/ / RPD machine gun. The machine gun of the Degtyarev system RPD-44

The RPD machine gun. The machine gun of the Degtyarev system RPD-44

The legendary machine gun RPD-44 was created in the SovietUnion of weapons designer Degtyarev. Another of his offspring - SVD rifle - is used in our time. Especially its intensive use is observed in the special forces and airborne troops, where the SVD is used along with the VSS "Vintorez". What the RPD-44 machine gun went through, what its characteristics are and how the history of the creation of this weapon began - all of this we will try to disassemble in this article.


RPM machine-gun

According to historical data, this weaponwas used during the Great Patriotic War really on a global scale. Again, according to the facts, it firmly took third place. To advance the machine gun RPD was able to only rifle Mosin da PPSh.

Operating principle

machine gun rpm 44

How does the RPM machine gun fire? The machine gun was intended to defeat enemy enemy forces. Its construction was built according to the following principle.

At the time when you clicked ontrigger, when releasing the lever, the bolt frame of the weapon was released. It, therefore, under the action of the return-fighting spring (which was in a compressed state) began to move forward.

Thus, the fighting stops were acted uponThe thickening that took place on the back of the drummer's mechanism. The bolt on the way went forward. Stops moved apart. During the advance of the bolt from the store, a cartridge was sent to the corresponding part.

At the time when the cartridge capsule was exposed"Meeting" with the drummer, there was a shot. Powder gases were formed, which acted on the gas piston, pushing it in the rear direction. The barrel of the trunk at that time was unlocked, and the bolt was returning to the opposite position, not forgetting to "grab" the frame with it. The shot cartridge parallel to this process was extracted from the chamber. That's how the shooting cycle ended with one cartridge.

Prehistory of development

RPM machine gun

It was autumn of the 41st year.Hitler's troops raced to Moscow in all pairs. The goal of their breakthrough was clear enough to the strategists. The troops of the fascist invaders had to complete the campaign before the cold came. The soldiers who fought in the ranks of the Red Army provided heroic resistance to the invaders.

Despite this, motorized rifle divisions andthe tank divisions of the German army were rapidly shortening the distance they had to travel to the capital of the Soviet Union. The soldiers of the Soviet Army were ready to take the final blow, to sacrifice their lives in a decisive battle with the enemy troops. Yes, they were full of determination, full of courage to commit this action.

But everyone understood that on the side of the Red Army there was not enough firepower to allow the enemy to take the spear directly, and then turn its ranks back.

At the end of October of the same year at the airport of the cityKovrova (and this was a military facility) landed a flying machine. There was an airfield, by the way, hundreds of kilometers from the front line. The plane brought with it some very high-ranking engineers.

Personal history hides and for todaymoment. But where the motorcade went with the officers, it has long been known. They went with one request to Degtyarev Vasily Alekseevich. At that time, he was considered almost the most important gunsmith of the Soviet Union.

In what atmosphere and with what detailspassed negotiations, it is not known. But just before the battle for Moscow began, the Red Army was supplied with what they lacked so far - Degtyarev's anti-tank rifle. The RPD machine gun of 1941 once and for all inspired fear of the fascist invaders, who, if I may say so, appreciated the power of the weapon.

Not everyone knows that previously for the inventionSoviet designer always distinguished 150 test test shots. It's about DP-27. But the new machine gun was so well established that only five cartridges were assigned to it. 2 of them were allocated for testing the automation system. And the remaining 3 - for adjusting weapons, adjusting or adjusting its accuracy. And then only in those cases when it really was necessary.

Launching in production

rpm machine gun 1941

DP-27, invented by the designer before the appearanceRAP, in terms of the principle of operation was a fairly simple device. He was going to, respectively. Thanks to the assembly and design of the RAP, it became a very promising weapon, which was manufactured in a short time, and the production costs were reduced several times. Is it worth talking about the reliability of the machine gun?

Advantages and disadvantages

RPD machine gun tuning

The disk invented for the machine gun turned out to bereasoned decision. It was a working device, reliable in all respects. However, in order to carry discs with cartridges, soldiers were required to create special bags. They were later called bag-containers.

The discs that are at issue are known to everyone. Even those people who have never seen a RAP in the eye. Very clearly the actions of soldiers when using the RAP are shown in the film titled "Two Fighter". Another drawback of the disk was its spiral spring. Over time, it markedly weakened, which led to a decrease in the effectiveness of weapons.

In fact, due to this lack of disk, oftendelivered unfilled to the end. The thing is, it was not that simple in the outfit. Although, on the other hand, to equip the machine gun tape "Maxim" was also not quite easy.

RPD machine gun: tuning and combat gear

On the possible tuning of weapons, many sourcessilent. But the mechanism was not built correctly. The problem, in particular, was that the draft of the fighting spring occurred relatively quickly. It was located, as is known, under the trunk and hardly adjoined it. Thus, if the fire was very intense, the barrel heated up quickly and rapidly. Together with it, because of the transfer of thermal energy in the adjacent metal surfaces, the return-fighting spring was also heated. What, by the way, created certain difficulties when operating a machine gun.

Modern small arms of the world. RAP

Many experts of the arms industry agreed on the opinionthat the use of the RAP is possible taking into account those shortcomings (hence, their eradication) that have been identified over time. It was assumed either the installation of a global cooling system, or the manufacture of spare barrels. The latter option, by the way, required corrections in the production of the RAP, since before that time the machine gun was manufactured with a non-removable barrel.

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