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"Koschei" (metal detector): overview, characteristics, tuning, scheme

In Russian fairy-tales with treasures inextricably linkedan immortal hero named Koshchei, so it's no wonder that one of the best metal detectors present in the domestic market has a similar name. Let many users of expensive imported equipment and think otherwise, but in the category of "price-quality" Koschey (metal detector) is beyond competition.

Koschey Metal Detector

In this article the reader is giventhe opportunity to get to know a wonderful device for finding treasures. Overview, specifications, configuration, scheme and feedback of owners will help a potential buyer quickly navigate the market of specialized equipment.

Short excursion

In fact, the connection of a metal detector with a fairytalethe character is not connected with hiding treasure and jewelry, but with the first two letters of the names of developers Yuri Kolokolov and Andrei Shchedrin. Two mechanical engineers are known in the environment of radio amateurs for many years. They, in addition to the production of specialized equipment for the search for metal, have gained authority in instrument-making.

Unlike foreign manufacturersmetal detectors, Russian scientists did not hide the principle of the devices they created and provided customers with the opportunity to change the technical characteristics of electronics. The circuit of the metal detector, a detailed description of the basic elements of the construction and a complete manual for setting up are present in the usual instructions that come with the device. It is this attitude to the future owner and attracts to the device a large number of potential buyers.

Ordinary miracle

To search for metal objects on smalldepths and in the walls of old buildings is best suited inexpensive pulse device. The metal detector "Koschei-5I" worth about 5000 rubles is able to interest customers who purchase such a specific device for the first time.

metal detector circuit

All the functionality of this device is based onthe work of the microcontroller and a small program, and the simplicity of the design allows the owner to make the modification on their own, improving the sensitivity of the device as necessary. The principle of its operation is quite simple - the coil creates an electromagnetic field that changes its characteristics when passing through metal objects. The microcontroller analyzes the initial signal with the final value and outputs the result to the user.

Convenience and simplicity

Cheap metal detectors have one unpleasantfeature - the lack of a liquid crystal display. Naturally, the owner may have a lot of questions regarding the tuning of the device, especially the program part, which, according to the manufacturer, is easily amenable to modification.

cheap metal detectors

As practice shows, the problem can be solvedin two ways: using a programmer and connecting the unit to a personal computer. If the programming of the chip is simple and clear, then the second method clearly has questions. In the operating instructions, the manufacturer not only described in detail the method of connection to the port of X4 metal detector, but also indicated the adapter model that the user will need to solve the task. In fact, you can connect not only an impulse detector to a computer, but any other device that has an appropriate X4 interface.

Universal baby

It is clear that under the concept of "metal" in factIt can hide not only precious metals, but any rubbish from steel or cast iron. Naturally, the treasure hunter will be interested in finding the treasure. It was for such purposes that the metal detector Koshchei-20M was created. The peculiarity of this device is that the device can work in the frequency range 4-10 kHz, and accordingly the user himself is able to control the power of the electrical coil.

In addition to the basic characteristics required forsearch for treasure, the detector has a lot of useful and useless functions. First, the device is programmed at the program level, and on the official website of the manufacturer, a selection of ready-made programs is available for accurate operation in different operating conditions. Did not save the manufacturer and the sound indication, setting a full polyphony. But the possibility of access to the device by PIN-code causes only a smile on the face of the treasure hunter.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Do not expect the device to be impossible withbuying. No matter whether it's expensive or cheap metal detectors, the user will have to fine-tune each type of soil in any case. Experts in this area recommend newcomers to use the proven method with three coins (steel, bronze, gold), which must be separately buried at a depth of 20-30 centimeters.

pulsed metal detector

Further all is simple - leading a contour over treasuresand changing the frequency, you need to find out what sound indication corresponds to each metal, which will react to "Koschey" (metal detector). As practice shows, at a frequency of 10 kilohertz precious metals from gold and silver are perfectly found, regardless of the depth. The sound produced by the device is quite melodic, it is easy to remember. But for the search for metals based on copper, the frequency range is better to shift to a smaller side (6-7 kHz).

Strange modifications

Findings of a metal detector sometimes turn out to beso valuable that many owners of devices begin to feel dizzy - they have a desire to buy more powerful and expensive device for finding treasures. Hurry to change the manufacturer is not worth it, the developers have something to surprise the buyer. On the basis of the device "Koschei-20M" there is an improved version of "Professional" with a coil Goliaf.

Retaining the appearance of the metal detector, includingcontrol panel and usability, the manufacturer managed to create a more powerful and sensitive device. First, the device is capable of separating noble metals from black at great depths, even if they are in close proximity to each other. The second advantage is the ability of the coil to operate in the air, being above the ground at a distance of 5-10 centimeters.

All inclusive

Naturally, the Russian manufacturer must have at least one modification that is able to satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding customers.

metal detector koschei 5i
Metal detector "Koschei-25K" is a kind of leader among all the detectors of the manufacturer. It's better to start with technical characteristics that can really surprise future owners:

  1. Maximum Depth of Object Definitionis 3 meters. Apparently, under such a layer of land is unlikely to be able to find a coin, but the tank of the Great Patriotic War or other large metal construction device will record.
  2. The sustained operating frequency ranges are 4-12 kHz and 400 Hz.
  3. Support for popular sensors: single-frequency, multifrequency, pulse.
  4. Several search modes (selective, pulse, non-selective).

Needle in a haystack

The richer the functional of the device, the more itefficiency in the search for treasures hidden under a small layer of land. Naturally, this attracts the attention of buyers to the metal detector "Koschey", whose price is in the range of 15-20 thousand rubles. True, few of the newcomers know that in reality all the functionality will not be used by the user, since the universal device perfectly copes with the task in one mode (it is an impulse search).

finds with a metal detector

Therefore, before buying it is better to consult withexperts and for themselves to decide what the buyer means by treasure. Some users need the device to search for lost jewelry near water reservoirs, while others are interested in finding military graves. Unequivocally: to purchase an expensive device should be a serious approach.

Build quality and ergonomics

It can not be said that the manufacturer paid muchattention to the appearance of the device. Rather, on the contrary, carried away by the functionality and efficiency of the work, the engineers completely forgot about the quality of the assembly. In the media there are a lot of reviews regarding the cheap appearance that the metal detector has. Comparing the device with similar foreign devices, there is a significant difference not only in the quality of manufacturing, but also in ergonomics.

metal detector Koschey 20m

However, in the process of exploitation, the attitude towardsthe device can completely change from the owner. The simple design is reliable and virtually resistant to deformation when falling or striking. Therefore, it is up to the buyer to decide what is more important for him: to find finds with a metal detector that has external beauty, or that which has increased strength.

Decent service

Domestic product is still interesting becausespecialized markets of the Russian Federation, the owner will always be able to purchase the necessary accessories and spare parts for his device. And do not think that the choice is limited to microcircuits and coils. On the shelves you can see: the housing for electronic components, brackets, handles, sensors and even modified circuits of all devices.

As practice shows, the electronic circuitThe metal detector and search coil are the most requested elements of the device. After all, they determine the effectiveness of the device. However, before buying spare parts, many experts recommend that the user first try changing the firmware of the metal detector, as often this action and allows you to more effectively set up the detector.

Comparison with analogues

In its price category, domesticthe device has practically no competitors. In their reviews enthusiasts often compare the impulse metal detector "Koschei" with a similar device "Fisher-2". It is not surprising that in all tests the Russian device wins, after all, in fact, these are two completely different detectors, which simply turned out to be in the same price category.

metal detector Koschey price

So, "Fisher" is designed to search for smallproducts from non-ferrous metals and alloys at shallow depths (up to 30 cm). It has a low-sensitive coil and does not work by air. A "Koschey" (metal detector), on the contrary, is oriented to large depths, large objects and is able to operate in different frequency ranges. Comparison is better done according to the declared technical characteristics, and not in the price category.

Owner feedback

As practice shows, everything depends onuser requirements, which he presents to the device. Even in the store, he can determine the search for treasures and pick up the right reel for the metal detector (the manufacturer provides such an opportunity). Therefore, it is not surprising that all negative feedback from owners is related to the work of the detector itself, which does not work with a certain soil.

There is one more significant drawback thathas a metal detector "Koschey". User reviews negatively describe the convenience of customization and operation - mechanical buttons, a separately programmable chip and the complexity of controlling for a device of the XXI century - is clearly overkill. On the other hand, any owner can program the device for himself, which can not be done with foreign analogues.


Quite mixed feelings leave behind them"Koschey" (metal detector) during his first acquaintance. Obviously, an out-of-the-box simple device a priori should not have such a huge functionality and demonstrate such attractive opportunities. Therefore, the recommendations to future owners will also be undefined. Do you need 100% performance, regardless of build quality and external appeal? Metal detector "Koschey" will be the best purchase! But more demanding users need to look at the device in a completely different price category.

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