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Thomson's automatic weapon is a weapon of gangsters used by the armed forces of many countries

The invention of the American Colonel has alreadymany years is one of the favorite weapons of many people. From historical sources it is known that the world-famous gangster Al Capone killed his boss using Thompson's machine gun. At that time, each mafia group acquired Tommy-Ghana. With the help of these gangsters constantly shot their competitors and enemies.

In 1919, the first sample appeared, which wasis presented to the world. Two years later, mass production began. Thomson's automatic machine changed its design several times. Final improvements slightly changed the technical specifications, but the appearance remained the same.

thomson machine

Even then the barrel of the weapon had transverse ribs,capable of cooling parts during intense shooting. Thomson's automatic machine had two pistol grips, it allowed to hold it tightly, evenly distributing the return on both hands. Sights were a conventional sector type with a dioptric device, but often the fire from the weapons was chaotic.

Thomson's machine had good lethal force,allowing you to hit the target at a distance of up to 550 meters. In addition to the technical characteristics, two types of shops were created - box and drum. The first could hold up to 30 cartridges at a time, but it was too small. The development of a more capacious sample, containing up to 100 munitions, proved to be a successful solution to the problem.

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For a long time, the weapons remained in the shadows and hada bad reputation, it was used only by bandits and special police units. But after a while, the Marine Corps command considered the offer of purchase and purchased several thousand samples intended to strengthen the military in Nicaragua. Most of the automatic devices were produced by orders of other countries. With the help of exports, developers received most of the profit from the sale.

The period of the Second World War was highly appreciatedtechnical characteristics and effectiveness of the model created by Colonel Thompson. The machine met all the requirements and was an indispensable weapon in many combat operations.

The shooting from Tommi-Ghana is carried out with the help ofshutter Blies, which allows you to slow down the recoil action of the bronze liner. The main advantages of the machine gun include its lethal force, sufficient capacity of the magazine and excellent quality of the parts used for assembly.

how much does the machine

But besides the positive aspects, there is alsonegative. The weapon is very heavy and cumbersome, and the complexity of manufacturing influenced the price. As with any machine of that time, the big impact greatly affected the accuracy of the shots.

How much does an automatic machine at the moment, sayprecisely impossible, since its production was carried out in America, the most advantageous option, naturally, is there. You can only say that there is a probability of finding one of the copies a little more than $ 200.

Thomson's automaton, whose photo is stillis associated with gangster times, perhaps one of the greatest examples of weapons in the history of mankind. To this day, it remains unique in its form.

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