/ How does voice mail work with MTS operator?

How does voice mail work with the MTS operator?

It is not always possible to answer a call. How, then, do you know what the person who dialed the number wanted from you? Is it worth calling back and spending your time? Will help in similar situations an answering machine, or a service "voice mail". On what terms does the operator of MTS offer it?

How to connect an answering machine and general information about the service

Voice mail
The service "voice mail" allows callersleave messages when there is no answer or if the subscriber is offline. On your mobile device, you can use advanced settings - add the ability to record, provided that the main line is busy, set a time limit in the absence of a response. The MTS voice mail allows the subscriber to personally create a message that callers will hear.

Voicemail mts
To connect the service, simply callservice number 7744. You can also use a short interactive command - an asterisk, 111, a lattice and a call. In the menu that appears, you need to select the "Services" item. The next level will be the voice mail we need. From this menu, you can turn on or off and get general help, and check the status of the service. You can use a short command: an asterisk, 111, an asterisk, 900 and a lattice. Voice mail can be connected via SMS. To do this, the text "90 9" should be sent to number 111. Also, to change the status of the answering machine, you can use the Internet service of MTS company or contact the operator's salon.

MTS voice mail: application for smartphones

Mts voice mail
For iPhone devices and phones running onAndroid, there is already an official application from the MTS operator to manage the answering machine. A user-friendly interface allows you to delete out-of-date messages, listen to new messages and configure voice mail. Saving time is obvious - before listening to the message you can see the addressee and the length of the recording. Accordingly, much less money is spent for the use of the service - obsolete and uninteresting messages can not be listened to, and immediately deleted.

Like any other similar service, voicemail has a subscription fee. Connecting it is possible only if the subscriber's balance is positive. You will not be able to listen to received messages with a minus sign on your phone. If you use the application to manage voice mail, you can turn off the notification using SMS messages. Traffic during the use of the client is not charged. The program works also in roaming within the network throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Among the additional features of the client is the function of sending messages. So, you can send the received message to your second number or to another subscriber. You can download the client from the official website of the operator or through proprietary application download services. The application is distributed on a non-commercial basis, you pay only for downloading data from the Internet according to the tariff plan. During installation, no code or password is required.

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