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Will running help lose weight? Three principles for successful weight loss

Are you tired of idle "magic pills"? Do you want a slim figure and self-confidence? Are you tired of excess weight? One affirmative answer is enough to think about really active weight loss. Usually such methods are associated with sports. Will running help lose weight?

Fast method

will help to run lose weight

Why is it so often to lose weight choose thiskind of activity? First, running is very cheap. You have to buy only comfortable clothes and practical shoes. By the way, be careful with the latter - do not buy sneakers in which the heel is raised above the level of the surface of the foot. This is wrong, and such shoes form a traumatic technique. If the new generation sneakers are not available, it is better to buy ordinary half-cages in which the foot is in tight contact with the surface. It seems less comfortable, but, running correctly, you can avoid injuries, and the likelihood of losing weight will be greater. Secondly, this sport is very effective. It is pretty easy to lose weight by running. The reviews say that disciplined people drive weight this method as quickly as possible, which inspires feats. But do not use fasting - this method does not work in the long term, after it really weight increases by leaps and bounds.

Can I lose weight while running?

Yes, but subject to several conditions:

to lose weight by running reviews

1. Your food should not become more abundant in general, the task of running is to dramatically increase calorie consumption per day. (And he copes well with this task, depending on the weight, a person spends from 60 to 120 calories per km. This is a very serious expense.) But if you greatly increase your food intake, you risk even gain weight. Therefore, carefully develop a diet, ideally with the help of a nutritionist and taking into account the workload. Some of its types require an increase in carbohydrates in food, some - a certain periodicity of its intake. And a good doctor will also take into account your features, which will help you to comply with the regime. For example, there are people who simply can not greatly cut carbohydrates - they begin to get annoyed and quarrel with everyone, there are those who do not like fractional food - they find it difficult to stop, and it turns into an endless. And if they ate three times a day, they would not overeat. So approach the question thoroughly and experiment, if there is no possibility to go to an intelligent nutritionist.

2. Three workouts a week work poorly. And if you do not grow thin fast enough, you will want to give it up. Will running help lose weight? Yes, if you train in sufficient quantity. This is not only the frequency of the week (ideally - 6 times, if this hard time is 4 times this week, this is the extreme point of effectiveness and a temporary measure), but also the duration. In a day you should run at least 45 minutes. Note that it is not necessary to overcome so much at a time, you can study in the morning 15 minutes and after work 30, the main thing is the amount.

Can I lose weight by running?

3. It is necessary to choose the optimal time. Running in the morning, of course, invigorates and causes a sense of self-satisfaction for the whole day. But after a serious load, many are not able to concentrate on work, exhausting their resource of will. Will running help you lose weight if you study in the morning? On the one hand, fat is consumed better on the empty stomach, on the other, then it can be difficult for you to work all day. What to do? Saves breakfast with a lot of carbohydrates and reduces the load with a gradual increase in it so that there is no exhaustion.

Will running help lose weight? Definitely yes! But remember the rules, they are all tested by the experience of many successfully reduced weight.

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