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"MegaFon Mail" is an easy version - what is it? How to activate and deactivate the service

About the possibility to use the mobile numberphone as an email address is not known to all users. Moreover, at the moment there are a lot of different services that provide such an opportunity. However, some subscribers know that there is a service "MegaFon Mail" (light version and full version) and it is used successfully enough.

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Description of the service

The essence of the service is that the subscriber's number becomes the address of the mailbox, which has the following format [email protected] This box can receive all the electroniccorrespondence in the regular mode. "MegaFon Mail" is an easy version (what it is and how it differs from the full version, we'll discuss further) has a number of advantages. One of which is the lack of tariffication - information about incoming letters comes in the form of a text message.

Advantages of a light version of mail from MegaFon

There are a lot of them, and everything is done to make it convenient for subscribers to use the service:

  • Simple and well-remembered address of the electronic box.
  • Absence of a limit for the period of storage of the accumulated letters.
  • Optimized for mobile devices interface, allowing you to easily view, select and create new messages.
  • Absence of any tariffication (use of the box is not subject to any payments) - this property is applicable only to the version of "light" mail, which has some limitations.
  • Availability of notifications of incoming correspondencewith the ability to configure the receipt of a notification. For example, the period: the subscriber can set the desired time, when notifications of the service "MegaFon Mail" (light version) will arrive.

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What is this "light version" and what are its differences from complete?

Subscribers are given two options for using mail from the cellular operator: a full and light version. For the second characteristic:

  • Absence of tariffication (you do not have to spend money on activation and use of the option "Easy Mail", while for the full version 2 rubles of monthly fee are withdrawn for a full version).
  • A small amount to store correspondence (up to 100 MB).
  • Ability to send unlimited quantitiesletters to third-party electronic boxes through the full version of the option "MegaFon Mail". The light version (what it is, we told earlier) provides for the possibility of sending only three messages within one day.
  • Notifications of new electronic messages alsoare provided in a limited version on both one and the other type of mail. In the case of the full version, two hundred notifications per day are allowed, while on the light version there are only fifty notifications.

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How can I subscribe to MegaFon Mail (light version)?

To activate the service, it is necessary on the numbertype the following query * 656 * 2 #. In the response message you will find information about the personal login and password that will be used to enter the mailbox. Follow the instructions given by Megafon. Mail (light version - what it is and how it differs from the main version, we reviewed earlier) will be activated in a few minutes. You can disable it using the * 656 * 0 * 2 # query.

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