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Exercises body-ballet - this is your key to a slender and beautiful figure

In our time, it is becoming more and moremore popular to lead a healthy lifestyle, visit various fitness clubs, swimming pools and gyms. Thus, one of the types of fitness called body-ballet appeared. It should immediately be noted that body ballet exercises are nothing but dances that are absolutely safe for any muscle groups and are aimed at maintaining the body in tone.

Exercises body ballet
It is also superfluous to note the fact that although the body ballet includes some elements of classical dance, this type of fitness should not be confused with the usual ballet.

What is the essence of body-ballet?

It should immediately be noted that the lessons of the body ballet are aimed at making the figure adjust, removing the fat from the sides, buttocks, legs, hands and abdomen. Body-ballet lessons exclude the execution of complex movements orjumps that are capable of causing any damage to the joints or muscles. Nevertheless, one should not think that body-ballet exercises will not yield any result due to the absence of complex movements. Not at all. During classes of this type of fitness you will pump the muscles of the legs, arms, back and abdominals, get rid of extra pounds and be sure to correct your figure.

Body ballet: exercises
Since body-ballet exercises are based onsome elements of classical dance, then in the first lessons of this type of fitness you will necessarily learn the names of movements, which in classical dance are very many.

Who should practice body ballet?

Despite the fact that the body-ballet appeared in themost of the fitness clubs for a long time, many women still continue to doubt whether it is worth doing this kind of exercises. Of course, it's worth it. As mentioned above, the body ballet, the exercises of which are absolutely safe, is very useful for every person. If you regularly engage in this type of sport, then soon you will feel that your gait has become more graceful and graceful. Your body will necessarily be more flexible and beautiful. Nelishim will mention that regular body ballet lessons can improve the performance of the respiratory system.

Some body-ballet exercises

Lessons Body Ballet

In order for you to understand howbeautiful and effective exercises (body ballet), below are some of them. Let's start with a little warm-up. Stand upright and wave your straight leg forward and backward. Alternate the right and left leg until you feel that you have begun to lose balance. In order to relax a little after such an exercise, you can do the following. Lie on your back and place a palm under the pelvis. Next, try to tear the body off the floor, while not moving your feet and head. Do not give up in the first couple of seconds, but you do not need to squeeze out a maximum, otherwise the next day you can not do anything at all.

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