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Uvex safety glasses: individual design and quality assurance

Uvex safety glasses are one of the most sought-afteron the world market. Over the years, the German manufacturer has set standards for eye protection and comfort. The company has developed a philosophy according to which the worker wants to wear these glasses, and not have to wear them. All Uvex safety glasses are ANSI Z87.1-2015 certified.

The company is keeping pace with modern trends in construction and industry. Developers guarantee eye protection combining safety, functionality, quality and design.

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Why do we need goggles?

Products of the German manufacturer protects the mostAn important sensory organ of a person who also turns out to be the most vulnerable is the eyes. Regardless of whether you work on a milling machine, in a laboratory or with ultraviolet radiation, Uvex safety glasses have a special coating that meets the needs of any application. In addition to protective functions, glasses will give comfort in use and become a bright accessory.

The company produces a wide range of products, buteach potential buyer can independently design the design of future points for their employees. For this purpose it is enough to specify at the order registration:

  • byliked model;

  • logo of your company and determine the color of the frames;

  • filter: transparent, with casting or specialth amber.

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Production technology

There is nothing more important than the safety of people in their daily work! That's why Uvex glasses are developed on the basis of innovative technologies. Modern coatings are used:

  • Uvex supravision sapphire - the lenses are resistant toscratches and chemicals. The system, improved by nanotechnology, demonstrates a significant increase in non-stick properties, and therefore it is easier to clean.

  • Uvex supravision excellence - lenses arefog (from the inside), resistant to scratches and chemicals. They are easy to clean with nanotechnology and less susceptible to contamination.

  • Uvex supravision plus have anti-fogproperties of continuous action on both sides, resistant to scratches and antistatic agents. Antifog coating is permanent and persists even after a few cleansings.

The company adapts to the needs of modernmarket. Thanks to cooperation with optometrists, it was possible to develop a whole line of Uvex glasses for people with poor eyesight. Now the employee does not have to wear lenses on purpose to work in protective goggles. It is enough to order a special model designed in accordance with its needs.

Safety glasses Uvex Pheos

FROMYeriI'm Uvex Pheos ensuringet eye protection and guarantees design, which can be proud of. She is the correspondinget safety standards EN 166 (personal eye protection), as well as EN 170 (from ultraviolet rays).

Thus, innovative,
stylish safety glasses Uvex Pheos ("Feos") not only provide reliable protection from mechanical and chemical damage, but also effective against sunlight. Duo-spherical lenses guarantee a wide view. This function is important for spcentnersrealistsyou need to see complete picture.

Safety glasses features this series:

  • qualitative metal;

  • dAdditional eyebrow protection from Eye Plus - bevelled edge in the upper parts;

  • theresistant to scratches, constantth anti-fogth properties;

  • Mr.secure protection from ultraviolet radiation;

  • myagie non-sliding the edges preventingYut excessive pressuree.

goggles uvex pheos

Is it worth making a purchase?

The answer is definitely yes. The company develops plastic lenses that provide unique design features that have a significant advantage over glass. They guarantee better protection from mechanical influences. Safety glasses are available in a wide range of colors, suitable for specific tasks and applications.

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