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The dream of any hunter is a gun IZH 54

The history of the development of the hunting rifle IZH 54originates back in 1945, when the German plant Sauer was taken out drawings of new developments and virtually all equipment. At the same time, at the Izhevsk factory there was already a similar model of a gun - IZH 49, which was not very successful, but with the help of German developments and equipment to the engineer L.I. Pugachev managed to modernize these weapons, which resulted in the appearance of a gun IZH 54. This happened in 1954, which gave rise to such a name.

IZH 54
During its existence, IZH 54 were producedin different variants. The simplest were an ordinary pattern, stamped, and a simple box of beech or walnut. This option was called "ordinary performance" and was the most common.

The improved version was slightly different from the typical one. Engraving on it was carried out manually, and when assembling the part, more thorough control took place.

The most popular and expensive was a souvenir option. He assumed a completely manual assembly with careful control of all parts and elements, as well as the availability of various types of jewelry and inscriptions.

IZH 54 reviews

At one time, there was an opinion that there wasseveral types of rifles IZH 54 piece assembly. And they differed from each other with the accuracy and color of the execution of the butt. However, in fact, this opinion was erroneous, since there was no real difference, and better guns usually belonged to the souvenir version, but with fewer ornaments.

At the moment IZH 54, a gun of horizontaltype, has quite good characteristics, even after 32 years from the moment of the termination of production. It became a relic for many modern hunters, who pass it by inheritance from father to son.

It should be noted that they were produced andsport guns of this model. They were quite large in accuracy, although they were not in great demand, since other models of IZh 54 guns were much better suited for sports shooting. The reviews on this model of hunting weapons are mostly the most positive.

Many hunters preferred this particular typeguns, among which IZH 54 was the best representative, proved to be a reliable device with a trouble-free mechanism. It is also worth noting that real fans of hunting rifles acquire such specimens not only for hunting, but also as a collection exhibit, which is the best representative of Russian double-barrels.

IZ 54rugye

At the moment the price of the IZH 54 gun is significantlylower than other devices of this class, and when you take into account the fact that in Soviet times they were produced in a huge amount, then you can get such a shotgun from your hands almost in vain, which also affects its popularity.

In occasion of a technical condition evensecond-hand shotgun of this model, you can say that with normal care it can last very long due to the simplicity of its design and powerful trunks. In this case, even an old IZH 54 gun gives an excellent accuracy of shooting at a great distance.

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