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"Day after a day" diet: reviews, results, basic rules and contraindications. Proper nutrition for losing weight at home

Everyone who has at least once experiencedthe problem of excess weight, knows that most diets are aimed at cleansing the body of excess fluid and stagnant stool. In this case, the sides, abdomen, thighs and buttocks remain in the same place. Not fair! "Day after a day" - a diet, the testimonials of which eloquently testify to its effectiveness, allows you to reduce body weight, thanks to the alternation of a hungry diet and ordinary food.

What is the mechanism of weight loss?

The correct formula for losing weight looks like this -Increase in physical activity and decrease in daily calories. As a result, the body has no place to take any forces for motor activity, and it begins to use the very "reserves" that cause dislike of the mirror. Ideally, you need to minimize the daily rate of calories. It turns out that hunger - the only true solution in the fight against excess weight? Theoretically, yes, but doctors and nutritionists argue that fasting is not the best and not the safest option.

Day after day diet reviews

Why does weight stay in one place?

The whole point is that Mother Nature suppliedthe human body is a special protective mechanism that prevents rapid weight loss. When a person begins to starve, his body literally two days later begins to understand that he is close to death, therefore, activates a protective function, the essence of which is to reduce energy costs and slow down the exchange processes. As a result, the weight of a person "stops" at the same stage.

If fasting lasts no more than 24 hours, the body does not have time to turn on the protective mechanism, which means that the extra pounds still go away.

The conclusion is quite logical - fasting is good onlywhen it lasts no more than one day. What is a "Day in a Day" - a diet, which reviews make it possible to see the effectiveness of this method of losing weight? Alternating the hungry diet with the usual is the essence of the diet.

day after day diet results

To whom is the diet shown?

Modern girls and women are activeLifestyle. From the very morning to study or work, a child in a kindergarten or school, in the evening to a store for shopping, it would be advisable to look to a friend and to visit my mother ... It is clear that fasting for more than two days will not leave strength for the whole complex of daily plans . And eating one grain is unlikely to allow you to enjoy your belly and bruises under your eyes. Therefore, the best option for young people leading an active lifestyle, will be "Day after a day" - a diet.

Reviews say that it is very easy to observe the "striped" principle of nutrition. In fact, it's the same unloading day, but with increased frequency.

Diet Features

The scheme of losing weight looks like this:

  • Day 1 - only pure drinking water without gases (it can be consumed in unlimited quantities).
  • Day 2 - a normal diet, the calorie content of which should not exceed 2500 kcal.
  • Day 3 - the repetition of the "menu" of the first day.
  • Day 4 - a normal diet with reduced caloric intake.

Alternation of hungry days passes in anysequences - it can be 1 day fasting and 2 days of normal nutrition. You can try out Scheme 1 through 3. The bottom line is just that more hungry days are needed to lose more kilograms.

How effective is "Day in a Day" - diet? Reviews say that the 1: 1 scheme allows you to lose about 5 kg of excess weight within a month of such nutrition.

proper nutrition for losing weight at home

Positive qualities of the "striped" diet

The advantages are visible to the naked eye. First, it is ideal for those who can not limit themselves for a long time in nutrition. Secondly, the restriction of the usual menu does not affect the slowing down of metabolic processes in the body. And thirdly, the diet allows you to reduce the amount of fat deposits.

Modern variety of diets allowsexperiment with your body, but the best results can be achieved with the help of contrasting nutrition. The organism does not have time to adapt to the hunger strike, so it does not include a protective mechanism - as a result, the metabolism occurs in the usual regime, but the excess weight disappears.

You can adhere to such a diet indefinitely. The body does not suffer from a lack of glucose, protein or carbohydrates, and excess calories go off on a day off.

 variety of diets

Nutrition rules during a diet

It is worth pointing out that the correctfood for weight loss at home - is an integral component, without which it is impossible to imagine a single diet. This means that on a normal day you can not eat anything that comes to hand. We'll have to forget about fast food and fatty foods, limit the amount of alcohol as much as possible (red wine can be left) and try to remove sugar and products containing it.

To quickly get rid of excess weight, you must follow the basic rules of the diet "Day after the day", which will quickly achieve the desired result:

  • the last meal on a typical day should be at 18:00, not later;
  • During the observance of the usual principles of nutrition, the number of portions and their volume should be reduced;
  • it is important to eat food that is easier to digest in the stomach;
  • drink as much liquid as possible.

In fact, the "striped" diet combines a limited and normal diet. This allows you to lose weight without harming the body.

Who is contraindicated in the Day of the Day diet?

Not all diets are good and useful - everyone knows this. Similarly, this method of discharge has a number of contraindications, which include:

  • pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding (future and newly mummies should think about the child, and not about the beauty of their figure);
  • some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are an obstacle to adherence to a diet;
  • stones in the kidneys and ureter - another contraindication.

This diet is very convenient and useful - the body gets rid of unnecessary kilograms, without slowing the exchange processes.

diet menu day after day

The result is obvious

Proper nutrition for losing weight in the homeconditions - a pledge of a slender figure and adjusted metabolism. Reviews about this diet can be very diverse, but all because each person adhered to their diet. Someone honesty hungered for a whole day, and the next - he was eating all that came to his hand for both cheeks. Of course, to lose 2-3 kilograms with this attitude to the diet is not just impossible, but also fraught with additional centimeters in the waist and buttocks.

It is quite another matter to remember the ultimate goal andTry to limit yourself even on permissive days. If the total daily calorie intake of food consumed will vary between 1500-2000 calories, weight loss will occur in an accelerated mode. So you can lose up to 10 kg in just one month.

a diet that can not be

Prohibition on products

Adhering to proper nutrition, avoidhabitual sweets. Eaten a bun at night and will remain a bun, but already in another place, even if the next 24 hours in the mouth will not even poppy dew. Therefore, you should follow certain rules and recommendations in the "Day after the day" mode. The diet, the results of which can be noticed after two weeks, has its limitations in nutrition, which it is desirable to adhere to.

To speed up the process of losing extra pounds, you should exclude from your diet:

  • grilled meat;
  • confectionery and chocolate;
  • sweets and flour products;
  • fast food or fast food;
  • alcoholic drinks (a glass of red dry can be);
  • crisps, croutons, soda and the like;
  • Vegetables and fruits that contain a large amount of starch.

These are the best friends of excess weight, so theirThe presence during a diet will be unacceptable. What remains in the priority? Products that contain the maximum amount of nutrients. Raw vegetables and fruits, low-fat meat and porridge, a large amount of liquid.

The most important advantage and convenience of the "striped" diet

What is good about Day after Day?Diet, the results of which can be improved, if you combine the right diet with physical exertion, it also has a psychological background. Virtually all women are upset in the first days of a limited diet - it's sad that your favorite dishes can not be tried soon. The advantage of the dotted diet is that you can eat everything, but only after a day of starvation and in less quantity.

Such a simple diet at home allowssuffer 24 hours, and then treat yourself to something delicious. As a result, a slimming person does not experience psychological and physical discomfort.

Approximate menu of the diet "Day after day"

The onset of the dietary regime is on the hungryday. In strict mode, it is allowed to drink only bottled water - fortunately, it can be done in unlimited quantities. The next day you can eat boiled meat and stewed vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products. As a snack you can use nuts and dried fruits. Dinner should be no later than 18:00 - after that only a glass of water or fat-free kefir.

Ordinary day routine:

  1. Breakfast: kefir and boiled egg.
  2. Lunch: steamed or steamed vegetables (preferably without oil, but this is not critical).
  3. Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese and sour cream.

The main meals can be diluted with fruits and vegetables, combine light soups with healthy porridges, supplement your diet with dietary supplements.

Dotted diet is the best option for those,who want to lose weight, but can not afford to refuse a portion of delicious pleasure. If you combine this method of nutrition with physical loads (at least 2-3 times a week), you can achieve amazing results in one month.

who is contraindicated in the diet the day after the day

Expert opinion

All those who want to lose weight, are interested in what a good dotted diet is. What can I do? What is not allowed? When to wait for the result? Is it harmful for health?

Nutritionists claim that even the slightestThe deviation from the usual diet can lead to the most unpredictable consequences. Someone with ease refuses the sweet and flour, and someone does not represent his daily table without sweet baking or other dessert. Someone can have a salad, and someone for a full dinner needs a piece of fried meat. It is important to remember that any discomfort can cause irritability and nervousness. Therefore, the diet "Day after day" wins against the background of other (less sparing) diets, as it allows you not to change and not limit the established principles of food intake.

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