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Fishing Secrets: Floating Tackle

Floating tackle is the most popular among anglers. And this is quite understandable, since for hunting for peaceful fish float fishing is the most optimal and efficient way of catching. Well, perhaps, this tackle is the most affordable and simple, does not require special monetary investments for expensive equipment. However, despite all the simplicity, there are many options for rigging the fishing rod. And catching on "float" will seem primitive only to the amateur. To achieve stable and tangible results in float fishing, a serious attitude to this gear is needed, which deserves respect as much as the same spinning and feeder.

float tackle
So, the modern float tackle will consist of the following permanent components:

- telescopic or rod;

- Multiplicative or inertial-free coil (only with running equipment);

- fishing line;

- Float for a fly fishing rod;

- small sinkers - olives;

- the hook.

winter float tackle
Since this rod is one of the oldest,then it is not difficult to assemble it. Making fishing gear at home does not require special skills. First, you need to study the properties of the materials from which the rods are made, and the types of their assembly. Also try and decide for yourself what you like best: an easy-to-transport telescope or a long-throw plug. As soon as the rod is selected, it will be possible to start its rigging.

First of all, a float tackle is fittedbased on where and whom the fisherman is going to catch. It also takes into account the presence and absence of leaking skids on the fishing rod. If there are none, then the rigging is called deaf, and if there are - a running one. By the way, the last to sell the vast majority. Their advantage is that they allow the angler to catch at a much greater distance. As a rule, a traveling tackle has a reel seat. Fishing rods with a dull rig are used mainly in competitions in sport fishing, where the ability to manipulate the tackle is primarily assessed.

fishing tackle
And, of course, float fishing tackle is impossiblewithout the presence of a float. Like other components of the rig, it has a number of important characteristics and properties. There are floats for fishing on stream and in still water. They differ from each other in shape, weight and even color. A separate group includes floats for the match. In general, it can be pointed out that there are many models, and all of them are designed for certain specific conditions of catching or kind of fish.

Summer and winter float equipment requiredequipped with weights. They differ from each other primarily in weight and shape. Despite its small size, this element of rigging is no less important, as in combination with the float and fishing line it, in its essence, is the most responsible part of the "float". Thanks to the weight of the sinker, the bait is delivered to the fish, and it's not possible to just make a good cast without these little "olives".

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