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"Vepr-12 Hammer" VPO-205-03 - carbine

"Vepr-12 Hammer" HPE-205-03 is a self-loadingsmoothbore type carbine, developed by Russian designers and manufactured in our country. The basis for the development of the carbine was the design on the basis of which such weapons as a Kalashnikov machine gun were built.

"Vepr-12 Hammer" ВПО-205-03 is intended forsports events and competitions of various classes (very often it is practical shooting). Some weapons are used by weapons as equipment for their employees.

"Vepr-12 Hammer" VPO-205-03 is also usedfor self-defense by persons authorized to store and use this type of weapon. It is interesting that this self-loading smoothbore type carbine is a "spiteful" competitor of the Saiga-12 gun known to the general public.

Reasons for developing weapons

boar 12 hammer in the back 205 03

Every time the user sees the name "Vepr-12 Hammer" HPE-205-03, he must clearly understand that "Vepr-12 Hammer" is the name of the model of the weapon, and VPO 205-03 is its factory index.

Why does the name of the model of the weapon contain a figure12? This designation of the caliber of cartridges, which uses a smoothbore gun. What prompted designers to develop a carbine? The thing is that the popularity of "Saiga-12" semiautomatic devices, produced by IzhMash, grew, without exaggeration, in a geometric progression.

In the arms history, even such temporaryperiods when the demand for this weapon was on top of the supply bracket. However, as time passed, people bought "Saigu" in huge quantities. Accordingly, there was a mass testing. And now more and more negative comments began to appear. According to users of the gun, "Saigu" often clinically.

Managers who worked at the Molot plant, timegift did not lose. They fully justified the money they paid: after analyzing the statistics of sales of competitors, the specialists decided that the segment of the market in which the Saiga had previously had a huge popularity, it is necessary to take away itself, since the time has come. This process took place in the 90s of the last century.

Thus, in a short time the plant "Hammer"launches the process of mass production of new shotguns, built on the basis of a Kalashnikov machine gun. From the conveyors more and more copies of the rifles "Vepr-12" come off. And they, by the way, differed from those models that were produced by IzhMash.

Tactical error of IzhMash

Boar 12 hammer reviews of hunters

As you know, at the Izhevsk machine-buildingThe Kalashnikov assault rifle was manufactured in 1974. It was this fact that served as the basis for the construction of the legendary weapon in the principle of the "Saiga-12".

Well, the production of "Saiga", which hada similar appearance with the AK-74 (as well as the construction base), did not become a special event due to its predictability. But nevertheless, this weapon, intended for use and storage by civilians, turned out to be very in demand.

At the same time, the future competitors of IzhMash (and speechgoes about the "Molot" factory, which was located in the city of Vyatskie Polyany) were engaged in the global serial production of the 1974 PKK. Why did this move stay behind them, and not behind the Izhevsk plant? It's very simple: IzhMash simply did not have enough potential to engage in parallel production and the production of two weapons at the same time.

That is why Izhevsk chose the pathmade by AK-74. Indeed, it would be simply huge volumes, hence, huge costs. But this, perhaps, was the reason that the battle for this segment of the market IzhMash eventually lost.

Opposition of AK-74 and PKK

tuning boar hammer 12

AK-74 ceded the PKK of the same year for manycharacteristics. In general, it was common to compare a number of parameters. The comparison was based on mass-dimensional characteristics, as well as criteria relating to the power and reliability of weapons.

Of course, machine guns in terms of strength wonthe first contest right at the start, without even giving a chance to their competitors. After that, they increased the gap due to the fact that the receiver was not an example more powerful. It all came to an end that the obvious advantage was fixed for the PKK due to the fact that the main working mechanisms, most often subjected to intensive loads, were manufactured with a large margin of safety.

Speaking figuratively, while the Kalashnikov rifle only crossed the starting line, the PKK had already finished.

Carabiner "Vepr Molot-12" was originallywas positioned by the weapons design bureau as a weapon intended for conducting defensive operations, as well as for conducting sports shooting. It was intended to supply weapons to the law enforcement agencies for further use. But for hunting "Vepr-12 Hammer" to use is inexpedient.

Advantages and disadvantages

boar 12 hammer reviews

Ideal guns in the world today does not exist, each model has its pros and cons. It touched also the rifles "Vepr-12 Hammer". The hunters' comments about him are contradictory.

Advantage # 1: fast, accurate, powerful

boar 12 hammer smoothbore rifle

At the present time the plant "Molot" managed to makereally a large number of "Vepray". Including its modifications. For the whole range of models (both main specimens and modified guns), the characteristic high enough speed of shooting.

Combining a high rate of fire with a rifle with its more than ever appropriate ammunition (used cartridges caliber 12 millimeters), we get impressive firepower.

High rate of fire is reinforced in terms of design at once by several factors: stores can hold 8 cartridges at once, and the operation mode of the weapon is self-loading.

Advantage No. 2: it does not burn in a fire, it does not sink in water

rifle boar 12 hammer

"Vepr-12 Hammer", reviews of hunters about whomcan be found both positive and not so, is a really non-destructive weapon, as people who have dealings with it like to call it. Without any fears and omissions, it can be said that the "Hammer" is today one of the strongest smoothbore guns that were produced in the world. Here, a certain role is played by the design of the PKK, which was taken by engineers as a basis.

Disadvantage # 1: practicality to the detriment of comfort

Due to the fact that there is a standard lath on the lower part of the forearm, it will be extremely inconvenient to keep the rifle at the fore-end. Tuning "Vepr Molot-12" also does not allow to solve this problem.

Disadvantage # 2: large weight

Even with full discharge without installing anyadditional options the mass of "Boar" is 4.3 kg. Now imagine that the weapon is loaded and hung with tactical devices and additional optional elements. Not very convenient.

However, the users who made the tuning"Vepr Molot-12", more than once noted that with a large mass of weapons begin to behave more steadily. Especially if the shooting is in high-speed mode. Thus, a disadvantage can turn into an advantage, but this is an individual matter.

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