/ Why does not the phone charge?

Why is not the phone charging?

Technologies have penetrated our lives. Especially this applies to mobile phones, which are already available to all adults and almost every child. If literally ten years ago they seemed interesting novelties, now even the most heaped up cellular phone actually will surprise nobody. However, with the complication of technology, the number of possible malfunctions increases. The customer buys a mobile device, and he at one point begins to work poorly or refuses to work at all. One of the most frequent is the question: "Why is not the phone charging?".

phone is not charging

Cellular can safely failyourself. This is a very common breakdown. It is with her in general and people come to the masters of repair of cellular. However, to learn why the phone is not charging, to conduct a thorough diagnosis is the most important task. Initially, you can determine the probable cause of the problem yourself. This is done in order to understand what amount will be spent by the owner of the cellular to repair it. In some cases, you can even fix the problem yourself, without recourse to a technician.

The main reasons why the phone does not charge, as well as some troubleshooting and troubleshooting options are:

not charging phone samsung

  1. The breakdown was due to a malfunction in the workcharger. In this case, it is not difficult to verify this. It is necessary to take an identical charger from the same model of the mobile phone. The main thing is to find the same model. For example, chargers for many models of Samsung and LG phones have identical connectors, but they are supplied with power to different contacts. If you connect, for example, charging from Samsung to the phone from LG, then the phone's processor or battery may break. And if in the second case, repair (or rather the purchase of a new battery) will not cost so much, in the event of a breakdown of the processor, its recovery (or the purchase of a new one) will fly into the customer "a pretty penny." If the phone does not charge from charging, it's easier and less problematic to buy a new one.
    the phone does not charge from charging
  2. The next frequent option is a malfunctioncharging connector. For diagnosis, you just have to move the phone jack. If in some position the charge still went, then you need to repair or change the nest. In this case, you can not do without the help of a specialist. Such a problem is often the case with Samsung handset owners due to some design features of the jacks for the charging in their phones. Therefore, the masters often hear the problem that "the Samsung phone is not charging."
  3. Finally, software may failprovision or some electronic components. The reason is both software errors and faults in the circuits. Also, physical impact (impact) or water ingress on the phone can lead to such a phenomenon when the phone is not charging. In this case, it is strongly recommended not to engage in the assembly / disassembly of the phone yourself, but to contact a specialist.
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