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8-core smartphones: an overview. Which 8-core smartphones to buy

The era of such "cool" phones began in January2013. At that time Samsung at CES presented the first, its production, 8-core smartphones with ARM-processor. Immediately we want to note that these are not quite full, constantly working kernels. In Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, the processor, depending on the complexity of the task it performs, activates either four Cortex-A7, low-cost, or four ARM Cortex-A15, very powerful. These "clusters" can not work in parallel.

Top flagships Samsung Galaxy S5 and another Korean - LG G3

At this point in time, 8-core smartphonesrepresent a lot of devices. Samsung Galaxy S5 - one of the top. It has a new Exynos chipset, which has eight cores, and, finally, they all work simultaneously. The dream of fans of the heaped up devices has come true. The screen is 5.25 inches, the resolution is 2560x1440 (2K), the display is HD Amoled.

8 core smartphones
At the given device the operative memory hasthe record size is 3 GB. The battery is quite powerful - 4000 mAh, the camera is also not weak - 16 MP. So if you need a powerful high-quality smartphone, the beautiful Samsung Galaxy S5 is what you need.

Approximately the same characteristics have moreone top South Korean model - LG G3. Has a similar processor on eight cores, except that the chip with another, 64-bit architecture. The camera is 16 megapixels, the display is Ultra-HD (2K) with a resolution of 2560x1440. The presence of a dactylography sensor is an innovative solution.

Chinese Zopo ZP998 and Huawei Honor 3X

From companies from South Korea are not lagging behind andcompetitors manufacturing 8-core Chinese smartphones. Let's consider some of them. Let's start with the Zopo ZP998, which first started working simultaneously with all eight cores. This happened in November 2013. It has a Full-HDZopo display, a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels, a five and a half inch screen, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB of memory, built-in device, two SIM cards and a 14 MP camera.

8 core Chinese smartphones
The device works on Android 4.2. There is also a fingerprint sensor. Your attention can be deserved and smart phone from China Huawei Honor 3X. RAM is the same, 2 GB, the camera is a little weaker - 13 megapixels. Differences: The battery is more powerful - 3000 mAh, 3G networks can work with both SIM cards, very strong front camera, 5 Mp, a good assistant for video communication. The drawback, unfortunately, is also available: the resolution is only 1280x720 pixels with a five-and-a-half inch display and an IPS screen.

Alcatel One Touch Idol X +, THL T100s Iron Man, Meizu MX4 and Gionee Elife E7 mini

Alcatel has been selling the device for about a year nowOne Touch Idol X +, the characteristics of which are similar to the previous ones: cameras, displays and RAM are the same. But, which is quite remarkable, the complete set includes BOOMband, a fitness bracelet that will please those who lead a very active lifestyle. Also the owner of this gadget will get real pleasure from listening to music - thanks to two stereo speakers. The Chinese company Meizu has released the MX4 smartphone in two versions: 5.5-inch, with a good resolution of 2560x1440 pixels and an Ultra-HD display, as well as a five-inch, with a smaller resolution, 1920x1080 pixels, and a high-quality Full-HD display.

smartphones 8 mi nuclear
Both versions support 4G LTE networksfourth generation. Smartphone T100s Iron Man has the same characteristics, that's just a camera from Sony. Considering the 8-core smartphones, one can also recall the Indian flagship Gionee, which released a miniature model Elife E7 mini, which nevertheless has a 13 MP camera, 2GB RAM and 4.7 HD-screen.

Smartphone with eight cores for 145 dollars: Xiaomi Redmi Note

This phone is one of the first to support4G-network for the Indian market, which is also quite affordable price. Released in two versions: Redmi Note 4G, as well as Redmi Note, for 3G networks. Both models are 8-core smartphones, with almost identical characteristics. The last one is equipped with a MT6592 chip, 2 GB of RAM, built-in 8 GB and support for 32 GB of microSD cards. The screen is protected by glass standard Gorilla Glass 3, the matrix - IPS, resolution - 720p. Its OS is Android 4.2, which is also called Jelly Bean. The battery has a capacity of 3100 mAh.

 8 nuclear smartphones list
The cameras are two: on the back cover - 13 Mp, front - 5 Mp. Supports two, standard size, sim card. The cost is 145 dollars. The model with 4G almost does not differ from the younger model. The processor is MSM8928, Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, which has a clock speed of 1.6 GHz, installed Android 4.4, called KitKat. Supports the work of one SIM card, LTE network and 64 GB microSD card.

Linshof i8 - German smartphone for $ 380 on Android 5.0

This is the first flagship smartphone from the Germancompany Linshof. It has an 8-megapixel front module and a 12-megapixel main camera with a diaphragm F1.8 and a 28-mm lens. The clock frequency of the eight core processor is 2.1 GHz, the screen is 1920 x 1080 pixels, 3 Gb is RAM. Aluminum, painted in black or coffee color - the material of the case.

8 core android smartphones
The gadget contains modules LTE, GPS, NFC, USB,Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI 1.4, gyroscope, electronic compass and a large battery with a capacity of 3100 mAh. Operates under the fifth Android, which is called Lollipop. While Linshof did not start producing 8-core smartphones, we did not hear about it. Also, this company announced a tablet with a 10-inch Retina-display and a super-power battery - 9 000 mAh.

Cheapest Chinese smartphone: K Touch Nibiru Mars One H1 with 8 cores

And this is not all available at the moment8-core smartphones. The list for today completes K Touch Nibiru Mars One H1. Everyone knows that the production of smartphones in China is thriving, for which all conditions are created here. Why does this happen? Because their products are almost as good as the world's leading manufacturers, and prices are much lower. Another record promises to put the phone, we called, which should go on sale until April 2015. It will become the cheapest eight-core smartphone with Full HD-display. Platform - MediaTek MT6592, clock frequency - 1.7 GHz, standard 2 GB of RAM, built-in storage capacity of 16 GB, two good cameras: on the back of the wall 13-megapixel, front - five megapixels. In addition, the front camera should get wide-angle optics, and now, no matter how many people take part in the video call, everyone will get into the picture. Also, K Touch Nibiru Mars One H1 has an excellent Full-HD five-inch display, has all but LTE wireless communication modules. What are the characteristics of 8-core smartphones?

Chinese smartphones
Android - the operating system that is on theminstalled. In our case, this is Google Android 4.2.2, called Jelly Bean and the Nibiru interface. The cost of this magnificent model is about 6,000 rubles.


Buyers often think about whether there aregenerally the point of buying an 8-core smartphone. How will applications, games, how long will the battery charge last? This problem was already in the transition to two and four cores. Manufacturers have long found solutions to all emerging issues. First, operating systems are optimized to work on a larger number of cores. Secondly, in order not to reduce the battery life, Huawei and Samsung are developing special technologies to prevent this, for example, ARM big.LITTLE. Thirdly, the productivity of phones will noticeably increase, especially when all eight cores are forced to work simultaneously. So it's up to you whether to buy or not.

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