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Catching perch in winter

Perch, which is one of the favorite fish of fish, is found in any water - both standing and flowing, the main thing is that it should be clean enough.

The best time for catching perchIn winter, especially successful, are the first fifteen to twenty days immediately after the installation of ice, as well as the period of zhora before spawning, which actually falls to the beginning of spring. At this time, the fish is particularly active trying to gain strength after the severe winter cold.

The first ice practically does not frighten away this fish fromhabitual place of parking. It will be separated from the shore only with the increase of ice, and intensive catching of perch in winter will begin almost a week after the ice stop and will last until the beginning of January.

In the middle of winter, the search for this fish beginsthe whole body of water, as it already does not move in large areas over large areas, but winters in very small groups up to seven individuals in each. In most of the closed water bodies, catching perch in winter is characterized by a whimsical biting. January frosts with burning winds bring inconvenience to both the fisherman and the fish. Very cold water causes it to fall into pits to a great depth, where the temperature of the medium fluctuates within four or five degrees of heat. In these places, the perch is worth. Therefore, attracting his attention can be quite difficult even with very attractive baits.

If the amount of oxygen allows, then perch inthe school tries to winter at the uppermost boundaries of abandoned channels, dumps, or in flooded ravines, preferring a hard, covered with stumpy bottom. Sometimes he lives next to other small fishes.

Typically, experienced fishermen know that catching bass in winter is especially good in quiet windless weather, when the street is light, steady frost.

The intensity of the bite depends on the time of day. Usually this fish bites in the morning, when the atmospheric pressure is stable, and the frost is still insignificant.

Catching a perch on a spoon-bait in the winter is a very popular and fascinating occupation, and the angler who once fell for a good bug will forever become the most inveterate bouncer.

It is best to use a winter trolley madeof white or light yellow metal with tin soldered on it, and the size and weight is chosen depending on the depth of the reservoir. For example, when catching a perch in water up to three meters deep, it is more appropriate to use this artificial bait with a length of 40 mm and a width of up to 8 mm.

In some cases the perch attacks the lure not in the hook, but in the region of the tail, therefore, in order to avoid this, it is necessary to impose a little red thread on the fore-end of the hook, leaving the end free.

The easiest way to catch a spoon is to jerk swiftly with your hand lowered to the starting point. After that, there is a pause, and then again a wave.

If you can not lure a perch with nakedbait, then you can hook on a hook one bloodworm, which, being soft, light and small, can not spoil the game spoon-bait, but it will make the first perch peck.

Similarly, you can do if the perch is nottakes, but only knocks on a spoon-bait. Those places where perch live in the winter, do not change from year to year, which means that many fishermen know them well. Determine where he is at the moment, you can only search. Although the perch usually lives on a particular site, however, during the day it can follow it for a short while, and if there is no biting for five or ten minutes, then the search resumes. At the same time the flock can move to the side even for hundreds of meters.

Sometimes you notice that some anglers are sitting on the same hole all day. This means that they have discovered the very center of the numerous perch of perches that live on this site.

And if they managed to find it, then enoughhalf an hour to catch perch in the winter on the spoonbark became very adventurous, and the fisherman had a good catch, because sometimes from one hole you can get up to fifty of these delicious fish.

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