to purchase a digital television receiver, and you will get the best picture on the screen and excellent sound, as well as many additional functions. To understand the intricacies of choosing a device, we will get to know him closer.

digital terrestrial television receivers

How it all began

The era of digital television for Russia begansince 2010, when TV channels in DVB format started to be launched. The country will be fully covered by 2015. But already in many regions TV operates in digital quality. Such changes are dictated by the fact that there is a transition from analogue broadcasting to new technologies. Everywhere, digital television is spreading, which provides better signal transmission and requires less expenditure.

digital television receiver

The advantages of digital television

The advantages of a new televisiongeneration, guarantee the viewer a quality picture without distortion and clear sound even with a small signal level. Due to the MPEG4 image compression format, it is possible to transmit more TV channels and not depend on the antenna that is on the high roof. Quality broadcasting (even on the first floor) will provide a digital set-top box or receiver. It can be connected absolutely to any TV that has a DMV connector. Therefore, this service is available now not only for the owners of city apartments, but also for the dacha. To make a fairy tale come true, different receivers of digital terrestrial television are produced, or, as they are also called, prefixes or receivers. They are connected as additional equipment, in addition to the antenna. They can be built into the TV or be a separate device.

digital TV receiver

Technology development

The broadcasting began in DVB-T format. But the evolution of television does not stand still. There were more advanced novelties. The modern standard DVB-T2 was widely distributed in Europe, and then it was developed in Russia. While both types of digital signal transmission operate in parallel, but gradually the second completely replaces the first. The image is transmitted in compressed MPEG4 format, in a wide resolution of six hundred twenty-five lines and supports the sound of Dolby AC-3. The transmission of the signal is not affected by weather conditions. Connecting a TV receiver is easy enough. With this task can cope and layman. But first we'll get acquainted with devices that offer stores and Internet sites.

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Description of models

TV set-top boxes for digital televisioncan not only transmit high-quality picture and sound. They also have other useful functions. For example, you can view photos, listen to music, watch movies, record TV programs. As a rule, a set with a TV-set includes a console and a special cable. From the models you can mention Mystery MMP-70DT2. The digital receiver supports AVI, MKV. There are connectors HDMI, AV. There is a USB interface. Perfect for TV formats DVB-T and DVB-T2 digital television receiver Supra SDT-92. It has a standalone connection method and an FM tuner. A good choice is the mdi DBR-901 receiver. He completely consciences with the formats of television, common in Russia. It can be connected not only to the TV, but also to the computer monitor, used as a media player. The console supports a variety of audio and video formats. To play a high quality image, there is an HDMI output. It is convenient to use the control buttons, which are located on the front panel of the device. There is a function of recording TV programs on an external drive connected via USB. It is very convenient programs that go live, pause and return to view from the place where they stopped. The console menu is in Russian. It is possible to update the receiver software. There is a timer, which turns on the device, recording programs and turning off the console. The D-COLOR has media player functions. It serves for receiving of digital terrestrial television, recording of programs, playback of images in Full-HD format. Depending on the model, the digital television receiver not only provides the ability to view HD channels. But it can also have the following functions and characteristics: recording and playback of TV programs on a flash card or hard disk, support for subtitles, electronic program guide, teletext.

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Ways to connect

Everything is simple enough. Initially, you need to connect a digital TV receiver to the antenna (it can be either indoor or outdoor). Now we need to connect the set-top box to the TV with a special cord (HDMI, tulip, scart). Then you need to connect the receiver to the outlet, and then - the TV. Now you need to adjust the image. On TV select the video mode. The console menu appears on the screen. After the autotuning of the channels is over, you must select the "Save" item. Then follow the instructions to the receiver. After that you can watch TV channels.

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Customer Reviews

Consumers were able to assess the benefits thathas a digital TV receiver: an affordable price, the possibility not to overpay for a new TV with a built-in receiver, great image quality and sound. In general, having become acquainted with the characteristics of the set-top boxes for digital television and the responses to them, we can conclude. The receiver is the most optimal solution for comfortable and high-quality viewing of television programs. Such devices allow you to bring digital television to a new level.

"Tricolor TV"

Russian companies provide their subscribersThe opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of digital television. For example, "Tricolor TV" the second receiver for receiving digital television offered to buy shares at an affordable price. To connect an additional set-top box to the second TV is quite simple. It will take you only a quarter of an hour. Initially, it is necessary to de-energize both devices (receiver and TV). Then you need to connect to the special cable F the connectors that come with the set-top box. Then it is established, more precisely, the satellite divider cuts into any place of the cable, to which the antenna and the receiver are connected. Now the cord can be connected to the second set-top box. Then you need to connect the receiver to the TV in accordance with the instruction manual. Now you can adjust the channels on the TV using the console console.

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