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How to rock ass - a set of exercises

Every girl or woman dreams of havinga beautiful, tight ass, which will be turned around, in order to admire, men. But it's a pity that many of the fair sex do not know how to pump the ass so that it becomes elastic and similar to a nutlet. This article presents an effective set of exercises for the beauty of the fifth point.

Gluteus muscles are very important muscles in the bodythey help to keep the balance when walking and generally hold in a vertical position. How to develop and increase the muscles of the fifth point? Deep squats with a barbell will be the most effective exercise in how to rock the ass. During the squat you need to sit so deep and low that the back of the thighs is lying on the calves. With your feet, you will have to experiment to choose the optimal setting for the deepest and most comfortable squat. You need to start the exercise with a bodibar or an empty reef from the bar, you can wear small disks as you get accustomed to and strengthen your legs. Remember that during the squat, the back should be as flat as possible, you can not tilt while lifting or lowering it - it is fraught with a trauma to the spine. As soon as you take the bar in your hands, your spine should be frozen in an even form, only the legs will move. Be engaged smoothly, without jerks. Do five sets of eight repetitions.

It should be remembered that deep squatsoriented not to the formation of beautiful buttocks, and to increase the fifth point. If the size suits you, but does not suit the shape and / or elasticity, then other exercises will help to fix it, the Internet shows a variety of complexes.

Deep attacks with a bodibar or barbell alsoare an excellent exercise for solving the problem of how to rock the ass. Buttocks become elastic. You can deal with both dumbbells in your hands, and with a barbell on your shoulders, but the latter option is preferable. At the beginning of training, use a bodybuilder or an empty bar from the bar. How to perform the exercise? Stand upright, feet shoulder width apart, step forward with your left foot to a 90 degree angle. An acute or obtuse angle can injure the knee and other joints in the leg. Smoothly return to the starting position due to the strength of the front, supporting leg. Remember that we swing the ass quite slowly, without jerks. There are five approaches for 8 repetitions. If you trained correctly, the next day you will feel quite strong pain in the buttocks, so you need to train first with the neck. When the muscles get used to the load, you can put the discs on the bar. Such attacks, in addition to allowing you to understand how to rock the ass, besides, they perfectly stretch the muscles of the hamstrings - the most problematic area.

The third exercise that allowsappearance and form of priests to the ideal, there will be walking on the buttocks. Yes, yes, no matter how funny it sounded (and it looked too), it was "walking on the pope" that allows you to get slender and elastic buttocks! Sit down on the floor, stretch your legs forward and start "stepping", moving the gluteal muscles.

Well works the gluteal muscles exerciseunder the name "lazy". Lay down on the floor on your back, lift your feet and lean against the wall so that they form a 90-degree angle with it. Start slowly raising and lowering the fifth point in two steps - first double it two times, then lower it (down and down). You can still stand on all fours and slowly lift one leg in turn with the heel upwards (angle 90, the thigh parallel to the floor, and the shin vertically). This exercise also works well glutes, as well as muscles of the thighs.

So, now you know how to increase the ass quickly. In fact, this is not so difficult. The main thing is the desire and regularity of classes.

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