/ How to shoot a PM correctly. Shooting in a dash from a combat weapon. Target for shooting

How to shoot a PM correctly. Shooting in a dash from a combat weapon. Target for shooting

Beginners and gun lovers oftenthe question arises: how to shoot from the PM correctly? The manipulation combines a number of factors, including aiming, convenience of position, aiming and skills of performing the operation taking into account the characteristics of the weapon. Consider the features of shooting at the shooting range, as well as the correct techniques and rules for handling weapons.

how to shoot from pm correctly

What will be required for training?

Before learning how to properly shoot from the PM (Makarov pistol), you will need to purchase a number of accessories. These include:

  • Directly the gun itself.
  • Holster.
  • Balloon for gas models.
  • Holder for charges.
  • Muffler.
  • Target for shooting format A4.

If you want quick access to weapons at home or incar, it is desirable to buy a holder for the gun. In addition, devices that improve the performance of the device may be required. Let's consider their features below.

Optional Devices

Modification PM-49 can be equipped with the following equipment:

  1. The sight of night vision, which is needed to accurately hit the target in the absence of necessary lighting or in the dark. The disadvantages of this device include a smallefficiency in dim lighting mode and at dawn. The device does not allow to provide sufficient visibility at reflections of a sunlight when natural illumination is not enough yet. As a rule, such a sight makes it possible to see a clear outline of the target within a few meters.
  2. Barbed-light tactics. They act as a bright and targeteddesignations, and also are an additional way of sparing defense. If you direct a stream of light to the enemy in the eyes, the person loses the landmark for a while. The drawbacks of the element include heavier weapons.
  3. Fit for descent. It is to adjust the hook of the gunor restriction of its course. Such a modernization allows you to more accurately hit the target. In addition, the sequence of shots increases, and also the movement of the trigger and fuse is facilitated. Such an improvement is required in exceptional cases.
  4. Shooting in a dash from combat weapons of the PM type is facilitated by rubber lining on the side parts of the handle. In this case, the gun becomes more convenient for retention. This is especially true for users with a wide grasp of the hand. However, it is necessary to monitor these elements, checking their fixation and purity.

pm 49


At shooting it is necessary to adhere to the basic safety measures:

  1. Persons who did not pass the shooting are not allowed to shoottraining course on the operation of weapons. Any shooter should know the security measures, rules for charging and discharging the pistol, as well as the way it is disassembled and assembled. In addition, it will be necessary to study the structural features of the tool.
  2. The sound of a shot from a pistol can stunthe user. In this connection, special headphones should be used in closed shooting galleries. Before starting shooting, you need to make sure that at the distance of the nearest hundred meters there are no strangers or animals.
  3. The cartridge must contain cartridges that correspond to the type and caliber of the weapon. Do not use bullets that misfire or are not suitable for technical parameters.
  4. A defective model is strictly forbidden to use for shooting.


To know how to shoot a PM correctly, you should consider the following points:

  1. When the fuse is deactivated, it is required to check the position of the adjustment flag, which must be lowered to the stop. Without fixing it, you can not shoot.
  2. Do not close the barrel with your hand or with foreign objects. This can lead to deformation or rupture of the weapon.
  3. Before using the PM-49 pistol or other modifications, it is necessary to make sure that the working part is clean. To do this, use rags and a cleaning sweeper.
  4. When recharging the gun, the barrel should be directed to the intended side of the shot.
  5. Before cleaning, disassembling, or performing other manipulations with the weapon, it must be ensured that it is discharged.
  6. If you want to transfer the gun from standby to combat position, use a fuse, do not point the gun at people.
  7. To avoid getting a mechanical injury, you need to monitor the position of the hands during the shooting. The fingers should be out of the shutter release zone.
  8. Storage of weapons must be carried out in a safe place out of the reach of children. As a rule, this is a safe or a special closet with a lock.

gunshot sound

How to shoot PM correctly?

To develop shooting skills, many chooseshooting range. However, it is not often possible to find an optimum area suitable for the size. It will be especially difficult for novice archers, who are distracted by other people or observers. Before using the weapon, even pneumatic, read the instruction manual and the legislation in the relevant field.

Since learning how to shoot from the PM in a home environment,of course, it will not work, it will be necessary to find a suitable place for this. As a shooting range is suitable for a large clearing, on which there are no other citizens or animals. To start shooting it is desirable after qualitative extension of joints and muscles. Surprisingly, it will help to strengthen and make the hands and body more stable.

To be able to hit the target accurately,it is necessary to feel the work and features of the weapon, as well as to navigate the distance to the goal. For the pistol under consideration, it leaves no more than 15 meters. Having mastered the shooting and accuracy at this distance, you can try your luck at a long distance.

The technique of shooting

Man can master the skills of shooting onlyafter studying the characteristics of the weapons used. Often happens so that the newcomer gets completely out of the point at which he is aiming. To solve this problem it is enough to determine the exact distance between the target and the gun.

how to learn to shoot from pm

Initial shooting is recommended withdistances no more than 25 meters. After a person learns to get into designations that do not exceed 50 centimeters in diameter, he can move away from the target, taking into account the maximum possible damage from the weapon used. Before using combat specimens, it is necessary to study the security measures and methods of providing first aid in the event of inaccurate handling.

Shooting from a standing position

In this case, it is recommended to perform the manipulations in the following sequence:

  • Put your feet shoulder width apart.
  • When turning to the left side, the right leg remains in place, and the left one moves for a comfortable standing. This rack is designed for right-handed people.
  • Lefties perform similar actions in a mirrored manner.
  • Before shooting, open the cap of the holster and take out the gun.
  • The arm is pulled right at the target level, the safety on the gun is deactivated, the arm muscles remain in a moderately stressed state.
  • For convenience, you can lay the non-working hand behind his back.
  • After aiming, a shot is made on the exhale.

how to aim with a pistol

Position "from the knee"

This type of shooting is conducted in the following stages:

  1. First, the left leg starts up for the right limb. At the same time a clear straight line should be formed, the distance between the legs is approximately equal to the width of the shoulders.
  2. Then you need to squat down, giving the right knee down. The heel of the right foot is used as a support. The feet should be straight and the socks pointing in the direction of the target.
  3. The gun is removed, removed from the fuse, shot.

Such a position for a shot requires many workouts, after which the shooter can spring on bent legs, changing positions and the direction of firing.

Shooting from a recumbent position

Next, consider how to aim from a pistol in the supine position:

  • The right leg is placed forward with a slight deviation to the side.
  • The body is kept in a straight position.
  • Then you need to sit down on the left knee andlean on the surface with the same hand. Place your right foot forward, slightly deflecting it to the right. The emphasis on the weapon should fall on the zone of the forearm and thigh.
  • Take a comfortable prone position (for right-handers this is the position on the left side).
  • The body should be turned toward the target, resting on the supporting leg and arm. As a rule, in this position, the shooter is turned slightly sideways to the target.
  • To carry out the shot, the right hand extends parallel to the surface of the ground, and also serves as a support for the head, so that it is possible to conduct aimed fire.
  • If all the manipulations are done correctly, the shooter does not feel any discomfort and can conduct aimed shooting.


The following are helpful tips from instructors:

  • When conducting combat, it is not recommended to shoot the clip completely. This needs to be developed at the training stage. As soon as the charges come to an end - recharge the store.
  • To ensure timely protection or instant attack, exercise to get a weapon from a holster in one motion.
  • Even with high-speed shooting, do not pull the trigger chaotically, trying to adjust the accuracy and accuracy of fire in the process.
  • Training shooting should be carried out exclusively in the places adapted for this purpose.
  • To quickly develop accuracy, start with small distances to the target, gradually increasing the distance after achieving the desired result.

Typical mistakes when shooting

Errors often occur when aiming. This is due to improper installation of the front sight in the rear sight nest. Accuracy of shooting will prompt hit on the target.

target shooting a4 format

When a charge hits below the center of the target, the upperpart of the front sight was located below the upper edges of the rear sight. If the bullet hit above the center - the top of the front sight was above the top edge of the slot. When hit to the left or right of the center of the target, the front sight was placed from one side or the other of the slot in the rear sight.

Another common mistake when shooting istossing hands when recoil, resulting in a parallel shift. It all depends on where the hand goes after the shot. In this regard, you should adjust the aiming above or below.

When holding a weapon, a number of errors are noted:

  1. When a bullet gets closer to the dominant side, excessive force is noted when the thumb is gripped on the grip or index finger when the trigger is pulled.
  2. If the charge falls into the lower right corner - this is typical for too active pistol squeezing when fired or sharp jerking the trigger.
  3. If the bullet hits the top corner of the target, this may indicate waiting for recoil or non-controlling the line of fire.

gun fuse

In conclusion

After learning how to handle a weapon, don'tforget about the safety of its use. The sounds of a pistol shot can frighten other people, so use a military or pneumatic barrel in special places (prepared glades, shooting galleries). If you carefully follow all the requirements, then any person can become a good shooter and provide security for yourself and your close people.

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