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Yoga mats: how to choose, features, types and reviews

If you decide to do yoga, thennecessary hold special mat. Now a wide range of these products, as well as other items for this hobby, is presented. You need to know how to choose mats for yoga. There are several criteria that should be used when buying.

Why do I need a product?

Before you learn how to choose mats for yoga,It is necessary to familiarize with what they are needed for. If the lessons are not done regularly, you can not buy the product. For this you can take a blanket, a fitness mat, a tourist car. But with regular lessons, it is necessary.

Yoga mats how to choose

The rug is necessary for observance of rules of personal hygiene. Performing various exercises on the floor or on the ground is dangerous to health. The product allows you to make classes comfortable, so that there are no unpleasant sensations. In addition, the risk of injury is minimal. The need for a rug is associated with the tradition of yogis, who necessarily had them for classes.


How to choose yoga mats? For this you need to familiarize yourself with the types of products. They differ in material, weight, and thickness. By appointment, products can be designed for beginners and professionals. Weight also plays an important role. In the Russian market there are products with different weights.

yoga mat how to choose the right one

Based on the mats are divided into the following:

1. Synthetic: latex - create from rubber. Rugs are expensive and heavy. Though worn over time, they are considered non-slip and environmentally friendly.

2. Natural - made of cotton, wool, jute fiber. Quickly absorb moisture.

Thermoplastic elastomer - has a light weight and excellent softness.

Polyvinyl chloride - is inexpensive and has high wear resistance.

Which mat for yoga is better to choose? It is desirable to prefer natural products, since they are the most practical and convenient. But in any case, each product requires thorough and regular care.

The size

Common dimensions include the length of 183 cmand a width of 60 cm. The first indicator should be selected based on the growth of a person, to which add 10-15 cm. If dynamic exercises are performed, then a length of 220 cm is required.

Many prefer a width of 80 cm. The large parameters of the rugs increase the useful area for practical activities, but complicate their transportation.


How to choose yoga mats so that they arecomfortable? When performing dynamic exercises, a person assumes unstable poses. Protecting the body from falling will allow such a property of the rug as stickiness. This is necessary for its adhesion to the sex and body. But you need to remember that the sticky product wears out a lot. It is advisable for beginners to choose synthetic mats.

yoga mat what to choose


When yoga is practiced, sweat is allocated in a person,so the product must absorb moisture. And high humidity causes slippage. Which mat to choose for yoga? It should be made of natural materials or latex. Then the carpet will have a porous structure and excellent absorbency of moisture.


How to choose the right mat for yoga? A quality product should not last. Therefore, it is reinforced with lavsan fibers. They serve as an internal frame, which protects against stretching.

what kind of yoga mat is better to choose


It is necessary to choose an indicator of 4-6 mm. But the newcomers also acquire a thickness of 6 mm. Products are soft and do not let the cold pass. The reviews show that professionals prefer a thickness of up to 3 mm. They will be easily transported, as they only need to be folded.

How to choose a good yoga mat? It is necessary to take into account all the above parameters. According to reviews, it is clear that beginners should choose synthetic carpets. They have average characteristics, quite suitable for beginners. With the transition to professional pursuits, you will need an individual carpet.

One-sided or two-sided

How to choose a yoga mat? Reviews say that the product must be different from two sides: one is in contact with the base, and the other is for the body. Do not use different sides during classes, because it is considered dangerous for health.

how to choose a yoga mat reviews

The lower part, according to reviews, should not beSlippery, even if the surface is smooth, for example: lacquered parquet, wet tiles, laminate. It is necessary to choose with the face, which is adapted to the body: absorbs moisture, does not irritate the skin, does not cause allergic reactions. Therefore, the lower part should be made of non-slip material with a textured surface, which is necessary for adhesion to the floor. A natural top coat protects against slipping.

The weight

If you are interested in how to choose mats for yoga,it is necessary to pay attention to their weight. They are from 900 g to 3.3 kg. What is better to buy depends on the regularity of use. A solid model is suitable for the home, and to carry the girls, a product weighing not more than 1.5 kg is required to avoid overtaking the shoulder.

Men can choose a device for yogaweighing 2-2.5 kg. If it will be used in the hall, it is better to purchase a folding version, which easily turns into a roll and placed in a case with handles.

Aesthetic properties

How to choose the right mat for yoga and whatbetter, depends on desire. For many, the beauty of the product is important. This concerns the color, texture of the material, design. On such parameters there are no rules, it is important that the device is liked by its owner.

how to choose a good yoga mat

Experienced yoga advised not to choose bright products,as this will distract from the lessons. It is better to choose natural color and texture, then the measures will be effective. Given these parameters, it will be possible to determine how to choose the right mat for yoga.

Where to buy?

Assortment of rugs varied. For beginners it is difficult to choose something suitable. Almost all products are produced in China and Thailand. The exception is the Spanish products Salamander, as well as the German - Wunderlich. The following products are offered in the Russian market:

  1. Salamander - 4800-6900 rubles. The product is of excellent quality, made of natural rubber. The surface has excellent grip. Products are non-toxic and do not include allergenic substances. There are wide products - 66 cm, long - 200 cm, thin - up to 2 mm, and thick - 6 mm.
  2. Comfort Pro - the price is about 5400 rubles. The parameters are 200 * 60 * 0.6 cm.
  3. Ashtanga Master XL - the cost of 1700 rubles. The parameters are 220 * 60 * 0.6 cm.
  4. FT-YGM-PVC-3,5-DR - the price of 440 rubles. The product has a non-slip antimicrobial coating. The dimensions are 172 * 60 * 0.35 cm.

Experts do not recommend buying goods insupermarkets or sports stores. Often they offer low-quality products at high prices. It is advisable to purchase yoga mats in yoga centers or online stores.

Care and storage

How care will be performed depends on the typematerial. Do not often change the product, because it permanently retains the energy of the owner. It is forbidden to engage in shoes, and also fold the mat several times and in half. It is rolled into a roll by the back part inside. It is best to fold it in the opposite direction.

how to choose the right yoga mat

Mats from synthetic materials after purchaseit is necessary to wash with warm soapy water. You can use ordinary soap without flavors, for example economic or children's soap. After removing the factory grease, the rug must be soaked with a towel and dried.

It should be washed every 2-3 months. You can wash the product in the typewriter, but with the inclusion of gentle mode, without powder and spin. Natural materials should not be washed and washed. They are wiped with a damp cloth. Latex rugs must be hung for ventilation.

Modern technologies have penetrated into many spherespeople's lives. New is SmartMat - smart mat. Although it is not yet on sale, but the company received a lot of pre-orders. The cost of production is about 250 dollars. The manufacturer claims that such a product will be convenient for regular classes of those who wish to make them effective. The features of the product include:

  • voice motivation of a yogi;
  • assessment of body position and weight distribution;
  • function of the diary.

Although there are such novelties, you can still purchase a classic mat, suitable for all characteristics. Then the classes will be interesting and comfortable.

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