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Bench for bench press in the home hall: how to choose

Nowadays, many people practice in the gymhall prefer training in their own home. However, for the successful implementation of the latter, it is necessary to properly equip the space and equip it with the necessary equipment. One of such important devices is the bench for bench press. With its help you can perform a wide range of all sorts of exercises. In the first place, of course, bench press laying. Despite the fact that such a device for training has one direct task, it can be used for different purposes. In order to do this, you must select it correctly. Therefore, let us consider what the main parameters and qualities should be a multifunctional bench for bench press.


So, the first thing to look atat its acquisition, this is the material from which it is made. As a rule, for strong equipment for the gym use solid structural steel. Although there are also devices made of aluminum and its alloys. In any case, you need to ask the seller for a certificate and a guarantee. The second important factor is the strength of all nodes and connections. For example, if the bench has a backrest with a varying angle, you need to make sure that the hinges have sufficient strength, and the fastening system has a sufficient degree of reliability.

Bench for bench press

The third is the quality of the coating material of the workingsurface. Usually on it is dermantin, under which is laid a thicker layer of foam or other softening fabric. Under all circumstances, this part of the simulator must protect the athlete's body from excessive load and act as a kind of lining. The fourth is an aesthetic appearance. Naturally, this factor can and do not take into account, because all people have different tastes. The fifth is the size. Bench for press, the dimensions of which may differ for various versions, should be placed where it is allocated space. Naturally, this is not all the parameters of this simulator.

Bench for bench dimensions

This device can have manyadditions, and that expands its functions and improves the comfort of the training itself. For example, any bench for bench press, both horizontal and vertical, should be equipped with racks. Without the latter, it is unlikely to be able to conduct a quality training, because a significant training weight the athlete can raise, either when they are fixed a quarter of a meter from the chest on a special device, or with the help of at least two partners in class. In addition to the backrest with a variable angle and racks, the bench bench can have devices for working out other muscles of the body.

Very often this simulator has an addition in thatpart where the bottom of the body is, in the form of a device for flexing and unbending the legs in a sitting, lying or standing position. Thus, the more functions performed by such power equipment, the less financial costs a person will incur when equipping his home gym. In addition, such an arrangement will significantly save the living space.

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