/ In search of the trophy. Redfish - fish of lakes and rivers

In search of the trophy. Redfish - fish of lakes and rivers

Redfish is a fish, by many external featuressimilar to roach. And so many inexperienced fishermen confuse these two species. Honestly, it is not difficult to distinguish a reddish-colored roach from a roach. It is more beautiful and brighter. She has a different structure of the pharyngeal teeth, and she differs from the roach with her oblique mouth, which also points upwards. On her belly she has an outstanding rib. On the lips peculiar only to her yellow border. Scales shallow and golden. The dorsal fin does not begin above the abdominal, as in the roach, but slightly behind it. In this case the rudd is wider and even somewhat thicker. According to the structure of his body, it is more similar to a scraper.

red fish
As can be seen from the description, the ruddle is a fish externallyattractive. Many anglers consider it one of the most beautiful species that inhabit our rivers and lakes. Particularly impressive is their nuptial attire. In large fish it is bright: the abdomen is golden, the fins are scarlet. Young individuals are more silvery, they are much lighter and their fins are pale. Very rarely a special species of this species appears on the hook. A redfish is a bright fish, but its subspecies, also called a queen or prince, has a chic reddish scales. She is very impressive with her color. But it is worth noting that our red rinds are still inferior to the beauty of Western European subspecies.

Maintain this species mainly in the bays,flowing lakes and old men. He likes red rind and ponds, overgrown with reeds and reeds. It is in such places that she meets in the society of roach, crucian carp, dodder, bream and leads a calm, sedentary lifestyle. It rarely moves away from its permanent habitat and does not make any significant migrations. To meet at the water body it is possible only in certain places, as a rule, these are low banks, entirely overgrown with reed thickets.

Redfish - the fish is delicious, so they catch iteverywhere. Usually it is searched along the reeds or cane, the windows and clearings between the lush aquatic vegetation. The bait should not be too low, so it is placed 40 cm from the float. After each cast, if the bite did not follow the first minute, the float is slightly attracted to itself. This allows the line to be taut, which makes the tackle much more sensitive. So even the slightest twitching of the float will be noticeable. Very often bite follows at the moment when the bait is submerged to the bottom. And it happens that a nimble red ruffle grabs a hook with an attractive wax or worm, as soon as it touches the surface of the water.

Not only looks like a roach red-rim. "Why catch this fish?", - the question is rather simple and unpretentious. Like the roach, she prefers worms, maggots, dough, bread, pearl barley. But still there is a significant difference in the behavior of these two species. Unlike the roach, the red-rump does not pull on the baited hook, but pulls the float confidently either downward or to the side. It should be cut very carefully, this fish has a steep temper and will resist to the end. Therefore podsachek at its catching will not be superfluous.

fish rudd photo

In conclusion, we can say that there is no moreinteresting and adventurous in terms of fishing species, than the fish is a reddish-rim, the photo with the captured trophies of this beauty should adorn the album with the achievements of any experienced angler.

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