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Dimmable LED bulbs: description, purpose

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Every day LED lighting conquersmore and more fans. Now in homes and apartments you can often find economical semiconductor lighting devices than traditional incandescent lamps. Anyone who just decided to install such lighting in his apartment and begins to collect information about such lamps, compares the pros and cons, often faces such concepts as "dimmable LED lamps." What are these lamps, and what is their difference? In this article we will try to answer these questions.

First, let us explain the term "dimming". This means regulation of the voltage, for which there is a special device - a dimmer (voltage regulator). It is a device that is mounted in a junction box as a normal switch or socket (less often in electric boards). The purpose of the dimmer is to turn the light on and off and adjust its brightness. Some models of the regulators have additional functions: automatic switching on (off) by timer, voice or acoustic control, remote control, as well as simulating the presence of a person (switching on and off, changing the luminescence intensity for a given program).

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Dimmable LED lamps are designed forcreating muffled, soft lighting. Adjusting the voltage with ease allows you to change the level of illumination of the room, this makes the control of the light flux much more functional. Dimmable LED lamps are designed for use with a voltage regulator. The fact is that there are many different LED lamps. They differ greatly in form, size of socle, in accordance with the purpose, power, luminosity and other parameters. And not every LED lamp can be used with a voltage regulator. Many LED devices are not designed to control the brightness, and if used in conjunction with a dimmer, the result may be that they will not work in the required mode and may even fail. In this case, you may even be refused warranty service. Therefore, if you intend to install voltage regulators in the room, or they already stand, then you only need to buy dimmable LED lamps.

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There is a huge selection of lamps designedfor working with voltage regulators. For example, very popular "candles" - dimmable LED lamps e14. Lamps of this type are often used in chandeliers and other lamps. Also on the shelves there is a large selection of lamps with a standard base - dimmable LED lamps e27, and just a huge selection of lamps for spotlights.

However, using dimming lamps, it is not necessaryforget that voltage regulators have such a parameter as the minimum load. This means that the total power of your lamps should not be below the minimum power of the dimmer. When buying dimming LED light sources, you should always carefully review their technical specifications. After all, the correct use of these devices will allow you for a long time to enjoy their impeccable work.

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