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How to call the contact center "Tele2"?

Help specialist contact center operatorcellular communication may be required in various situations. Many subscribers do not know that they can receive any information about their number on their own, and for every issue that has arisen they turn to the support line.

Contact center "Tele2" works without days off andtime restrictions, which means that at any time you can ask the question of interest and get a response from a qualified employee. About how to contact a specialist via a mobile gadget, and whether it is possible to do this while outside your region, we'll discuss later in the article.

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general description

Contact center "Tele2", like many servicescustomer service of other telecom operators, allows you to receive information quickly and completely free of charge. According to the terms of the consultation, information is provided only to the owner of the number, that is, to the person to whom the SIM card is registered. In practice, it turns out that it is enough to know who the number is issued for. After all, it often happens so - sim cards were bought, for example, by a husband for their wife and daughter and, accordingly, are officially listed as his. In this case, it is not at all necessary that the wife will not be able to clarify the data she is interested in by her SIM card and contact the Tele2 contact center.

Free call from any number

You can not call the customer support center.Only with the SIM card that is serviced by this carrier. There are times when the SIM card does not work, and in order to find out for what reason this happens, you need to contact the number of another operator or fixed phone in the contact center "Tele2". The number for these calls is as follows: 8-800-555-0611.

When you call on him, you do not have to worry that withbalance will be withheld by some of the cash. After dialing the number, the subscriber will be in the same voice menu as when dealing with the SIM card of the alternative operator.

contact center tele2 number

By the way, the same number can be successfully used for calls from roaming, though only on-net.

Free call from the SIM-card "Tele2"

Call the contact center "Tele2" and you canstandard short number. Only the customers of the operator can do this (that is, only with a black SIM card) while in the home region. Such a call will also be free. Dial-up number - 611. After the connection is established, the client will be able to either solve the existing question himself, through the voice menu, or wait for the help of a support specialist.

Calls from international roaming

When traveling abroad, customers of the alternative operator can also clarify the existing issues and call the Tele2 contact center. The phone number for such calls is also free: + 7-951-520-0611. It will not be possible to withdraw money for negotiations with a specialist, but on the condition that the call will be made with the SIM card of this operator.

Before traveling to other countries, you need to make sure that roaming is provided there and you will be acquainted with the information on charging. Please note that prices vary for each country.

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Other ways to get advice on the number

Do I have to call the Tele2 contact center?(subscriber service number was given earlier) to get answers to your questions about the number? At the moment, customers have several options for communication with employees of the company "Tele2". In addition, all information about the tariff plans (including those that have already been archived), additional services, the terms of use of the SIM card, etc., is posted on the official website of the operator.

contact center tele2 number Moscow

Here you can learn how to connect or disconnect various options, what will be the cost of telecommunication services in roaming at home or abroad, what can be done to optimize costs, etc.:

  • Personal Area. Personal page of the subscriber, which contains data on his number and a number of tools for managing it - all operations and full information about the account are available here, etc.
  • The form for sending complaints and suggestions is alsois available on the official website of the described company. Here you can make an interesting proposal or identify dissatisfaction with the quality of communication, incorrect charging, etc.
  • Email. You can send the question to t2[email protected]tele2.en. In the text of the e-mail message, youexhaustive information (phone number in question and a detailed description of the problem) and indicate the basic data of the owner of the number - at the first stage the name will suffice. At the end of the letter, contact details should be provided, whereby support staff will be able to contact the subscriber, if necessary.

Let us reiterate that if aloneto receive the answer to the arisen question or to solve the problem with the number does not work, you can always call the contact center "Tele2" (number Moscow - 0611 (when calling from the operator's SIM card or 8-800-555-0611 - from a number that is serviced by another operator communication).

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