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Description of the Motorola Motorola C115

In the article we will talk about the phone from Motorola -C115. When it was released to the market, its battery had a capacity of 920 mAh. Among other devices from the company, this figure was the highest. Sometimes the C116 is confused with the above-mentioned model. And the truth is, the models are similar in characteristics, the only difference is in the design.

motorola c115

Positioning and equipment

Initially, the model was presented as a budget option. Appearance - boring, and functionality is small, only basic functions are available.

The phone "Motorola C115" received the following equipment: there is an instruction manual, the device itself, charging to it and a battery. Also a warranty card.

phone motorola c115

Features and specifications

The model is monochrome, so the battery charge decreases slowly. Has a classic form factor. The weight of the device is 81 g. The camera is missing.

For calls, the usual melody is used. There are 24 options in the phone memory. You can edit the ringing tones, and the vibrating alert option is also available.

You can go online with GPRS technology.

The messages have a separate advantage: there is the ability to enter text using a dictionary. Of course at the moment, the plus is called difficult, but for the time when it was released - just right. EMS function is not available.

There are no modes that would allow to encode the sound.

As already mentioned above, the Motorola C115 display is black and white. The screen does not fit more than 3 lines of text. Its resolution is 96 × 64 pixels. There is Russification, as well as the time of the conversation.

As for multimedia, games are built in. The ability to shoot photos and videos - no.

Battery type - lithium-ion. During the standby mode, the phone will be discharged for 120 hours, for a talk - for 8 hours, and the device is charged for almost 3 hours.

The organizer has a calendar and an alarm clock. A calculator is also available.

Phone book is missing. Subscribers can be saved only in the memory of the SIM card.

 Motorola c115 display

Interesting moments

In 2006, the company "Euroset" almost 30 thousand. phones of model "Motorola С115" have been withdrawn. There was good reason to believe that devices have a detrimental effect on human health. They had to be destroyed. A little later the Prosecutor's Office of the capital of the Russian Federation after a while made a statement that probably a large batch of phones was stolen and sold at a low price. A few years later, the seizure was declared legally incorrect and illegal.

In the same year, RussGPS put forwardaccusation to the manufacturer that the rights of the license for manufacture and sale and phones have been violated. Thus, this ban, if it was confirmed, would spread to the company's phones, including the Motorola C115. However, the manufacturer reacted quite quickly - on his part, a lawsuit was filed against the prosecutor in the amount of 18 million US dollars for defamation and damage to his reputation.


Reviews about the phone are good. It has long been out of sale, but it can be purchased, so to speak, "with hands". The phone is able to easily perform basic options such as ringing, sending messages. The speaker sounds good. The quality of playback is pleasant, it does not hurt the ears.

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