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Nokia Lumia 620: specifications, review, description and reviews of the owners

So, today we are with you to learn aboutone new smartphone. It's called the Nokia Lumia 620. In general, before buying this or that model, you'll have to first try hard to find out the characteristics and true reviews about the smartphone. After all, in the modern world, it is not so easy. Especially if you take into account the fact that many opinions on sites-otzovikah are simply bought. So let's try to understand this complicated matter. But first, it's worth understanding what Nokia Lumia 620 is about characteristics. After all, they make us pay attention to this or that phone. And, of course, everyone wants to get a powerful and modern smartphone at an affordable price. If these conditions are met, then the model gets extremely high ratings very quickly and becomes popular among analogues.


To begin with, for many buyers nowit is extremely important to have at your disposal a phone with a good display. That is, with a large. And it is considered, the more it is, the better. But still it should not interfere with convenience. For example, it is better for women and children to find a smaller display. It will be much more convenient than the "shovel" in the hands. At Nokia Lumia 620 the screen in this sense is very good. But with all this, it is considered non-standard. After all, by modern standards, this is quite a small phone.

lumia 620

The fact is that the screen for this smartphone onlyonly 3.8 inches. To be honest, most modern models are already created by 5 inches. However, rather small sizes do not interfere with the popularity, functionality and quality of the model. The resolution of the display, strictly speaking, is also not very large. Only 800 by 480 points. However, for Internet surfing and many games this is more than enough. But Lumia 620 is very easy to store in your pocket or small women's purse. So the screen sizes here are quite acceptable.

In addition, you will see a very bright andquality image. After all, the Lumia 620 is a phone capable of transmitting up to 16 million colors. True, many buyers now do not surprise. They are used to the fact that all modern models are endowed with such parameters. However, if you have not used before the latest innovations, then it is worth trying to start with "Nokia". This is a pretty good and high-quality model, which pleases everyone with its characteristics.

Touchscreen for Nokia Lumia 620 is made bythe last word of technology. This makes it qualitative and resistant to damage. In addition, the touchscreen responds extremely quickly to the slightest touch. Even in the coldest weather, it will work without unnecessary problems. So do not worry about this feature. In its quality, it surpasses even many modern novelties, which are considered more popular among buyers.

In addition, this display has its ownadvantages. For example, to scratch it, as already said, is very difficult. And this is a significant plus. In addition, this screen is easy to clean, and also shows a "picture" well in sunny weather or in the rain. Also, the display on the model allows you to quickly remove moisture from it. Do not be afraid if you are exposed to rain. After all, the Lumia 620 features allow the surface to hold moisture for some time without harming the constituent of the phone. Just what is so necessary for modern buyers.

Dimensions and weight

Phone Lumia 620 is not so big. And notice this could already be on the characteristics of the display model. So now it's worth making a little bit of specifics at the moment. After all, sometimes the size and weight of machinery play an important role in the issue of purchases.

lumia 620 specs

Fortunately, keeping "Lumiya 620" is very easy. After all, in length it is 115.4 millimeters, in width - only 61.1, and in thickness - 11 mm. In principle, the ultra-thin model is not called. But nevertheless, it is still quite convenient. It is especially popular among children and adolescents, as well as women with small pens. In them, Lumia 620, reviews about which we are to learn, lies perfectly. So you can pay attention to this model. Even in the event that a powerful smartphone you need only for games.


For any phone is also very important momentis its memory. And here we are talking about two types. The first is operational. It is responsible for the power of the model, as well as for the possibility of simultaneous use of several functions. The more it is, the better. The Lumia 620 features such that the RAM corresponds to the quality of the smartphone. It is 512 MB. In fact, for a modern phone this is not enough. You can not run the latest games on it. But here's the program - easily. So do not worry. After all, "Lumiya 620" is not a game model. Rather, it is suitable for the average business customer-music lover. And there is not a lot of RAM here. Especially if you are not so important and modern toys.

Also it is necessary to take into account also such factor,as usual memory. In other words, the one on which the data will be recorded. To be honest, this factor often plays a very important role. No matter how good a phone it is, with a small space it will quickly lose its popularity. And this is not particularly good for the manufacturer. So many people try to implement as much memory as possible in the phone. In total, the "Nokia Lumiya 620" 8 GB of internal memory. This is not so much, but for the majority of the population there is enough. True, you can expand this space a little.

How? It's enough just to take and insert a memory card into the phone. Unfortunately, this feature is now not available in all smartphones. And this grieves the buyers. But Lumia 620 has it. You can optionally insert a microSD memory card up to 64 GB in this device. And with all this, do not worry that the phone will stop working normally. Even with the maximum filling it will function well. But it's better not to "hammer" all 64 GB. Leave "in reserve" 1-2 GB of space. This will help improve the performance of the device. Yes, many modern phones offer memory cards up to 128 GB, but they are gaming. And they are often very expensive. And "Lumiya" is a fairly accessible and versatile option for both business and entertainment.

touch screen lumia 620

System and processor

Operating system and processor for anyphone are very important. And many buyers pay a lot of attention to these items. Often on this depends on the availability and basic characteristics of the device.

To begin with, the operating system of Lumia620 - Windows 10 or Windows 8. Depending on the update. Nevertheless, the base remains the same - "Winds". And this fact pleases many consumers. After all, this means that your phone will be synchronized easily and easily with the computer. The Lumia 620 firmware allows you to do this without any problems. So the only thing you have to get used to here is with a non-standard interface for the phone. This is especially true for customers who are accustomed to working on "Android."

The processor for this smartphone is also prettypowerful. It is dual-core, with a clock frequency of 1 GHz. In principle, for a modern device, this is not so much. Only here business people and those who value quality, and not the ability to play modern cool toys, this moment does not interfere. Especially in those cases where you just want to buy an affordable and high-quality phone at a decent price, which will serve you for a long time. To be honest, this is an ideal option for the average user. It may seem that the small power of the processor will negatively affect the performance of the device. But not in this case.

This phone also supports simultaneouslaunch up to ten applications. On the one hand, it is very much. And on the other, sometimes for a modern user sometimes this indicator is not enough. After all, you want to use many applications and games at the same time. In principle, a modern user with moderate "appetites" on this account of resources will suffice with interest. You do not have to worry about it.

lumia 620 battery pack


Touchscreen Lumia 620 is different quality, the screen -also. The processor and the operating system are also quite good. But a more important point in our today's issue is the means of communication provided. After all, the phone was originally created in order to always be able to communicate quickly to each other information. Well, or just to communicate. Of course, over time, communication developed. And the phones began to support wireless Internet and other signals. What do we have about "Nokia" in this sense?

The fact is that in this regard, our smartphone is smallthan it differs from modern brethren. It supports 2G and 3G communication. In addition, it has GPS and GPRS. Just what people need is so badly memorizing somewhere along the road. Among other things, you will have the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It seems to be nothing bad or supernatural yet. But there is one small but that can upset some potential customers.

More recently, 4G-communication has been invented. It is considered the fastest, best, quality and reliable. But only the latest smartphone models can support it. But "Lumiya 620", unfortunately, does not have such an opportunity. In truth, so far this is not critical. After all, the 4G-signal is not yet fully embedded in the modern life of ordinary people. But after a couple of years, this model of the smartphone, most likely, will lose its relevance. Especially if 4G will dominate all other communication options.


Another important point is the battery operationany smartphone. Everyone wants to get a model that will prove to be powerful and durable. Of course, it will have to work for a long time without recharging. With a quick discharge, amateurs of "Android" often come across. What do we have about our smartphone?

The fact is that the Lumia 620 battery is removable andpowerful. It's the same as with other Nokia phones. To be honest, this manufacturer is really famous for its batteries. They work for a long time and almost do not break. From overheating, the batteries are also reliably protected.

lumia 620 reviews

How much does the Nokia 670 phone work?It all depends on the intensity of the device. So, for example, in standby mode, it is able to lie for 2 months, with some conversations (stable, but short) - about 3 weeks. In the case of a long and continuous dialogue, the work time is 12 hours. But with the active use of all the resources of the device at the same time (or with regular games and the Internet included), "Nokiya" works for about 4 days. In principle, this indicator is in fact exemplary for most modern smartphones. After all, most models "with stretch" during active use work 3 days.

Among other things, the smartphone is chargingrelatively quickly - about an hour and a half. This time is enough to fully recharge the battery, even if you brought your phone to a state where it does not turn on. Completely worthy indicators. And it can not but rejoice. Even for this reason, despite some minor shortcomings, the smartphone "Lumiya 620" is very popular and can be called a worthy device.


The phone of the modern model should "be able"perform many functions. And among them you can find such items as video recording and photography. So, the camera for the smartphone is also important. Sometimes you have to give up buying one or another model if it has a bad camera.

What about Lumia 620?To be honest, everything is not so bad, as it might seem at first glance. Like most smartphones, this model has 2 kinds of cameras - front and rear cameras. The first is above the display and serves for self and video calls. Its quality, as a rule, is not very good. In this smartphone the figure is 0.3 megapixel. Which, of course, is not particularly encouraging. But for a phone this is usually enough. After all, the main role is played by the rear camera.

What it is?The usual camera, which is located on the back of the smartphone. It serves for photographing and recording video. And here depends on its quality pictures. On the "Nokia Lumiya 620" installed rear camera in 5 Mp. This is enough to get quality photos and make a good video. Of course, the Full HD format is not considered here, but nevertheless you will still receive decent videos.

touchscreen for nokia lumia 620

Also there is autofocus, flash and 4-foldapproximation. You can still set geographic tags, edit the photo manually. You can even "paint" it in a special editor. In general, the inventory of the camera is decent. He will certainly please you.


Now try to figure out which ones on NokiaLumia 620 prices. Description of the characteristics is all, undoubtedly, good. But that's just pretty important that the price tag matched the quality of the device. I do not want to overpay anyone.

If you need an inexpensive smartphone, then this isbeautiful going out. The fact is that Lumia 620 costs from 5,000 rubles. But now in many regions the price is 7,000. And this is the maximum price. In principle, it is quite affordable. Especially considering all the opportunities offered to us.


What about the quality of the phone as a whole? To be honest, it really pleases. It's not for nothing that "Nokia" has long been famous for its durable and "tenacious" smartphones.

What do customers think about this?Customers say there is no more reliable phone. It is not only quite powerful for its characteristics, but also "tenacious". This model is not broken - to do this, you need to try hard. In addition, it tolerates water and moisture normally. Moreover, it provides high-quality communication. Including the Internet. So this smartphone is worthy of attention.


Well, now it's time to take stock. Should we buy a Lumia 620 smartphone with you? In general, of course, everyone decides for himself. And no one has the right to tell us.

lumia 620 windows 10

But pay attention to the model is worth it.Especially if you need to buy a quality smartphone at a decent price. But not game. In this case, it will be better to refrain from Nokia and pay attention to Samsung. It is this company that recently produces gaming phones. But the price of such devices may not please you.

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