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Services "Tele2": how to disable?

"Tele2" is a relatively young Russiana telecom operator that is knocked out of the Big Three by its inexpensive tariffs and a host of services and services. The operator was famous among fans for the fact that he never imposed any services on them. Everything was as transparent as possible. The low price remained low. Additional services remained additional. Alas, nothing is eternal, like the conscience of Russian operators, who are very fond of money and quietly connect subscribers to expensive services that are slowly sucking their blood from accounts. In this article, we'll look at what services an operator offers, and how to get rid of them.

Tele2 Services

"Tele2" services

Most of the services provided by the operator,almost do not differ from those offered by other operators. Among them, for example, there are automatic payments from a bank card. The system "Antispam", which will block for you imposed advertising in SMS messages. Of course, there is an opportunity to pay for the change of the tone, where without it (2017 in the yard, and the service lives and is in demand). Basic things such as voice mail, message forwarding and incoming call tracking are also available.

There are quite contradictory things. For example, the service of providing anonymity during calls (numbers are hidden from other people), but at the same time there is an option that turns off this anonymity, which makes the first function useless. Those wishing to be fond of can connect the function of changing the voice during a call. Of the useful things can be identified only tracking the user's geolocation. This is useful if you want to control the movement of the child, for example.

Tele2 Service Center

Media services "Tele2"

In addition to standard communication services and classicalservices, the operator offers several applications for smartphones that open new opportunities for their subscribers. One such application is the mobile service "Tele2 TV". This program allows users to watch the latest TV shows and movies without paying for Internet traffic. The second application is "Tele2 Own". It is designed to track stores and partner organizations that allow users to accumulate a certain cashback on the phone account. Making a purchase in a partner store, you get bonuses, which can then be spent on paying for communications, SMS or the Internet. "Tele2" works together with the developers of the Zvooq application. Subscribers of the operator do not pay traffic spent on listening to music (provided that they bought a Premium subscription).

Mobile service Tele2

Disabling of additional services via USSD-commands

If additional features and paid services to youdo not need, then you can get rid of them and for this you do not even have to go to the "Tele2" service center. You can do this yourself by entering a series of USSD commands.

  • * 153 # - this code sends a request to the operator ondisabling all additional services. After dialing this number, you will receive a message in which there will be an instruction to disable certain paid options.
  • * 115 * 0 # - this code will turn off the "Beep" option. If money is more expensive to you than ringtones during a call, it is better to immediately disable this service.
  • * 155 * 330 # - this code disables the "Who called" service. If you do not need control over incoming calls, then use this code.
  • * 210 * 0 # - this code is associated with the number identifier. This function is inexpensive, but with a constant use it can run an impressive amount, so it's better to get rid of the service.
  • * 117 * 0 # - this code disables the anti-allocator numbers. Who needs it, still find out your number.
  • * 255 * 0 # - and finally, if you are tired of watching TV shows, you can turn off the "TV2 TV" service.

How to disable Tele2 services

Disabling of additional services through the "Personal account"

All the services of "Tele2" can be managed from the "Personal Cabinet" on the official website of the operator.

So, how to disable the "Tele2" services?

  • To do this, you need to open the official website of the company.
  • Go to the "Tariffs and services" subsection.
  • Then go to the submenu "Service Management".
  • A window opens, where you will be asked to choose which services should function and which ones should be turned off. The setting is made after clicking the "Service Management" button.

In the same section of the "Personal Cabinet" you can disable all subscriptions.

It is worth considering the fact that some services can not be disabled through the website. For example, you can turn off the service for changing ringtones to a melody only with the help of the USSD-request.

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