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Sambo - what is it? Self-defense without weapons. Martial arts

At the present stage, you can easilyany city to find a martial arts school. Teaching can be very different kinds of martial arts, there is something to choose from. And in this review we will consider a rather popular question. Sambo - what is it?

Defense without the use of weapons

sambo what is

This kind of martial arts is aself-defense, not implying the use of weapons. The beginning of the fight takes from judo. The system has been thoroughly reworked over time and enriched with new techniques and features characteristic of other martial arts. Accordingly, a new recognized sport arose. It is necessary to consider the characteristic aspects of single combat in order to fully answer the question: "Sambo - what is it?"

What should I do first before starting workouts?

fighting sambo

In order to start training, it is necessaryconsult an experienced doctor. Unhealthy heart, sick bronchi and joints - it's all a contraindication. For fans of smoking, the fight of sambo will also be quite heavy. Due to peak loads at the moment of entering the reception or counterattack, the activity of the cardiovascular system increases. A healthy respiratory system is also needed. To another condition, without which the exercise is not possible, is the need for training under the guidance of an experienced coach.

Wrestling carpet is needed

Without the assembly of the wrestling carpet,it will turn out. Collect it must be using a fairly tightly packed mats with a suitable coating (canvas, flannel or other). The carpet includes a working space and a security zone, which is made with overlapping mats. The entire structure is required to be nailed to the deck by using rails. They should be made under the edge mats.

equipment for sambo

If mats are not available, then in order tomake a carpet, you should use the chips and sawdust. The first layer includes shavings (more than 20 cm). On the second layer, sawdust (more than 15 cm) leaves. They need to be rammed. After that, the prepared surface is covered with a tarpaulin. To fix the design, it is worth using racks. They must be tightly adjusted to each other so that the contents do not spill out during training.

The need for additional equipment

Outfit for sambo is made up of a jacket. It should not have a gate. There must also be a cloth belt, sports pants and special shoes made of soft leather. It will be necessary to use sports equipment. We are talking about dumbbells, dumbbells, barbells. It is necessary to use all those shells that will help develop strength. And equipment for sambo, and inventory play a very important role in the training program.

What does the training include?

school of sambo

Warm up should begin with a walk aroundsite. Talk with each other is not allowed. From the first minutes it is recommended to adjust to work, to execute the commands of the coach. After this, you should start running, gradually accelerating. Already in the first training you will have to perform exercises, which are a kind of prototype of certain techniques. If the beginning athlete does not sustain the pace, then he can leave the circle, sit down for a while. Only after a full recovery of breathing can the training process be continued again. After the warm-up, there are strength exercises and training of throwing techniques. It is worthwhile to understand that much will depend on which school of sambo was chosen.

The origin of martial arts

The struggle originated in the USSR. In the course of time, martial arts became so popular that it was used in other countries as well. According to official data, the fight of sambo appeared in 1938. It was at this time that the order for the development of martial arts was issued. To date, there are regular championships in this martial art, both among men and women.

The first international competitions began in 1972. This type of struggle is currently popular in about 70 countries.

Since 1981, the struggle was called upon by the Olympicsport. However, this type of art has not been included in the Olympics program. Guided by the data of the International Amateur Wrestling Federation, it can be noted that sambo refers to the four main international martial arts of a competitive nature. The rest include freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, as well as judo.

Work on the formation of martial arts

Sambo sports got its foundations even beforerevolution. In 1914 the first lessons were received by the warders and policemen. The development of training programs involved wrestler Ivan Lebedev. In 1915 he published a book entitled "Self-defense and arrest". The case of Lebedev was continued by Spiridonov, an employee of the NKVD. He perfectly mastered the techniques of ju-jitsu, French and English boxing. They developed a system of self-defense, based on the methods of their various martial arts.

In addition to Spiridonov, self-defense without weaponswas developed by Oschepkov. He studied in Japan at the school Kodokan, possessed 2 dan in judo, which he personally received from the founder of this single combat Dzegoro Kano. It was in Japan that he became acquainted with another kind of martial art - Wushu. Returning to Russia, he began to develop a fight that would be available to all. As a result, various kinds of sambo were actively formed in the country, perfectly complementing each other. In 1937, Oschepkov was killed. His case was continued by the students.

kinds of sambo

Different directions of one struggle

When the Great Patriotic War was finished,In the Soviet Union, the freestyle wrestling began to spread actively. What else should be noted, answering the question: "Sambo - what is it?" There are two areas of this struggle - sports and fighting.

Guided by the history of improving combatart, it should be noted that Sambo at the same time and sports wrestling, and a comprehensive system of self-defense. Includes a large number of different receptions. In addition to this, combat sambo is also based on percussion technique, which implies the use of weapons and special devices. The contractions can take place on the carpet in the rack, or in the stalls. It should also be noted that the fight was declassified only in 1991. But there are also techniques that no school of Sambo teaches. They are used only in special units.

Rules for fights

While conducting a wrestling match, the sambo wrestler can notthrow your counterpart on the head. Do not perform suffocating tricks. Also, you can not fall on the opponent with your whole body, beat him with your feet, hands or head. Among the forbidden receptions should be seized the grip of the fingers, face or hair, twisting the limbs. It is also forbidden to perform painful jerks. If the rules are not respected, the athlete will be severely punished.

A clean victory will be counted ifthe sambist will lay the opponent on the whole back, while he himself will remain on his feet. For this he will receive 5 points. Also, the reception will be highly appreciated, after which the enemy will be in the position of "bridge". Only one ball will get an athlete if he lands his counterpart on the stomach, chest or buttocks, while falling with his rival.

Points can be counted by the judge's decision underaccounting for a variety of subtleties. This is also keeping the vis-a-vis on the carpet for some time, touching the cover with the shoulder, shin or knee. If the first warning is received by the fighter, his opponent will be credited with 2 points. The second warning will mean that another 4 points have been credited to the coin box. 3 warning signals a defeat.

self-defense without weapons


Now you know the answer to the question: "Sambo - what is it?" This is not just a kind of martial art. This is a whole system that can allow a person with mediocre data to become a healthy person. Everything will depend on his desire. This kind of struggle helps to reveal the individuality, as there is no strict adherence to any technique that is characteristic for most martial arts. This kind of self-defense includes the achievements of all kinds of the struggle of the world.

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