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How to properly shoot a gun? Courses of shooting. Safety during shooting

Do you know how to properly shoot a gun?Where can you learn this craft? These and other questions you will find answers in the article. Zverolovy, especially beginners, are obliged to learn the best hunting traditions. Real devotees enjoy hunting only when it is athletic. This means that mainly for feathered game you need to shoot an owl. This method automatically excludes entry into the young. In this case, you can shoot only on the selected single target, and not firing at a flock of birds.

Shooting at a loss

How to shoot a shotgun correctly?A person who has learned to use a shotgun, makes excellent use of its capabilities and can get into the game from afar. Usually at such shooting there is no podrankov.

Of all the common methods of firing,The most effective shooting on the head. If the hunter can not learn this method, he begins to feel defective. He will know that fast emerging, sudden goals are not for him. In general, this method delivers real bliss.

how to properly shoot a gun

Each instructor in shooting will tell you thatit is from this reception you need to begin to learn the shooting business. To begin with, you need to understand the difference between firing a shot on a mobile target and shooting a "bullet from a smoothbore gun and rifle." In the first case, we instantly direct the carbine to the point of intercepting the game with a shotgun and synchronously press it on the trigger. And in the second when aiming, you need to combine three points: the fly, the target and the target, and, trying to hold this combination, gently pull the trigger.

Also in the first option the look focuseson the target, and in the second on the precision devices. If the hunter can not understand the difference between aiming and directing the gun, he will never learn to shoot offhand.


So, we continue to understand how correctlyto shoot a gun. In smoothbore carbines, unlike the rifle trigger mechanism, it is structurally manufactured so that the trigger leaves the sear without preliminary pulling, instantly, when the required trigger force is reached. This small difference ensures the uniformity of time moments from taking a shot decision to an actual shot. It is this nuance that guarantees high effectiveness when firing at targets that move very quickly.

 training in shooting

So how to properly shoot a gun?What is the firing of a rifle? Using this weapon, the hunter, pressing the trigger, does not know when the bullet will fly. Therefore, he, holding his breath, makes every effort to keep the fly, the head and the target in a certain position at the moment of smooth pressure on the trigger. Shooting from a shotgun, the hunter must accurately and accurately determine the moment of pressing the trigger, otherwise the target will not be hit. If this action is attempted by an archer from a rifle, he will "break" it and not achieve the desired result. These differences are basic for different types of shooting. Incidentally, very little is said about them.


Many people wonder how to shoot fromdouble-barreled hunting rifle. It must always be remembered that a shotgun can hit targets at a limited range. So, from the barrels with cylindrical drilling it is possible to hit the target at a distance of 17-30 m (the optimal range), and from the trunks with drilling the full choke is 25-45 m. The maximum distance for the first rifle corresponds to 35 m, and for the second - 50 m. In view of these limitations, the hunter must be able to determine quickly and correctly the distance to the target - both stationary and rapidly moving. This is a rather difficult task.

shooting courses

It is known that in different terrain conditions inDepending on the density of vegetation, lighting, the size of game, a person can make a mistake by determining the distance to the target. From the gross misses of the hunter can only save incessant training. He should often determine the distance to objects in conditions similar to hunting, and check it in steps.


Shooting a hunting rifle is a difficult task. Correctly determine the distance to a moving target is necessary in order to correctly find the lead value and not to burn beyond the range of a real shotgun defeat, when a miss is unavoidable.

Offhand hard to learn to shoot? First, decide what results you want to get. Famous novice hunters who performed the norm of the third category after two workouts on a round stand. The difference in the achievements of medium and high-level shooter is mainly in the constancy of training and volitional qualities. In principle, each person with a sporty character, normal vision and normal coordination of movements can learn to shoot perfectly offhand and become a master of shooting sports. Of course, for this you need to follow certain rules.


Shooting training can be found in every city. What is the stand when firing? A good hunter is always easy and easy to hit the target. It seems that the shots are carried out simultaneously with the occurrence of the target, that the beginner seems unattainable. To obtain such results, you need to develop a convenient, correct for shooting rack. With the help of her body arrow quickly turns left and right. In addition, it provides a stable position when you need to make a second shot.

So, we start learning shooting. Place your feet on such an interval from each other so that one foot can fit in the middle of the heels, and between the socks a little more. If you spread your legs wide, it will be difficult to turn the body, and the shooter will carry out the lead of the gun with his hands. In the end, he will miss. If the legs are located close to each other, the hunter will lose stability both when recoiling from the first shot and when turning the body.

 firing accuracy

You must hold the rifle with your right hand by the neck.butt so that the second finger in the middle of the right phalanx can pull the trigger. With your left hand, hold the rifle at your forearm. Your body to the plane of firing should be at an angle of 45 degrees. Legs slightly bent at the knees, lean forward slightly in the direction of the approximate shot. A hunter who is in such a position, already with the position of his body, “aimed” at the game even before the butt touched his shoulder.

Important manipulation

If you go to a shooting course, they'll tell youhow to apply a gun when shooting offhand. Of course, you can read about it here. Shooting offhand, a man puts a gun to his shoulder, combining this action with his leash. Very often, hunters put on a carbine in the process of turning their corps.

Before performing this manipulation, a person shouldhold the gun so that its weight is evenly distributed between the hands. When you find the right position for your left hand, you should try to keep the foregrip in the same place in any situation.

What are good shooting courses? Your instructor will tell you that when you attach the gun, you first need to throw it forward and upward, and then with both hands, press to the shoulder with the butt into the shoulder recess. In the end, the butt comb will press against your cheek under the right cheekbone.

Good shooters quickly perform this action. At the same time, they simultaneously unfold the hull and look where the game may be. As soon as the gun is in place, its trunks are involuntarily fixed in the course of the hunter's gaze. And he shoots.


Everyone can visit the shooting gallery in Moscow. In this institution you can learn to shoot. The most popular errors for beginners when attaching a rifle are:

  • Pulling from the butt of the butt to the shoulder. This slows down the action and does not provide a constant hit in the same area - the shoulder hole. As a result, many people correct the application and shoot wrong.
  • Putting the rifle to the shoulder is extremely low. As a result, you have to cool your head down so that the cheek is on the crest of the butt. Many coaches say: "A good hunter puts a carbine to his cheek, a bad one puts his cheek to a carbine."
  • Sometimes a shot is taken before you facetouched the butt comb. There is such a course in shooting, but this is not necessary for beginners, since this technique requires a special skill that is acquired over time. Inexperienced need to shoot only after the butt comb touched the cheek. As a result, we get a stable position of the rifle barrels, aimed at the same point at which the shooter is looking.


It is known that shooting the plates helpsBeginners to gain experience. When you attach a carabiner, its trunks are sent to the game interception point by a shotgun and, until the trigger is pressed, they are held for a moment before the target for the lead-ahead format, moving. The leash and after the departure of the bullet continues. But all this is happening so instantly that it seems as if she is absent when shooting offhand.

how to shoot from a horizontal gun

When firing a short leash, the rifle is first applied and then the leash begins. When shooting offhand, these actions are combined in one movement.


Many beginners wonder how toShoot from a horizontal gun. In the hunting literature a lot is written about this technique. And what can you say about the rifles and unobtrusive and sedentary? Products manufactured at the factory are manufactured with regard to the latest scientific testing and are applied to most shooters.

firing safety

Of course, if you made a stock in a factoryorder, by your measure, it will be better than the standard. But how much? The world's best riggers say that carbines with rifle butts made by famous gunsmiths fire 2-5% better than factory ones.

For top athletes this upgradepalpable, but it is unlikely to feel good shooter on the hunt. After all, there is so much additional interference that they completely absorb these 2-5% of possible misses. That is why you should not look for the causes of failures in the lack of practicality of the rifle: look for them in personal errors and correct them.


What is a plate game? This is trap shooting. Her roots lie in the contests of hunters who were shooting at the birds with rifles. Already in the Middle Ages, such matches were held in Europe. At the beginning of the 20th century, including at the first Olympiad, athletes fired at live pigeons tossed into the air. Then the birds changed the plates.


Accuracy of shooting - one of the basic indicatorsquality rifle. But let's find out another nuance. On the offhand shooting, many say that with this method the hunter fires without aiming, but this is far from being the case. Aiming in this case occurs due to the fact that a person usually directs his actions to where his gaze is directed. Many are quite aptly can throw stones, hammer the ball into the goal, intercept the ball with a racket.

When shooting offhand, you can not squint oneeye when aiming a gun at the target. After all, this is how a person deprives himself of the binocular vision given to him by nature. As a result, the picture at the time of the shot will be remembered worse and will not be so clear. Only if the hunter has a command left eye, he must either squint it, or learn to open fire from the left shoulder.


Accuracy - the ability to grouphit points on the target. And what is the range? This indicator when shooting a shotgun is limited. The hunter must have time to open fire while the target is in the area of ​​the real defeat. Novice shooters should train themselves to shoot fast, even when there is time for the bird to be targeted. As soon as targeting begins, the leash slows down, the game flies too far and, as a result, a natural miss.

If at the beginning of training a person shoots quickly and misses the target, this can be corrected.

Shooting ranges

Would you like to visit shooting range? The underground labyrinth club is located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow. There you can shoot both from your air rifles and pistols, and from the staff offered. In the shooting gallery there is always an instructor who conducts full-fledged training for beginners.

shooting with a hunting rifle

Many people like the world's largest indoor shooting range, located in the Moscow region in the city of Dzerzhinsky. This is a very comfortable institution, in which the arrows practice all year round.


Safety when shooting shouldbe observed necessarily. Occupations should always be led by a pedagogical worker of an educational institution in an authorized, equipped dash (shooting range).

Safety during classes is ensured by the high discipline of all participants in the training, accurate organization and accurate observance of precautionary measures.

In the shooting range and shooting range is prohibited:

  • touch or take a weapon on the fire line or approach it without an instructor’s command;
  • firing from defective rifles and with the white flag raised;
  • charge carbines up to instructor's command;
  • take out charged rifles from the firing line;
  • aim and direct the carbine in different directions and rear, as well as in people;
  • be outsiders in the firing line, except for practicing;
  • shoot non-parallel to the director (direction) of the shooting range (shooting range);
  • transfer to other persons or leave a loaded karabiner somewhere without the permission of the shooting director;
  • be in the line of fire before the Fire command and after the “End of Hearing” signal from the senior instructor;
  • Shoot at the dash simultaneously from different types of weapons.

Weapons can be charged at the firing line only at the command of the instructor “Charge”. It is necessary to clean rifles only in specially designated places under the guidance of a teacher.

All accidents that occurred during shooting were immediately reported to the executive authorities, the police and the nearest hospital, as well as to the head of the educational institution.

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