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"Home Region", "Beeline": how to connect? Connecting the Home Region service (Beeline)

Additional possibilities for tariffs from cellularoperators is something that can attract many customers. Beeline has a huge number of such services. But today we will learn how to connect and disconnect only one additional opportunity - "Home Region" ("Beeline"). How to connect it? Why is it even needed? Is it beneficial? And what if you want to stop using this option? We now have to learn all this. Let us get down to business as soon as possible.

home region beeline how to connect

About option

Before using the tariff "Home region" ("Beeline"), it is necessary to clearly understand how it works. After all, sometimes some options are simply not necessary for everyone.

It's all about the fact that we chose todaythe opportunity is something that will help you communicate with the Central Region of Russia at the cost of your home region. Of course, depending on the available tariff plan. For connection you have to pay only 10 rubles.

Next, you have to pay a monthly fee. She is 90 rubles a month. Not much, considering all the benefits. Of course, this tariff is ideal for sociable customers, those who have relatives or close friends living in the Central region of Russia. As you can see, Beeline's Home Region, the description of which we have given, is an excellent opportunity to save and prolong conversations with a certain locality at the same time. Very advantageous offer. But now you should talk about how to connect this option. And now we'll figure it out.

Personal visit

The first option that can only be offered -this is nothing more than the use of communication offices in your city. They will help you not only to connect yourself with some additional opportunities, but also to learn important information for the subscriber.

activate the home region beeline service

In order to translate the idea into reality, simplytake your passport with you (just in case) and a mobile phone, and then visit the nearest communication office of our today's operator. Say that you are interested in the service "Home Region" (Beeline). How to connect this option to the phone? This is actually not your concern. Pass the phone to the office worker, and also, if necessary, give your passport information. This is quite a normal process - it is with the help of it that you can identify the true owner of the SIM card.

All you have to do now iswait a while. The employee of the office will independently perform all the necessary processes, after which he will give you the mobile phone with the option already connected. That's all the problems are solved.

In fact, this option does not use a specialpopularity. After all, for him, as a rule, it takes quite a long time. And for this reason, customers are thinking about other methods of connection. Which ones? Let's try to understand this complicated matter.

Special combinations

The second method, which is more suitable andpopular, is considered the sending of special requests. They are activated by means of so-called USSD-commands. There are such combinations at each cellular operator. But how to use them?

tariff home region билайн

You decided to get a service "Home Region"(Beeline). How to connect it without visits to the offices of cellular communication? Simply dial * 110 * 241 # on your mobile phone, and then press the call button. After that you can activate the service.

You will start sending the request. Its processing, as a rule, takes about 5-10 minutes. After it is completed, you will receive a special SMS alert, which will help you understand if the option is enabled or not. And if not, why.

It should also be noted that the cost of connectingservices - 50 rubles. If you do not have enough money on your mobile, it's better to refill your account in advance. Otherwise, you will receive an alert requesting to deposit the necessary amount on the balance, and then try again. That's all the problems are solved. Only this is not all that can be offered. After all, the operator "Beeline" ("Home Region") connects in different ways. And there are a lot of them. Let's understand what else is offered to customers.

Call the operator

Well, here's another interesting onean approach. The thing is that you can always call the operator, and then connect / disconnect a variety of additional service packages. In fact, it's quite simple and fast.

disable the home region beeline service

Do you want to start using the "Homeregion "(Beeline)? How to connect it to yourself and start using it? Just dial 0611 on your mobile phone and then press the call button. Now wait for the operator to answer.

As soon as you are answered, report thatwould like to activate the service. Further (if necessary), inform the operator of your passport data. He, in turn, will tell you the details of the chosen tariff, and also inform about the cost of connection. It's enough just to agree with him, and then wait for a while.

After you end the conversation,receive an SMS alert. It will say that you have successfully started using the "Home Region" service ("Beeline"). How to connect the feature in other ways? Let's try to find out about them.

Calls to "team"

There is also an approach that helps clientsquickly start connecting additional services. With all this, you do not have to talk to the operator or go to the nearest office of cellular communication. After all, a certain team comes to the rescue. And this is not a USSD request.

beeline home region description

The thing is that some telecom operatorscome up with additional activation numbers for certain services. They "ring up", during which the request and connection are sent. The action of this approach is somewhat similar to the USSD-request.

So, you wanted to try the service "Homeregion "(Beeline) .How to connect it to yourself? To do this, dial 0674 09 241 and press the call button of the subscriber.Now, it only remains to sit and wait for the result.He, by the way, will not require a long wait.For such a" call " is processed very quickly - 1-2 minutes.You receive an SMS notification, and then enjoy the results.The main thing is that you had more than 50 rubles on your phone, but there is another modern and already popular approach to the solution of the task before us today. service "Home region" ("Beeline"), as well as connection it can be with the help of the Internet.

Internet for help

But how to do that? To implement the idea go to the official site of "Beeline" and go there authorization. It should immediately be noted that it is available only to subscribers of this cellular operator.

After that go to the "Services" section. Find there "Home Region" and click on this line. You will see a list of possible actions. You can activate the service "Home region" ("Beeline") by clicking on the appropriate command in the list. It turns off in the same way. That's all the problems are solved.

beeline home region connection

What do customers choose?

Today we met with youoptions for connecting additional options (in particular, "Home region") on the mobile phone from the operator "Beeline". As you can see, there are a lot of them. But what do customers choose?

As a rule, now many advancedusers prefer to use the Internet and the mobile operator's web page. On the second place - USSD-requests and special numbers-commands. Next are personal visits to the office. In the last place is a call to the operator. All this is because now when you try to talk with a living person you can run into an answering machine. And then the entire connection process takes 20-30 minutes. And this is not very happy. To connect the service "Home region" ("Beeline"), as you can see, is not so difficult as it may seem at the very beginning.

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