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Kovaleva Ekaterina: Amazon from Mogilev

Female wrestling in the minds of manyfans are still something exotic and frivolous. However, today's girl-fighters prove to everyone that they are able to give their favorite business as seriously as their male counterparts. One of the most striking and effective athletes in the world of martial arts is Ekaterina Kovaleva, a fighter in spirit and in the ring. The two-meter beauty strikes men with her irresistible appearance, and rivals in the ring - with high-kicks of incredible power.

In the gloves of the elder brother

Kovaleva Catherine, whose biography couldto be formed and in another way, was born in the Belarusian Mogilev in an ordinary family. Like most ordinary parents, Katya's dad and mother were horrified to represent their daughter, who received blows in the ring.

However, Kovaleva was an energetic and restless girl, constantly getting into fights with the boys. It was necessary to direct the flow of aggression in the right direction, and Katya was given to the acrobatics section.

Kovaleva Ekaterina

Such a peaceful sport was boring for an indomitable girl, she often borrowed her brother's boxing gloves and independently practiced blows.

At last, parents have reconciled with persistence of Katyaand took her to the karate section, where her first mentor was the authoritative coach Vladimir Tarasenko, whom Kovaleva Catherine still remembers with great warmth.

She was not limited to narrow karate frames and studied in parallel kickboxing, muay thai, and taekwondo.

From Belarus to Bahrain

A tall, well-built girl becamea victim of the power of their blows. In 2011, after a powerful kick, she felt a strong pain in the lower leg. After Kovalev's injury, Catherine even decided to quit for some time with professional sports in order to recover and recover.

Just at this moment, an offer came from friends to work as a coach at a major fitness center in Bahrain. The girl packed her things and went to the sunny emirate.

For a short time Kovaleva Catherine earned the reputation of a strict and demanding instructor. Her classes were even visited by the cousins ​​of the ruler of the country.

Ekaterina Kovaleva kickboxing
Local specialists were too sensitive aboutmonarchs and were afraid to exercise strictness and discipline. However, the independent Belarusian was not afraid of anyone and from the very beginning announced that there is only one master in the hall - the coach.

Authority, a good source of income - totalThis was achieved by Kovalev Catherine, but the boring life of a fitness instructor did not suit a war girl. After recovering from injury, she began to glance in the direction of the ring, waiting for suggestions.


In the big sport Ekaterina Kovaleva, kickboxingfor which it was not a curiosity, returned almost by accident. In 2015, the Belarusian team was sent to the World Cup in Serbia, but in the heaviest weight category there was a shortage, and a vacant offer was offered to a brunette bored with boredom in hot Bahrain. The girl even agreed to pay the ticket to Belgrade and back from her pocket.

Ekaterina Kovaleva fighter

Preparation for the competition took a few days, Catherine had to drop an extra 7 kg of weight, but by the start of the tournament she came in full combat readiness.

Kovaleva Ekaterina, missing the presentbusiness, struggled with all my heart, putting incredible power into their blows. Especially spectacular were her crowning high kicks - kicks in the head. Without any problems, she reached the semifinals, where she was waiting for new tests. One of her blows came in defense of her opponent, and Kovaleva Catherine aggravated her old injury. The team's doctors tried to persuade her to withdraw from the competition, but the inflexible girl on anesthetizing injections went to the decisive battle.

Her rival was experienced Natalia Yurchenko from Russia, but that evening Kovaleva was uncontrollable and in a bitter struggle still took the champion title.

The Conquest of the States

Catherine decided not to be limited to performancesin kickboxing and also decided to participate in the World Muay Thai Championships held in Sweden. However, in its weight category there were no rivals, the Belarusian athlete was the only one who appeared in the category over 75 kg.

Disappointed Catherine went to unwind inUSA, where she received an offer of cooperation with local clubs of mixed martial arts. Kovaleva is now actively pursuing worthy opponents for fighting in the MMA. In order not to waste time, she also applied to participate in the WWE - American wrestling league.

Kovaleva Ekaterina Biography
A sturdy showy girl impressed the organizers and was chosen among the 30 candidates to participate in the show.

In addition, Kovaleva conducts training matches with male fighters, among whom are such famous personalities as Matt Mitrion and other MMA stars.

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