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Bosch (microwave oven built-in): user manual, reviews

Bosch (microfibre built in oven) will relieveany hostess from the need to find a free place for this important thing in the kitchen. Before you go to the store for a new microwave, you need to consider in detail what the microwave "Bosch" is like.

Types of Microwave

Each microwave oven is characterized by a set of specific functions that depend on the configuration. Options:

  • microwave;
  • microwave / grill;
  • microwave / grill / convection.

The first type of furnace has a standard set of functions- warming up, defrosting and cooking simple dishes. However, in order to cook more exquisitely, the producers decided to build a grill in the oven - this is the second kind of microwave ovens.

bosch built-in microwave oven

But all its potential will be able to show onlyMicrowave with convection function. The main advantage of such devices is not so much the possibility of cooking with the use of a grill, but rather the availability of a cooking function, the mechanism of which is based on the circulation of hot air. The device with this function will be a great helper for people who want to eat deliciously and not suffer from a terrible temperature increase when cooking in ovens, which is especially important in the summer.

Types of grilling

Of course, Bosch is one of the most reliable manufacturers of household appliances and electronics. A microwave oven (built-in) with a grill is produced by this company in two versions:

  • with a quartz grill;
  • with a TEN grill.

TENOVAYA spiral in the furnace is located on top, butcan also be duplicated in the lower part of the microwave. With two heaters the device will cost much more, but it will allow you to warm up the dish from different directions. In addition, in the process of cooking, for example, a chicken, its peel becomes golden and becomes crispy. This microwave with one TEN can not boast.

microwave price

Quartz grill significantly saves spaceinside the furnace and is located at the top. At the same time he does not need special care and he is gaining power faster than his TEN colleague. Hence follows the conclusion: a microwave oven with a quartz grill is much more expensive than with a TEN.

Inside the scope of the device

This is one of the most important criteria for whichShould rely on the choice of microwave Bosch. The microwave oven (built-in) must meet all the requirements to it, including this. The fact is that each buyer in this case is guided not only by the size of the kitchen, but also by the number of people preparing food for.

So, for one person it will be enoughpurchase a device with a 9 liter capacity. And for a family of three people this will not be enough. It is better for them to choose a more spacious oven with an internal volume equal to 21 liters.

microwave oven bosch reviews

But a microwave, the price of which will be higherthe previous two options, has a capacity of up to 42 liters and is suitable for people who often host guests. Such a microwave is able to cook a large piece of meat, a large turkey or cook a huge pot of soup.

It should be noted that in the line of embeddedBosch microwaves are dominated by models with dimensions of 38x60x32 cm and a power of 900 W, varied by a five-step regulator. This is due to the great demand of the consumer on the furnace with this volume.

Device management

The most popular embedded models are "Bosch"have touch control, and cooking in them is almost brought to automaticity. Thanks to the simplicity of programming, the Bosch microwave oven reviews all over the Runet collects positive, because housewives note both the very operation of the device and the ease of care for it.

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By the way, in microwave ovens "Bosch" already haveprograms that allow you to cook a certain dish with a single click. You just need to look into the instructions, choose the dish you like, put the ingredients in the oven and press the button.

Popular Models

There are quite a few models of built-in microwave ovens. Let's list the most popular among consumers.

  • Bosch HMT 85ML23.
  • Bosch BFL 634GB1.
  • Bosch BEL 634GS1.

The first Microwave "Bosch" has 2 standardcolors: black / white. The other two models are produced only in dark colors, but with metal inserts, which gives them a more modern look. Inside the volume of each furnace is 21 liters. This is one of the main criteria for which you should pay attention when choosing a microwave oven. A camera of this size is ideal for a large family, and for two people you can use models more modestly - a volume of 15 liters.

Bosch (built-in microwave oven),the inner coating of which is made of stainless steel, withstands rather high temperature changes. In addition, stainless steel is a very shockproof and wear-resistant material that can be cleaned easily.

microwave oven bosch instructions

Control of all three models is sensory, which makes it easy to control the process of cooking your favorite dishes. By the way, in microwave ovens "Bosch" there are already 7 programs of automatic cooking.

In addition, all models of Bosch microwave ovens are equipped with defrost functions, start delay, grill and automatic defrosting mode.

What else can please this device?

Bosch (microwave oven built-in) has morea number of advantages over the technology of other manufacturers. For example, the model HMT 85ML23 is equipped with a multi-level grating, which allows you to cook several dishes at the same time, and saves time and energy. Even this device has a display backlight, and the timer can be configured as a clock - this is a big plus for some buyers.

Microwave Bosch BFL 634GB1 has a functionfeeding hot steam, which allows it not to overdry the food during cooking. In addition, this program can improve the taste of food and can provide heating up to 2 times faster.

Another model - BEL 634GS1, is equipped withfan, which airs the microwave after each cooking or reheating of the dish. Such Bosch microwave oven, the instruction of which describes in detail the algorithm of the fan operation, is able to eliminate even persistent smells of spices. Therefore, the taste of the next heated dish will not affect anything.

As a supplement to the microwave oventhe manufacturer advises to buy a plate of "Crisp", which will become for lovers of roasted products an excellent purchase. The peculiarity of this subject is that it is able to quickly warm up and maintain a temperature of 200 degrees for quite a long time. In this case, the material for making the plate is so strong that it can withstand even the strongest temperature changes.

Cost of the device

The cost of microwave depends entirely on the numberbuilt-in functions and programs. So, the Bosch BFL 634GB1 oven costs from 30 to 35 thousand rubles. And the price for the model BEL 634GS1 fluctuates between 48-50 thousand. Therefore, before choosing a kitchen appliance, you need to think about what programs you need. If you plan to just warm up food, then the microwave, whose price exceeds 30 thousand rubles, will be in the kitchen to nothing. In this case, you should choose a simpler and less expensive option. If you want to see in your device a full set of all sorts of functions, then in less than 50 thousand you will not be able to purchase such a device.

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