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On-board computer "Multiotronix": instructions and references

Onboard computers today are one of the necessary andirreplaceable devices. The availability of such equipment, coupled with a regular trip computer, will make the trip to the car more comfortable and safer, providing the driver with exhaustive information about the state of the vehicle.

multitronics on-board computer

Features of Multitronics

Onboard computers "Multitronix" is profitablediffer from analogues with a large number of settings and functions that allow you to implement the requests of any users and configure the device for specific requirements. The car owner can independently group on the display various parameters, adjust the system of notifications - both sound and visual, and connect parktronics of the same brand.

Modern models of cars are equippedelectronic systems and various sensors responsible for the operation of these systems and other nodes. All systems of the car are controlled by sensors and the computer, which also stores fault codes of the entire system or of individual sensors in its memory. On-board car computers of the car do not display the codes of the fixed errors, and at occurrence of those the driver can not notice the worked lamp-indicator on the instrument panel. In addition, when a signal is detected, it is difficult to determine whether it is possible to continue the movement or stop.

on-board computer multitronics instructions


Onboard computers "Multitronix" warndriver in automatic mode and allow you to decipher more than 10 thousand errors of the electronic engine control unit. The functionality includes storing all errors and entering information about them in the memory log with the registration of 40 parameters at the time of fixing the malfunction. Some computer models allow you to quickly forward the error log to your phone, mail address or to any service station.

Part of diagnostics and control functionselectronic systems of the car are not carried out by the computer, but by individual units, which in one vehicle can be more than 20 (for example, ABS, automatic transmission, EMUR, airbag, power package and many others). Diagnostic dashboards on the dashboard, as a rule, do not reflect the malfunction of the above systems, respectively, the driver can not be aware of their malfunctions.

Onboard computers Multitronics fix andreset errors more than 60 of these additional systems. Such wide functionality makes working with such tools comfortable, guarantees safety of trips, allows to save time of service and operation of a vehicle.

If there is an automatic transmission in the car, the on-board computer notifies the driver of the overheating of the automatic transmission, warns about the need for an abnormal oil change.

On-board computers are distinguished by a set of functions, the type of display, design and support of different cars.

In the operating instructions it is described how to connect the multitronic vehicle to the car - just insert the plug from the device into the OBD-2 diagnostic connector.

how to connect an on-board multitronics computer

Types of on-board computers

All on-board computers are divided into two main categories:

  1. Universal. Synchronized with cars of all makes and models. In most cases, they are installed as an alternative to the interior mirror. Often, such computers are attached to the windshield.
  2. Individual. Such devices are designed either for a specific model of the car, or for cars of the same series. For example, for VAZ-2110, the on-board computers "Multitronics" are produced separately and are oriented to the VAZ-2109 and VAZ-2108 models on the old instrument panel. Such devices have more efficiency and functionality and are installed in the dashboard of the car.

Separately it is worth mentioning carburettor andinjector models. The latter are more popular among motorists. As for the onboard computers "Multitronics" for VAZ-2114, they are developed separately taking into account the features of the torpedo.

on-board computer VAZ 2114 multitronics


On-board computers "Multitronics" are sold at the following prices:

  • The minimum cost of an on-board computer forcars VAZ is 1200-1300 rubles. More serious models with extended functionality cost about 2500 rubles and are equipped with a color display. The novelties of on-board electronics cost about 5-6 thousand rubles.
  • For onboard computers of the Gamma brand, for example, the minimum price is 3200 rubles, the maximum price is 7 thousand rubles.

Installation of the onboard computer "Multitronix"

The on-board computer can be mountedcar owner independently without contacting service centers. The complete set includes not only the instruction manual for the on-board computer "Multitronics", in which the installation process is detailed, but also the terminal board. With its help, the device is connected to the electronic connector. The connector itself is located at the bottom of the torpedo on the right side. To get to it, you need to remove the plastic cover.

The main problem faced bymotorists when installing a computer, is pinout connectors. The instructions show a diagram that details which systems are accessible after the on-board computer is connected. For proper functioning of the device, connect the K-line.

on-board computer VAZ 2115 multitronics

The K-line itself is a channel forwhich transmits the most significant data: information on errors, engine temperature and others. Its connection is to the main connector, which is located under the steering column on the left side. In the kit to the onboard computer "Multitronix" special wiring is delivered, by means of which the device is connected to the connectors.

An equally important point in the installation isconnection of diagnostic sockets. Contact pads are of two types - Euro-2 and Euro-3. If you incorrectly connect the multitronic vehicle to the VAZ-2115, the car and all systems will not be properly diagnosed.

Malfunctions and replacement of the device

As the motorists say, in case of an exitOn-board computer "Multitronix" is the only way to repair faults is to replace it. Of course, the device can be repaired, however, it is only in the service centers for large amounts that it is repaired. It will be more expedient to purchase a new model and connect it yourself.

If the on-board computer issues incorrectdata, then the probability is high that as a result of shaking and vibration contacts have disappeared. The fault is eliminated very simply - just check the wiring and pull the contacts in the right places.

Feedback indicates that displayincorrect information on-board computer starts as a result of various failures. The car service is sent only in such cases. Experts check the equipment and reflash it if necessary, updating the software.

installation of the onboard computer multitronics


Modern models of on-board computers havewide functionality, covering more than 500 options. For the development of the device it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the operating instructions supplied in the kit. The testimonials testify that the main nuances that are worth paying close attention to are the symbols and commands that inform about the condition of the systems and engine of the car.

onboard computer VAZ 2110 multitronics


Depending on the chosen computer model, the number of functions and keys varies, but they can be divided into several categories:

  • Maintenance. Commands for replacing grease or filters before passing the next maintenance are created using the keys of this category.
  • System errors. Computer errors are displayed on the computer display. All error codes are listed in the operating instructions.
  • Diagnostics. Information about the condition of the car, its systems, nodes and basic details. Many models of on-board computers allow you to send commands to individual parts of the car.
  • Router. The functions of this category of keys are many: fuel volume, black box, fuel consumption, average speed of the car.
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