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Garret Ace 250 (metal detector). Metal Detector Garret Ace 250: specs, reviews, prices

In the modern market of metal detectors offerits products are about a dozen different manufacturers. The most widely used model Garret Ace 250. Metal detector, which is popular with customers, has its own characteristics. In this article we will get acquainted with its main characteristics, we will tell you how much the device costs, what feedback the users leave about it.

Types and features

garret ace 250 metal detector

To choose a metal detector, you need to decidewith its features. So, there are models of three categories - soil, deep and underwater. For treasure hunters, it is the soil devices that have different functional features that are needed. The characteristics of metal detectors are as follows:

  1. Depth of detection. Most often this parameter depends on the size of the target: the larger the metal object, the more likely the device will detect it. Depth depends on the mineralization of the soil and the degree of its humidity: the higher it is, the shorter the distance at which the metal detector can detect objects.
  2. Discrimination. This indicator indicates that the devices distinguish objects depending on the type of metal. So, most often the difference between non-ferrous and noble metals is found. This function plays an important role when working on heavily littered areas.
  3. Pinpoint. This indicator tells about the static mode of the metal detector operation, which makes it possible to accurately determine the object in the soil. This function is also in the model Garret Ace 250. The metal detector of this brand belongs to the budget segment, but in terms of characteristics, it is not much inferior to devices of the middle price range.
  4. Functional features of the model. Before buying, remember that a professional metal detector requires quite a long time to master newcomers. Therefore, for treasure hunt as a hobby, you can safely choose cheap analogs, given their mass and ease of use.

Garrett ACE 250 - metal detector with a long history

This model, according to user feedback, is oneof the best in the Russian market. Such popularity is explained by the combination of reliability of the device circuit, its qualitative assembly, optimal correlation of price and search parameters. The detector is widely used by search engines, being almost the most popular device.


metal detector garret ace 250 price

At the heart of the metal detector Garret Ace 250 -Modern technologies, which are actively used in the production of more expensive models. This device belongs to the ground type VLF and is equipped with a microprocessor. The metal detector Garrett Ace 250 reviews received mostly good due to the ease of control and adjustment, high sensitivity, responsiveness to the target. This device can work with the search for any metals or in discrimination mode, focusing on the desired metal.

There are five modes of operation: with all metals, jewelry, relics, coins. The last mode is user mode. Search with a metal detector becomes more convenient and comfortable, especially when you need to filter out unnecessary signals.

Main characteristics

coils for metal detectors

Garret Ace 250 is a metal detector thathas four levels of depth, eight positions of sensitivity adjustment and a sound indication of three tones. The distinctive features of this device include:

  • simplicity of settings, controls - it's enough to just turn on the metal detector and start working;
  • the ability to work in the most necessary modes;
  • high sensitivity even to small targets;
  • the possibility of upgrading the device due to more powerful coils;
  • convenient and comfortable search with a metal detector.

Who will do?

This metal detector belongs to the budget,so it is suitable for a wide audience. First of all, manufacturers focus on the simplicity, efficiency and affordable cost of the device. Therefore, it can be chosen by those who are engaged in archaeological excavations for the sake of pleasure. And having put more powerful coils, it is possible to improve the device Garret Ace 250. The metal detector differs a long service life, owing to what and is in high demand among buyers.

How does it work?

Garrett Metal Detector

One of the main parameters of this brandThe metal detector is the localization of the target. To do this, the Pinpointing mode is set: by clicking on this button on the panel, the user activates this mode, which is easy to operate. When a target is detected, place the coil parallel to the ground in the area where the signal appeared. The Pinpointing button is pressed and held, while the coil should be moved from left to right in a smooth motion. As soon as the target is detected directly under the coil, you will hear the maximum sound signal.

The metal detector created by the brand GarrettIt is equipped with a liquid crystal display on which you can monitor the signal strength. If the sensitivity bar is fully illuminated, then your target is immediately under the center of the coil. If the targets are too small, the signal will come under the upper part of the inner loop of the coil. In any case, when working with this metal detector you need to listen carefully to the signal.

Search Secrets

search with a metal detector

Inexpensive metal detectors are the most sold, andusers note that at an affordable price Garrett Ace 250 features unique technical features. The testimonies show that in order to understand the operation of any device, you should carefully study the instruction, and then start learning the device in practice. The main tips of users are as follows:

  1. Carefully follow the signal response: only a clear signal indicates that you have found something. If the sound changes in different directions when driving the coil in different directions, then, most likely, the device detected some kind of oxidized alloy or rusty iron.
  2. In order for the search to succeed, select the optimal mode. The device allows you to create your own search mask.
  3. Created by the brand "Garrett" metal detector has a high sensitivity, but it also needs to be understood.
  4. Try to perform searches at different speeds, this will allow you to subsequently choose the optimal mode for your work.

And if you look under water?

The peculiarity of the Garrett brand is that itoffers metal detectors of various types. Many prefer to excavate in water. And in such cases, a powerful detector is required. Underwater metal detectors Garrett are multifunctional devices that differ in productive work. The Sea Hunter Mark II can be used underwater or over water, only the length of the bar changes. The control panel itself is on the belt, which is convenient for operating the device.

underwater metal detectors

The metal detector works on the basis ofpulse-induction circuit, which is controlled by a microprocessor. There are two modes of garbage removal - standard and discrete. Underwater metal detectors Sea Hunter Mark II can dive to a depth of 60 m.

The main features of underwater detectors Garrett

Sea Hunter Mark II is a device thatfully protected from water, has a control unit, is easy to set up and operate. Advanced configuration allows you to conduct a specific type of search. Special underwater headphones are connected to the control unit of the sealed plug. Assembly of the device takes literally 5 minutes, and a charge of eight batteries will last for 40 hours of active work. If the metal detector Garrett Ace 250 price is affordable (about 19,900 rubles), then the underwater model costs an order of magnitude more - about 40,000 rubles.

characteristics of metal detectors

Sea Hunter Mark II is an underwater detector,which can be used both in depth and in shallow water or to search for objects in the ground. According to feedback, this device is simple, reliable and stable and works even for beginners.

What did the tests show?

Despite the fact that the metal detector Garrett Ace250 the price is high enough, it enjoys consumer demand. Hunter Mark II, according to users, catches all goals, competently discriminating them. And the device behaves more confidently and reliably in the standard mode. In discrete mode, a detector with the same settings better discriminates against metal. So this device is ideal for searching under water.

Which coil to choose?

For each detector, its equipment is selected andaccessories. Coils for metal detectors Garrett are presented in a huge variety, but the most popular products are brands NEL, MARS MD and Detech. Choosing this or that coil, you can improve your metal detector, increasing its performance and reliability. For example, small coils successfully cope with a search in a contaminated area, and medium ones with a small weight increase the depth of detection. Large components differ in increased depth and grip.

metal detector garret ace 250 reviews

Coils for metal detectors Mars MDare adapted to the model Garrett Ace 250. Due to their light weight and round form they allow faster passage of large areas and will be useful for working in any terrain. The Mars Tiger reel has unique dimensions and depth characteristics, thanks to which it is easy to work at great depths, in heavily littered areas. Due to the elaborate form, it makes the maximum area capture.

A good solution is the NEL Hunter coil for GarrettAce 250, which increases the depth of the metal detector by 40-50%. Thanks to the oval shape, the product easily finds even the smallest target, and a well-thought-out scheme widens the range of the probing rays, preventing possible omissions. The shockproof case is made on the basis of strong polymers, which protects the entire coil from negative influences.

Detect search coils of Bulgarian productionable to cope with any terrain conditions. With their help you can improve your metal detector, increasing its sensitivity, making the pinpoint of the device more accurate. They work equally effectively on different soils, differing in the competent division of the objects found and the depth of their detection.

Choosing a coil for a metal detector, it is worthproceed from the amount of metal debris, the degree of mineralization of the soil, the location and the object of the search. And for each of these conditions it is better to use different coils, because this will make the work more efficient. Metal detectors of the brand "Garrett" will appeal to both novice users and amateur professionals to find unusual antiques.

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