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Phone BQ: reviews. Small phones BQ: photos, prices

In recent years, mobile phone manufacturersphones are a real fight in the pursuit of gigahertz, megapixels, inches, gigabytes and sensors. Most companies have stopped producing simple and understandable button devices. They moved completely to touch screens with only a few of the same keys. And the company BQ produces push-button machines, perfectly suitable for both children and the elderly. The BQ phone is convenient to use as a working phone. Including through the use of up to four SIM cards in it. Consider in comparison two vehicles brought to our country from China.

Features and Specifications BQ BQM-2855 Washington and BQ BQM-2456 Orlando

Both phones contain headphones,charger and instructions. The first one has a classic case, support for two SIM cards, 240 x320 resolution, 2.8 "screen, 0.1MP camera, 3000 mAh battery, Bluetooth and microSD slot. The second one differs only with a 2.4" screen and a battery on 1500 mAh. The appearance of both models is quite normal, except that for Orlando used plastic, which has bright colors.

phone bq
He does not have buttons on the sides, but on top areLip hole and diode flashlight. Behind there is an eye of the camera and the speaker slots, and from the bottom there is a miniUSB and a microphone hole. Under the back cover - a slot for microSD and two slots for SIM cards, full-size. Washington has the same thing. As we can see, small BQ phones are very similar to the first mobile phones and differ from them except that the possibility of using two SIMs and additional memory.

Comparison of sound, cameras, flashlights and batteries

The phone has no internal memory, sowithout a card you will have almost nothing. In this regard, almost any phone BQ reviews gets not the best. Many devices do not see such cards. For example, there were cases when Orlando did not see 256 MB of memory, but without any problems recognized 16 GB. But the phone BQ BQM-2855 Washington - on the contrary. From such devices, no one expects anything worthwhile in the multimedia plan, except for the bmp-picture and amr / wav-melody.

phone bq reviews
In this regard, buyers were surprised thattheir devices coped with pictures jpg and mp3-melodies. Of course, the sound is not perfect at all, but you can listen to it as an alarm clock, a call or in transport on the way to work. The cameras are the same, the photos are similar, but it's unclear why they are installed there. What quality can a 0.1 MP device have? Here are flashlights, which is very unexpected, they shine brightly enough. Batteries, also worthy, are worth their money. Orlando will have to be charged once a week, Washington - not more than once every two weeks.

System, contacts, SMS, applications

Management and interface - familiar and standard,we are used to such in the old days. And how does it work when we use the BQ phone? Reviews say that it is far from the best way. Even when dialing a number or SMSka, wandering through the menu or searching for a contact, the menu often hangs. T9 is missing, and typing sometimes turns into an agonizing procedure. With contacts, it seems like everything is fine at first, but then it turns out that there could not have been, as they say, without a fly in the ointment.

small bq phones
The name can be up to a maximum of tencharacters, that is, say, Alexander Gavrilchenko, can not fit. No one has yet been able to use the "E-book" function. It does not open xml, fb2, docx, or txt. Of the games you can use only built-in. Some shortcomings can be eliminated by updating the firmware, but for this you need to contact the service center.

Findings of review and comparison

As the main device of the BQ phone we,of course, you do not recommend, but as a gadget for additional SIM cards - this is what you need. Nothing better for such "ridiculous" money you will not find. It is not necessary to choose from the presented models, the company BQ released the phones in a large range, calling them the names of different cities. In addition, pay attention to their life without recharging.

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And this at the next cost: Washington - 1650 rubles, Orlando - 990. So if you are interested in a device with a powerful battery, choose the first model, if compactness and design - the second. These BQ cell phones will meet your expectations.

BQ Mexico - a phone with four SIM cards

Consider another Chinese mobile phonea small size, the feature of which is the ability to work with four SIM cards. It is useful to those who want to use separate numbers for access to the Internet, work calls, personal conversations, communication with relatives and friends abroad. If this is about you, then the BQ phone is what you need. In this respect, he has the only drawback - the presence of only one radio module. This is a classic mobile button phone, it does not have an Android OS, and it does not have a touch screen.

mobile phone bq
The usual so-called dialer. The resolution is 240 × 320 pixels, the display is 2.4 ". However, it has an FM-receiver, MP3-player and Bluetooth-module. The camera is slightly better than the previous models - 0.3 MP. Supports memory cards up to 32 GB of microSD format. The battery is not too powerful, has a capacity of only 800 mAh, provides a seven-hour continuous conversation. Dimensions - 117 × 47 × 14 mm, weight - 78 grams. It is worth a mobile phone BQ Mexico - 1350 rubles. Available in three colors - brown, black and blue.

Phone BQ: customer reviews

With regard to reviews on Chinese productsproducer, then buyers, for example, a small phone BQ BQM-1402 Lyon as a whole are satisfied with their choice. Two SIM cards, good communication, very loud speaker. You can use it as an MP3 player by uploading music to a flash card. Also a good battery that holds a charge of about five days with average use. A couple of small drawbacks: a weak camera and a lack of a headphone jack. I have to use an adapter. This phone is available in different colors, the price is 1300 rubles.

bq small phone
But the smartphone BQ S-4003 Verona, whose price2500 rubles, many buyers disappointed, despite its two cores, a touch screen and a camera with a flash. Literally on the day of purchase, many of these devices stopped responding to the touch of their fingers. And nothing helped. The buyers eventually took them back to the store. So remember, buying cheap phones: the probability to run into substandard devices is much greater than in the case of well-proven and well-known brands.

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