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Salad "Mistletka" - a good way to cleanse the body

The process of losing weight each person representsthemselves in different ways, but more often people try to pre-cleanse the body of so-called slags, which also carry extra pounds. For a comfortable and high-quality cleansing of the body, folk remedies and all sorts of culinary recipes that will help you get healthier quickly and without consequences are excellent. For example, the salad "Mistletka", despite its not quite culinary name, brings quite positive results.

lettuce salad
As a part of a salad exclusively natural products which will allow to get rid naturally of slags and, as consequence, from terrible figures on scales.

Prepare a salad "whisk" will be able to even the one whodoes not consider himself an ace of cooking, as the ingredients for him are quite familiar products, such as apple green (gram hundred), fresh carrots (gram hundred), cabbage white (gram hundred), lemon juice, and a teaspoon of olive oil. Salt for salad should not be used, because it will delay the release of excess fluid from the body. Preparation of lettuce does not take long, it will be enough only to cut cabbage and knead it with hands, due to what it will let out the juice, so necessary for purification. Carrots should be peeled and grated, a green apple, peeling, and also sent to a grater. After all the ground ingredients of the salad are mixed and seasoned with olive oil. Salad "Mistletka" is ready!

cleansing the body with herbs

If you are not used to eating without salt, then a little "sea seasoning" is acceptable, but it is desirable to do without it.

The ideal option will also be a combination of saladwith other ways to cleanse the body of toxins. For example, cleansing the body with herbs is another great way that will quickly improve the body. If you are not too well versed in the science of studying herbs, then it will be enough only to purchase special cleaning supplies, sold in pharmacies. The convenience of using such a collection is that they are made in the form of filter bags, which can be brewed as tea. Salad "Mistletka" in combination with herbal preparations will allow you to get a complex cleansing of the body, while you do not have to use any chemical additives.

complex body cleansing

At the time of cleansing the body should be completelyrefuse to drink alcohol, try not to zealous with the preparation of food as such and adhere to a low-calorie diet. Ideally, if the vegetable salad becomes the basis of your diet for the entire diet. If we talk about the time period of purification from slags, it usually takes five to seven days, depending on the state of health. In addition to purification, such a diet will also get rid of a decent amount of extra pounds, depending on the initial weight. This is due to the fact that the salad, even dressed with olive oil and moderately salted, will not contain more than 50 kcal per hundred grams, which is incommensurably small compared to the daily norm of an adult in 2000 kcal.

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