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Samsung 3322: user guide, user guide, specifications

Mobile phones that are used todaymillions of people, have gone a long way of evolution. Previously, these were push-button, simple, but reliable assistants, which we used exclusively for calls and messages. Now these are full-fledged multimedia centers, which have a wide range of possibilities, with which we entertain, travel, learn and do a lot of other things.

However, do not think that the button devices,once having such a popularity, went into oblivion. No, nothing like that - phones with a physical keyboard are still popular with users. They have a lot of positive qualities, which we will talk about today.

But the hero of our review, oddly enough, will not bethe familiar to us a touch device with a large screen and a real processor, and a small keyboard, serving for communication between people. Meet: your attention is represented by Samsung 3322. The model, released in 2011, is still sold on the shelves of electronics stores. What it so bribes the user and what is special can be found in it - read in this article.


Samsung 3322 Duos user guide

We will start, of course, with a description of how this phone is represented by its developer. We will describe what the manufacturer's goals were and how far it managed to achieve them by releasing the Samsung 3322.

So, speaking of price orientation, we canconfidence to say that this is a budget class. And, unlike the available sensor devices, in our case, the low price is due not to noname-developer or low-quality technical stuffing. At all - the Samsung 3322 phone is released by an advanced company, the "top" brand of the mobile industry. Taking the phone in hand, you immediately understand how well this device is assembled and how convenient it is in daily use. The user most often just falls in love with the design of the model, its usability. Therefore, there is no question of economizing on anything here. Simply, our Samsung 3322 is a keyboard candy bar that works without an operating system and processor (in the sense of these terms from the point of view of modern devices). Therefore, the low cost of the phone is a phenomenon caused by objective criteria.

Goals of developers

Samsung 3322 Duos user guide

We are used to that every new touchscreen smartphone- This is a miniature computer with a lot of additional modules, working with powerful technical equipment: a strong processor, high-capacity RAM, a powerful graphics adapter. All these and other elements should have the maximum technical characteristics, be advanced in their niche.

It's strange to see that the Samsung 3322 does not participate in thethis "race". It's just a good phone that can call, receive and send messages, perform some basic multimedia functions. Then what is the goal pursued by the developers?

The fact is that the manufacturer is notis going to make a powerful model of the most technologically advanced smartphone. No, Samsung's task is to create a convenient and easy-to-use phone that meets the daily needs of its user. It should be stable, simple and convenient. And, judging by the feedback (which we will turn to later), our mobile phone Samsung C 3322 is just like that ...


... And not the least role in this is the appearance. Yes, exactly how the smartphone looks, determines a significant proportion of the user's attitude to it. If a person enjoys using this model, it lies well in the hand, looks stylish and technologically, such a phone will definitely be in demand. It should be noted that the keyboard devices give this much more attention than the modern touch. And the Samsung C 3322 phone has clearly succeeded in this business.

Samsung 3322 Duos reviews

It is presented on the market in a metal case,which already makes it attractive a priori. This appearance will suit the style of both a business person and someone who simply wants to remain stylish in all situations. Due to this model is universal for both sexes, and for all age categories.

The phone has a visual separation into two zones: black "islet" around the screen and a gray "outer" zone. This technique can not be called new, we saw it on many models, but it effectively divides the model, makes its design more interesting and attractive.

Metal rounded in the corners of the buttons only complement this effect, having not only a practical, but also decorative purpose.


Samsung 3322 Duos software

The display of the phone is nothing original or new to uswill not be able to surprise. Yes, this is not a large five-inch sensor installed on the next iPhone. This is only a two-inch screen with a minimum set of information, which serves as a source of information about the state of the device. Here everything is shown as concisely and clearly as possible (although if you are used to working with Nokia or other developers, you can go to Samsung 3322 Duos (whose programs have a different design), but you should not worry about it - all users with the phone for several days.


Samsung 3322 Duos Apps

The device that we describe in this article,supports the work of two SIM cards. It's very cool if you would like to save on mobile services, choosing different operators for calls in different directions. The example can be simple: you are cheaper to call one number from one operator, on another - from another. Thus, the Samsung 3322 Duos (an instruction whose characteristics contain information on how to switch between cards) can be a good universal tool for more profitable calls.


The internal memory of the phone is another story. Since, as the Samsung 3322 Duos notes, the phone has some basic multimedia capabilities (for example, a media player), it is very important that the space inside it is enough to store your favorite records and important materials. Those 50 MB, which were installed initially, obviously not enough for this. With such goals, users use a memory card slot. It can install standard microSD, which will increase the space on the phone to 1 GB (and more).


mobile phone Samsung C 3322

To create some simple photos onphone camera is installed. Its resolution of 2 Mp, of course, does not allow us to seriously talk about any high-quality images, so we will simply note that it really exists. But how much it will be clear what exactly the user was trying to photograph, we will not discuss, because this is not quite a key topic of our article.

Flashes in order to at least somehow saveThe situation with the received image in conditions of poor illumination is not envisaged here. As well as there is no front camera. It is here, however, and would not have come in handy, because you can not shoot here in video conference mode.


Nevertheless, you should not think that mobilephone Samsung C 3322 - an empty "dialer" without any features. We characterize a full-fledged smartphone, on which there are programs of different directions and for different tasks. And to make sure of this is very simple. Take a look at the software that comes with it.

For example, we can note on the Samsung 3322 Duossocial networking applications. This is primarily Facebook and Google Talk. With their help, the user can fully communicate with their friends, without using a touch phone. The second point is the ability to download any application that interests you. Instead of social networks it can be some messengers, weather forecast programs and much more. As you guessed, to download these add-ons we will need the Internet. It is quite possible to use another solution - a home PC to connect to the phone and send downloaded applications from the network to it.

phone Samsung C 3322

the Internet

The phone can work with wireless Internet. True, access technology in this case is not the usual 3G / LTE format for all of us today, but an outdated GPRS. Consequently, the access speed will be several times lower, and the cost of each megabyte of traffic is higher. Unfortunately, nothing can be done with this: the phone is clearly not designed for normal, modern Internet surfing. And, as the Samsung customers describe the 3322 Duos, you just have to put up with this: the Internet is clearly not the main purpose of the model. It should be used for other purposes, more appropriate to its concept.


I would also like to mention other communication modules,inherent in the C3322. First of all it is Bluetooth. The phone is able to send and receive files using this user interface, so you will not have problems with replenishing your music collection on the device, for example. It is very convenient to exchange files and if you also have a Bluetooth adapter on your computer: it will allow you to drop wires and work "through the air."

If your PC does not support working with thisinterface, you can connect your phone with a classic USB connector. Thus, you synchronize the device in the shortest time without additional difficulties.

In the settings there is also information about some interface SyncML (DM), however how it works and what can be useful to us, simple users, remains unclear.


Finally, the best result is thatSummarize all information about the phone during the review, can be feedback and recommendations left by other buyers. In this case, we are interested in the opinions of these people about the C3322 model, its quality and functionality.

As the analysis of user comments shows,the model is really highly valued by buyers. They note that the smartphone is really capable of showing stable performance for several years after the acquisition. If you use it neatly, you can also save and its original appearance.

Among the negative comments can be seenexcept that the opinion of the lack of a normal Internet connection in the device, as well as some software failures. They arise in the event that you incorrectly install additional software directly from the Internet. As practice shows, the best way to get rid of such errors is to help flashing. The truth about how to flash the phone Samsung C3322, we will not talk in detail, since this is a separate topic for conversation. Note only that you will need a USB-cable, a computer, a program for recognition and software for firmware. It can be found on any forum dedicated to phones.

In general, the criticism of how the phone worksSamsung C 3322, can not be. It is very convenient, fast and simple, affordable and reliable in daily use, long keeps the charge and allows you to save on conversations. What else is needed from such a device?

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