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"Cardio Slim" (simulator): reviews, recommendations, price

cardio slim simulator reviews
The best way to keep fit is tosport. But it happens that it is not possible to go to the gym regularly or go to classes in fitness classes. And to jump out in the mornings on a run is not always possible weather or simply laziness. Is the situation familiar? In this case, it's time to think about buying a home simulator. If you do not expect to arrange a gym in your apartment and allocate a separate room for this business, then take a closer look at small, but functional devices. Many of them are designed for certain muscle groups. But we need one - the one that will help to keep the whole figure in shape.

Cardio Slim: functionality

Simulators for the house "Cardio Slim" are just such -multifunction, efficient, convenient, reliable and yet compact. If necessary, they can easily be folded and put in a closet. "Cardio Slim" is a simulator (reviews testify), which is suitable for men and women, beginners or professionals. Anyone can train on it to pull up a figure, lose weight or just keep in shape. Compact size, robust construction, seven levels of resistance. It is also equipped with a microcomputer, which, according to the designers, shows how many calories you lost and how much distance you have passed. Classes on "Cardio Slim" pass without stress on the spine and joints, while not only training the muscles, but also strengthening the heart. Therefore, it is suitable even for people who have problems with the cardiovascular system. To achieve the desired effect, only 20-30 minutes of lessons per day is enough.

simulator cardio slim price

Cardio Slim: how to use

How do lessons take place on Cardio Slim(training apparatus)? The reviews say they resemble a pleasant walk, light jogging and cycling at the same time. You perform simple natural movements, and the body receives the necessary load. In a dynamic rhythm maximally work the muscles of the hands, chest, back, abdomen, as well as thighs and buttocks. Step right foot, the body turn left. Then vice versa. Step by step you strengthen more than 20 muscle groups. "Cardio Slim" is ideal for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, work all day in the office or spend the day around the computer. Combine business with pleasure. Include a favorite film or a transmission, and instead of a sofa and delicious buns, get on the simulator.

Cardio Slim (simulator): reviews

Everything that manufacturers promise, sounds beautiful andhopefully, but is it really so? How to describe this device those who have already purchased "Cardio Slim" - simulator. Reviews are mostly favorable. Many confirm that with his help you can tighten the body and strengthen muscles.

simulators for home cardio slim
Female half of buyers unanimously advisesthis simulator for bringing the figure into shape after pregnancy and childbirth. At the same time as a panacea of ​​excess weight, it does not fit. For this you need not only to exercise every day for 30-40 minutes, but also to follow a diet. Among the negative aspects can be noted its fragility. If the user's weight fluctuates within a hundred kilograms, the life of the mechanism will last about a year. After that, breakdowns begin. But considering that the price of the "Cardio Slim" simulator is about 2500 rubles, this is not a problem. Annual subscription to the gym will cost many times more expensive, and it is not a fact that you will go there.

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