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The city telephone does not work - what should I do?

Why does not the city phone work? This question sometimes has to be faced by the owners of companies that use fixed communication, subscribers - individuals who use a landline phone to communicate with relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. There are many reasons that lead to communication problems.

does not work city phone

It's difficult for a simple personto determine what exactly served the fact that it was not possible to use the services of communication, and even more so to eliminate the cause. Of course, if we are not talking about something trivial, for example, the telephone set is not included in the outlet or the wire in the apartment is damaged.

The city telephone does not work: what to do first?

If there are problems with communication, you need to try to understand on your own whether their reason can be on the territory of the apartment. This is quite simple:

  • Check if the phone is plugged in.
  • Make sure that the telephone line cable is plugged into the device.
  • Check the integrity of the cable, carefully examining it (especially this is true for families in which there are small children or pets).

Of course, you can not bother and immediately turn to the employees of the company that provides communication services. However, a primary examination can significantly help and speed up the process of restoring the network.

The city phone does not work - where to call?

So, if during the initial inspection it was possibleto reveal some difficulties, for example, damage to the cable, or, conversely, self-diagnosis did not lead to the detection of a possible cause, it is necessary to contact the support line to inform that the city telephone does not work.

does not work city phone mgts where to call

To get an unambiguous answer to which numbershould be consulted, it is necessary to know for sure which service provider is used. Most often, subscribers know about which company they pay monthly for certain communication services. In extreme cases, you can always review the contract for the provision of telecommunications services, which is with the telephone company, and clarify its name. By the way, this documentation can also contain support line contacts.

MGTS subscribers

So, a person is faced with a situation wherethe city telephone of MGTS operates. Where to call first? This communication service provider proposes contacting a single contact center in case of problems. The counseling service functions around the clock (even on holidays it can be accessed) and is a kind of "first aid". Qualified employees will try to understand how the customer's telephone line is not working. If the recommendations received from the employee prove to be ineffective, then there is the opportunity to call the master.

does not work city phone where to call

So, if the city telephone does not work MGTS -where to call? If it is possible to contact the customer's consultation service from another, working phone, the following figures should be dialed: 8 (495) 636 -06-36. You can also call the same one-stop customer service center from your mobile number 0636. In either case, you will be able to reach a consultant and tackle the problem.

For subscribers of Rostelecom

For subscribers of Rostelecom, whouse fixed-line services, it will also be useful to know that they can get advice from the contact center. The principle of getting consultations is not unlike a call to any other company that provides communication services: it is necessary to introduce yourself, indicate the address or number of the contract for which you need help.

So, if the city phone does not work"Rostelecom" - where to call? To report a problem or to receive other information about your account, the connected services, you can apply for the call of the master and so on by the following contacts:

  • 8-800-100-08-00 - the operator's hot line (the call will be free of charge not only from Moscow, but also from other areas);
  • 150 - short number for a call from a landline phone, which is also serviced by this organization.

in Moscow do not work city phones

Please note that if the customer's question is notis connected with the fact that the city telephone does not work, but a normal consultation is required, then you can use the services of a private office. For customers of "Rostelecom" it is the same for all services: TV, telephony, Internet. Here you can activate / deactivate channel packets, view balance or generated invoice.

general information

Sometimes, there is a massive problem, whenMoscow does not have city phones for many subscribers. It can be connected with the breakdown of equipment that provides the work of the telephone line, as well as with scheduled repair work. In any case, when a call to a hot service number is received, the client will receive the maximum information about it. In particular, he will be able to find out when the provision of communication services is about to be resumed.

does not work a city phone Rostelecom where to call

If the client's problem is not related to these reasons, it is recommended to provide the most known information to the dispatcher for an operative solution of the situation.


In this article, we talked about howshould be received in the event that the stationary telephone does not work. We also brought the contacts of two organizations providing fixed-line services. If the subscriber uses a different provider, the contact details of the support service can be specified on the official website of the organization, or by carefully studying the contract.

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