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Exercises for the gym for girls: from weight loss to relief

Life plays with a female figure a cruel joke: a more prone to recruitment of the fatty layer, the weaker sex often remains inactive. Girls do not like hard exercises, and the word "muscles" is considered masculine. Completely in vain. Muscles hold the skin in a tone, and when they are weakened, the natural proportions of the body are lost.

Exercises for the gym for girls -a field for making many mistakes. The goals formulated in the form of wishes to tighten the ass and remove the stomach, lead to the fact that women strain the press and legs to no avail.

exercises for the gym for girls

To create an attractive physique, you need to pay attention to all muscles:

  • Work out the deltas (shoulders) to ensure that the waist on their background seemed slimmer.
  • Exercise all the leg muscles to ensure the correct oval buttocks and adjust the lower leg.
  • Strengthen your back for proper posture and load the trapezius muscles that distinguish fitness ladies from ordinary girls.
  • Do exercises for the chest, but without fanaticism - it is enough to press or perform three sets of bench presses on a bench with an average weight, otherwise the main female dignity will simply decrease.

correct exercises in the gym

Press, which is considered an end in itself for the female,It is created by aerobic loads and nutrition - rejection of fatty, sweet. Exercises for the gym for girls include sets for abdominal muscles. They are held no more than two days a week.

The correct exercises in the gym are those that correspond to the principles:

  1. You can not do one workout every day.
  2. It is necessary to provide muscles with rest for 48 hours, therefore each group of musculature is studied 1-2 times a week.
  3. Should be eaten correctly and fractionally 5-6 times a day, including eating after the gym a light protein - egg, milk.

Exercises for the gym for girls can be built on the basis of two approaches to training:

  • Two workouts a week for the whole body.
  • Three workouts per week for different muscle groups.

In the first case, the set of exercises may include:

  1. Squats with a bar from the bar (to start) in three sets of 10-12 repetitions for the front muscles of the thighs.
  2. Falls with a neck or dumbbells in the same amount for the buttocks.
  3. Press the legs into the load to squats to build "roundness" in the lower part of the body.
  4. Push-ups for pectoral muscles from the floor and for triceps - back to the bench.
  5. Bending of hands with dumbbells for biceps and dilution of hands to the sides for the shoulders.
  6. Draft of the horizontal block for posture and vertical block for the form of the back.

names of exercises in the gym

This type of training will help tighten the body,to lose excess fat and improve health. If the further development of the figure involves the collection of muscle mass and the elaboration of the relief, then exercises for the gym for girls can be built on the basis of split - 3-4 workouts per week for different muscle groups:

  1. Exercise your back and chest. Press sitting at an angle, the pull of the upper block to the chest, exercise "butterfly", "pullover", lifting dumbbells in the prone position will load the right muscles.
  2. Practice shoulders and arms. Dumbbell press sitting, reverse push-ups, push-ups on triceps or retraction of hands with dumbbells, dilution of hands with dumbbells to the sides - these are the most popular exercises for the development of the upper limbs and deltas.
  3. Train your legs with a deadlift with a barbell, attacks with dumbbells, sit-ups in the simulator.

If the names of exercises in the gym are confusing, you should contact the trainer and get a personal program for the first three months of classes.

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