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How to restart the iPad and what to do if the tablet hangs?

If we are talking about high-quality phones, weinvoluntarily we remember the iPhone. If we talk about tablet computers that help us in our work and entertain us in our spare time, we should mention the iPhone. The line of these devices includes several models and generations - "mini", "air" and others. They are reliable gadgets that perform many functions and have many advantages. You can safely take them with you to the university, to work or to travel. And since this is electronics, you need to understand how to handle it under extreme conditions, when the device starts to hang or does not respond to commands. In particular, each tablet user needs to know how to reboot the iPad at the right moment. Possessing such knowledge and skills, you will not need to contact a specialist for help, because you can do everything that is necessary independently without outside interference. Situations such, despite all the advantages of Apple's technique, can arise at any time, because of any installed application.

Why you need to reboot the iPad

how to restart "iypad" mini

In part, the answer to this question has already been given -a restart for the iPad is necessary to bring the device out of the state when it has become stuck and has ceased to respond to user commands. In such situations, it seems that nothing can be done with the tablet - the central button that we turn off running applications, when pressed, does not have any effect, and the screen does not respond to the touch. It is the reboot that can start the computer again so that the user can continue working with it in normal mode.

Alternative to reboot

how to restart ipad
Of course, there is an alternative to rebooting- wait for the tablet computer to get out of the same "stupor" on its own. True, it all depends on the reason for the hanging. For example, there are cases when the tablet ceases to show signs of operability due to an unhandled application that caused a system error, or because the processor is overloaded with a large number of people working in the background of applications. Waiting can lead to the fact that the system itself will close the "hung" process, thereby allowing you to continue working with the aipad. True, not everyone has the patience to expect so much time, so we publish this article. Still, if you know how to restart the ipad, the computer will return to normal mode much faster, and all the hangs will disappear.

How do I reboot normally?

So, there are two ways of howrestart the ipad "mini" (and not only this model). The first is a simple reboot by selecting the appropriate item in the menu, which is called by pressing the Power key located on the top of the case. This menu consists of one item - "Shutdown" - which is made in the style of a slider. Just click on this button to turn off the device. After that it will be enough to again clamp the same power button to turn on the tablet. Thus, rebooting, the iPad will start to work faster, and applications that "brake" the system will be closed.

"Hard" restart of the iPad

restart ipad
In addition to the method described above, there is alsoone, more "hard". It should be used in case you do not know how to restart the iPad differently, because the device does not respond to any actions. In this case, there is one key combination that starts the reboot automatically. These are the jammed Home and Power keys. Run this mechanism if the simple pressing of one of the buttons does not help. In the future, everything will happen again - the tablet computer turns off, after which all the problematic applications will be closed and the system will function in normal mode.

Other reboot options

In the article above, two most effectiveway of how to restart the iPad. They can help in most cases. True, there are exceptions. For example, sometimes the tablet itself turns off after a long charge and, of course, does not react to any commands and actions. Solve the problem simply - you need to hold down the Power button and wait until the Apple logo lights up on the screen. By the way, this is another version of how to restart the ipad-mini. In addition, the device can be rebooted, for example, by completely discharging the battery, because when it sits, the tablet turns off.

how to restart ip 2

We got acquainted with how to restart the iPad. The advantages of these methods are obvious - you start the work session of the tablet PC from scratch, in this connection all processes, even those that worked in the background, are closed. This allows, in the case of braking and hovering, not to look for a problematic program, but simply close everything and fix the device.

At the same time, worry about that they will erase from the iPadany data or the recently installed applications will be deleted, it is not necessary - this information will remain on the tablet regardless of how to reset the iPad 2 or any other model.

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