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Sub-machine gun "Scorpion". Sub-machine gun "Scorpion EVO 3"

The submachine gun "Scorpio Evo 3" was developedthe Czech arms company in 2009. The PP was created not only for working in confined spaces. Although it was intended for police officers and special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it can be successfully used not only during special operations. In urban conditions, the "Scorpion Evo 3" submachine gun allows you to hit a target that is at a close distance.


scorpion machine gun

There are some specificFeatures that distinguish it among similar weapons. About them, incidentally, the article will also be discussed. For example, his combat rate of fire, which allows to discharge a full magazine (with a capacity of 30 rounds) for the entire (!) And a half seconds.

Start of development

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The initiator of the process was the Slovak firm. It was there that the development of this model of weapons started. According to the early classification, "Scorpion" is a submachine gun designed for use by law enforcement officers for defensive purposes. To enter service with the law enforcement agencies, the weapons were due back in 2005.

Approximately at the same time, the relevant audiencethe first prototype was presented. But something went wrong, and for some reason the real output of the submachine gun did not take place. But a couple of years later, the Czech company donated a lot of money to buy back the rights to manufacture weapons.

Thus, the Czech armourers discoveredthe road to the improvement of samples of Slovak origin. A little "poshamaniv" over the design, they presented the state representatives of the armed forces an updated model called "Evo 3 Scorpio". The submachine gun was simply praised by experts. Well, we can only figure out whether this was relevant. A little later we will do just this: list the advantages of the weapon and its, as it was stated, "innovative technology" to understand whether a Czech submachine gun of Slovak origin deserved its title.

Differences from other models

submachine gun scorpion scorpion

Today there are a lot of weapons on the armament marketmodels of the appropriate class of weapons. The "Scorpion EVO 3" submachine gun differs from other members of its class primarily in appearance. He, you can say, looks quite aggressive. It should be noted that this is not just an idea of ​​designers, which they suddenly came to mind.

Sub-machine gun "Scorpion" (Skorpion), ifit is good to look at, has fixed ribs installed on different sides of this, let's say, a miniature machine gun. As you know, in most cases, the edges are attached to the weapon in the event that you want to equip it with additional attachments. That is, tactical equipment.

But in this case everything is somewhat different. Of course, the ribs can fulfill their direct duty in case of corresponding situations. However (again, if you look closely), you can see small cuts here. Their presence makes it possible to cool the weapon. Consequently, the submachine gun used on the battlefield will be able to "live" a much longer "life" than its counterparts.

Monitoring the state of ammunition

submachine gun cz vz 61 scorpion

The basis for creating the "Evo 3" model waspistol machine gun CZ VZ 61 "Scorpion". But in our copy one "chip" is realized, which favorably distinguishes EVO from other models. This is a transparent clip. It not only gives unusual weapons, but also affects its practicality.

Due to this design featurethe soldier at any time can control how many rounds remain before the store is discharged completely. In practice, it turned out that this feature plays not the least role in the occurrence of a quick battle.

Transparent clip is not the only innovation,which the Czech designers-gunsmiths brought to the PP. Honestly, they are many. Well, let's see how the engineers were able to please the Czech special forces still.

"Hockey Trap"

pistol machine gun scorpion evo 3

This structural feature, characteristic of"Scorpio Evo 3", allows a serviceman or a police officer to control a weapon even if he holds it with only one hand. At the top of the handle is a fuse, which allows to transfer the submachine gun from a safe state to a combat one with one finger only.

Most weapons are made of shockproofplastic. But there are also metal inserts in the butt area. Thanks to this feature, the weapon can be called almost perfectly balanced. Therefore, the submachine gun is perfectly in the hand, without causing any discomfort for the person using it.

Set up weapons, as they say, for themselvesany fighter. This has become largely possible due to the fact that the parts are made in a regulated form. The application can be folded, so that the transfer of weapons becomes more comfortable.


Perhaps the most common in our timewe can call the caliber 9x19. It is used as an ammunition for the pistol Yarygin (Russia), as well as for Beretta (Italy), ultrasound (Israel). Thus, if servicemen using the Scorpio Evo find themselves in almost any corner of the globe, they will not have problems finding ammunition.

The model boasts also its highreliability. The point is that the design of the submachine gun does not involve the use of parts that can break. The development of weapons used a modular principle. That, in turn, allowed for quick disassembly-assembly.

Indeed, the "Evo" consists of only 5 parts. This supply spring and the gate frame, butt, shop and shock-trigger mechanism. By the way, you can pay attention to the mine for the clip. As you can see, it is much wider than what is done in other machine-guns. But this is not a flaw.

In the heat of battle and in stressful situations,a policeman or a serviceman, there may be a problem with entering the store into the mine. Using the expanded mine in the "Scorpio Evo" crosses out this problem to the root. After the ammunition has been ripped off, the shutter window will remain open, which indicates to the operator that it is necessary to reload.

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