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Cellular communication in Abkhazia: an overview of local operators

In order to stay connected to anotherthe country, subscribers of Russian telecoms operators, it is necessary to activate the service "international roaming". On each sim card it is available initially and is one of the basic ones. If you disconnect it, you will not be able to use communication services in other countries. In this article we will tell you in more detail about what kind of cellular communication is used in Abkhazia, we will give a description of some operators. It will be useful to learn not only people who are planning to purchase a local SIM card, but also those who go on vacation or on a business trip with an existing SIM card of Russian operators.

cellular communication in Abkhazia

general description

People who are sent for a long time in theanother country, they recommend purchasing local SIM cards. This is due to the fact that the cost of communication services in roaming is quite high. In addition, for incoming calls also have to pay. You can find out the exact cost and possibility of its optimization on the official resource of the communication operator whose services the client uses. Cellular communication in Abkhazia is provided by several operators. The largest are "Aquafon" and "A-Mobile".

Some operators may have contracts with eachfrom companies, and others - only with a specific one. Also before the trip it is recommended to find out what connection works in Abkhazia, more precisely, by what operator it is provided.

what cellular connection in Abkhazia

Operator "Aquafon"

This organization is an undoubted leadercountries for the provision of mobile services. Being on the market for fourteen years, "Aquafon" managed to prove itself well, it serves a lot of subscribers. Cellular communication in Abkhazia by this operator is provided in standard modes 2G / 3G and LTE (4G). In addition to traditional voice services, Aquafon offers a number of interesting options and services (including video calling, Internet, etc.). Favorable conditions for the guests of the country are provided on the tariff plan "Sea".

Operator "A-Mobile"

Another large and trusted operatoris the company "A-Mobile". He rightfully has the title of leader of the mobile Internet. Already in 2014 on the initiative of "A-Mobile" was successfully launched a new generation network - LTE. Cellular communication in Abkhazia from this company is advantageous calls to Russia with the possibility of using specialized options and high-speed Internet. For tourists, the tariff plan "Resort" is recommended. The purchase of a SIM card can be made in any sales and service salon, which can be picked up after it becomes clear which cellular communication in Abkhazia will be used.

cellular communications in Abkhazia reviews

How can I connect to one of these networks?

If it is a question of purchasing a new SIM card, it is enough to visit the point of service and sales, taking with them an identity card, and ask for a favorable tariff for communication with Russia.

In order to install on your phonelocal connection, if you use the services of Russian operators, you need to go to the settings of the cellular network (they can be found in the main settings menu of the gadget) and set the type of network selection manually. Then, in the list of available operators, select Aquafon (289-67) or A-Mobile. Information on which of the companies the communication operator of the client cooperates with should be specified on the website or in the contact center.

Cellular communication in Abkhazia: reviews

Feedback on the connection in Abkhazia can be found different:

what cellular communication works in Abkhazia

  • In particular, Russian tourists are indignant overthe high cost of roaming services. For example, the cost per minute of outgoing and incoming calls for MTS subscribers is 155 rubles. But tourists forget that the operator offers a number of packages and services to reduce prices.
  • Another difficulty with whichfacing tourists traveling abroad is the impossibility of automatically connecting to the network. In this case, it is not necessary at all that the mobile device will independently find the network - sometimes user intervention is required.
  • At the same time complaints about the quality of the services provided can be met quite seldom.

What kind of cellular communication works in Abkhazia? Which operator is better to connect to ensure good and stable communication? These questions are answered in the material in question.

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