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Neptune swimming pool, Novosibirsk: photos and reviews

Swimming is a favorite sport for manyof people. A full training for all muscle groups, and at the same time a real pleasure from being in an aquatic environment. Open reservoirs are not always safe, and in the winter season they are not available at all. And in the pool you can swim at any time of the year. Today we want to talk about one of the biggest sports complexes, which invites children and adults. This is the Neptune pool (Novosibirsk). It's definitely not going to be boring, and every guest has an occupation to taste.

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At the guests' disposal

If you have not yet chosen the ideal location forIn order to spend time with the whole family, you can think that the search has already been completed. The Neptune pool (Novosibirsk) invites you and your family to discover a healthy lifestyle. We offer you a huge swimming pool with various programs. The Neptune pool (Novosibirsk) provides an opportunity to visit a modern gym with a dedicated cardio zone. At the request of the client, you can visit a personal trainer, as well as a fitness team.

For the whole family

The Neptune pool (Novosibirsk) is a place forthe whole family, where you can take even young children. You are offered to rent a gaming hall, as well as classes for kids. All visitors emphasize a large selection of massages, which are carried out by qualified specialists. There is Wi-Fi throughout the territory, which you can use without hindrance. For motorists there is a convenient parking. In the evening, you can relax with a family in a cozy cafe.

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Water sports

In the first place for this, they attend the swimming pool"Neptune" (Novosibirsk). The reviews emphasize that the water here is very warm and clean, and therefore it will be comfortable even for young children. Only the lazy person does not know about the health-improving properties of water. When a person swims, all groups of muscles work, and the person gets real pleasure. If you want to go in for sports, but have not yet decided which physical activity to take, the best choice is swimming.

However, there are many different centers in the city thatcan meet the needs of all beginners and professional athletes. What is the difference between the Neptune pool in Novosibirsk? The photo shows us a large and roomy bowl with 8 lanes, 50 meters long. Even with a large influx of visitors there is always a place to swim.

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Suggested Features

Always dreamed of learning how to swim? Then you will definitely enjoy the opportunity to learn the technique of swimming for adults and children. Classes are held individually and in groups. A great popularity is enjoyed by aqua aerobics for different age groups, as well as fashionable aqua gymnastics for pregnant women. If you just want to swim, then take a subscription for free swimming. In this case, you can come at any time to have a good time.

Recently, two new groups havealso enjoy great popularity. This is health improving gymnastics for adults and children, as well as classes for the youngest (from 3 months) in the "mom + baby" group. Such trainings give very good results and are extremely useful for the child's physical development.

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Instructors of the pool

These are people who are always in the hall togetherwith you, help and teach, and just watch for safety on the water. Thanks to their quality work, there was not a single accident for many years, while the Neptune pool (Novosibirsk) operates. You can find out the schedule of the trainers from the administrator, already at the first visit.

  • Maxim Luchnikov is a master of sports. He has many awards, but the most important one can be considered the World Champion title. This person can teach you a lot, which he does with great success. His students achieve excellent results in sports, win international competitions and confidently follow in the footsteps of their teacher. He conducts swimming instruction for adults and children.
  • Natalia Steklova - this is a real good fairy,who knows exactly how to instill a love of swimming for the youngest children. She deals with children individually and in groups. Instructor for aquafitness and baby swimming, she enjoys great love of young mothers. It is in her caring hands that they are ready to entrust their small treasure for hardening and first training.
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Timetable of classes

Having decided with the coach, you need to choose the timelearning and form. In the evening, section classes are held here. If you plan for yourself the way to a great sport, then they will be the best choice. They are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 19:00. Swimming training from the age of 7 takes place individually and in groups, and you can choose the most convenient schedule, since classes are held every day, from 14:30, 15:15 or 18:15. I must say that if you decide to do it, you need to get down to business from the first day, since the trainers will be asking very seriously. Wellness swimming "mom + baby" is held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 11:15 to 19:00.

Instead of concluding

And we have only to give feedback on the pool"Neptune" (the city of Novosibirsk). In fact, many people know and love it. The center has been working for a long time, and the townspeople remember it from the school's bench. Here they came to learn to swim, and then brought their children.

This is the largest swimming pool in the city that is celebratedall reviews. On the tracks there is always a place for classic and sporty swimming. In addition to the large, there are three children's pools. The water temperature is always very comfortable, at least 27 degrees. At the same time, the modern cleaning system maintains perfect purity and absence of chlorine odor. The water is cleaned six times a day, and each time the quality of the procedure is confirmed by analysis of the samples.

Constant clients emphasize that here the wholethe staff is polite and very pleasant in communication. Starting with the administrator and ending with the coach, all the real professionals of their business. In all the territory there is an ideal cleanliness, this applies to locker rooms, showers and the pool itself. You definitely will not regret if you decide to go here.

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