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Tea "Weight loss": reviews, composition and characteristics of dietary supplements

tea weight loss reviews
For those who with variable success for years leadsthe fight against obesity, it's not news that there are now a lot of diets, nutrition systems, and various drugs for weight loss. One of them is the tea "Pohudey", about which you will find in this article. With the right application, the drink (along with a low-calorie diet) will help get rid of 2-3 kg per course of treatment, cleanse the intestines, normalize metabolism, and reduce appetite and reduce nervous tension.

Tea "Pohudey": reviews, composition, characteristics

The collection for brewing includes hibiscus(malva) and the Alexandrian leaf. Brew tea should be very hot, but not boiling water. After he is infused for 10-15 minutes, he is drunk as a normal drink. Tea is recommended to be used 2 times a day: in the morning and during lunch. Due to the fact that "Lose weight" is produced with various fruit flavors, it will not bother you for a long time. Of the unique properties that tea has, it is possible to distinguish:

  • tea weight loss reviews of doctors
    normalization of metabolism;
  • getting rid of constipation;
  • regulation of the digestive function;
  • reduction or reduction of edema;
  • Improvement of general well-being due to cleansing of the body.

Tea "Pohudey", reviews about which in generalpositive, really has a positive effect on the digestive system, but is not a panacea. That is, the drink is best used in conjunction with proper nutrition, in addition to this, moderate exercise should be exercised.

Tea "Lose Weight": reviews of doctors

The drink has both positive andnegative properties, as well as contraindications to use. Doctors really recommend using it in combination with a moderate diet. But keep in mind that tea can not be drunk constantly, because under its influence, a large amount of water is drained from the body (which is fraught with dehydration), washing of vitamins and trace elements occurs, and intestinal tone is suppressed. That is, you become dependent on tea, the body can no longer cope with the excretory function and requires a portion of the drink every day. Also, with the use of this supplement, unpleasant symptoms such as flatulence, abdominal pain, weakness and general discomfort can occur.

Tea "Lose weight": reviews and contraindications

You should not drink this drink if you have the following diseases or conditions:

  • acute obstruction of the intestine;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute stage;
  • pregnancy or lactation (breast-feeding).

All the rest you can drink tea, but in a moderatequantity and for a limited period of time. Remember that your health is in your hands. The main guarantee for successful weight loss is moderation in nutrition and sport, and not various dietary supplements.

How to brew and drink ginger tea: reviews of those who lose weight

ginger tea reviews
Of course, with all the variety of ready-madeproducts, you will be able to do with those slimming products that can be purchased at the pharmacy. If you want to make a miracle tea at home, then a ginger beverage is exactly what you need. It does not require special ingredients, you just need to buy fresh ginger, honey and lemon (lemon juice). Here is one of the recipes for this tea: grate the root of ginger (half a teaspoon in 200 ml of boiling water) on a small grater, brew the drink and insist for at least 10 minutes. To taste, you can add lemon juice and a little honey. Such tea should be consumed before meals, because it helps to reduce appetite.

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