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Kettlebell lifting: the pros and cons of exercises with weights

To date, kettlebell lifting is notso popular as it was dozens of years ago. Modern people prefer gyms and fitness. But there are also avid devotees who recommend kettlebell lifting to everyone. The advantages and disadvantages of this type of classes will be discussed in this article.

How did this sport become popular?

Literally 100-200 years ago, various circuses circulated around the world. They were very many, and tickets were difficult to get because of high demand.

The circus performers showed a lot of wondrous things. But everyone boasted of their strongmen. Yes, it is believed that the first weightlifters appeared in circuses.

kettlebell lifting pluses and minuses

To surprise the audience, they did incredible things: they bent the horseshoe with their bare hands, raised several people on the bar, tore chains.

A favorite exercise for the strongmen was juggling and various heavy exercises with weights.

For example, the Russian "King of Weights" could squeeze 32 kilogram weight 86 times. At the same time, the body was perfectly flat and swinging.

What's good and what's wrong?

This type of sporting activities has positive and negative points. So, let's consider kettlebell lifting, pluses and minuses.

kettlebell sports minuses and pluses

It is bad because:

- you can not change the weight of the projectile;

- requires strong joints;

- there is a high injury rate.

Speaking about kettlebell sports, pros and cons, you can not say about what it is good:

- develops powerful muscles;

- low requirements for sports equipment;

- they can be studied everywhere.

Here are such gire sport pluses and minuses. Now let's take a closer look at each item of shortcomings and advantages of this type of training.

Unlike barbells or dumbbells, weights can not be disassembled or assembled to set the weight that suits you.

The weight is a metal balloon with a handle. The most common: 8, 16, 24, 32 kg. And it is necessary to train with them.

kettlebell lifting

Such a sport is not suitable for people who have a weak brush. During the exercise, this part of the body will be tense all the time. If you do not hold the weight, then it immediately flies out of your hand.

What are some disadvantages of kettlebell lifting?

In this sport there is a big traumatism. Due to the fact that all movements are performed while standing, they create a large load on the spine. If you do not wear a special belt and do not keep your back flat, then the displacement of the vertebrae can not be avoided.

Also sport is dangerous for the joints, especially for the shoulder and elbow, as they are directly involved in each exercise.

What are the advantages of weightlifting?

Each exercise is basic and complex. Engaging with weight, the athlete uses a lot of muscles of the whole body.

cons of kettlebell lifting

This allows you to develop the whole body using the same exercises.

It is good kettlebell lifting also because you do not need a lot of sports equipment and space for it - it's enough to have a weight, athletic belt, magnesia and 1 meter of working space.

Do not deal with children

Analyzing kettlebell lifting, minuses and pluses of all exercises, it is necessary to note a strong load on the back.

The spine is heavily loaded during the execution of all the basic movements. In this regard, coaches do not want to take on the training of young children.

The big weight of a weight can hurt the correct formation of a skeleton at this age. Therefore, it is not necessary to teach the child from an early age to raise the weight correctly.

With frequent twists in the hand during exercise, there may be significant pain in the joints.

Only you can decide

Of course, every person should decide what to do and what kind of sport is more suitable.

As in weightlifting, kettlebell lifting has different pros and cons. One of its features is a real result, tested for years.

Even in those faraway times when bodybuilding orweightlifting did not exist, and lifting weights was circus entertainment, weights gave men the opportunity to have a strong and athletic body.

The technique of performing kettlebell exercises is much easier to master than in modern bodybuilding, which consists of several dozen, if not hundreds of different options for inflating muscles.

Basic exercises with kettlebells can be counted on the fingers, and for their implementation you will need only a little free space and directly the sports equipment.

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