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Color diet for weight loss. Ration and rules

Color diet for weight loss recentlyhas gained popularity among the beautiful half of our humanity. The fact is that this power system really allows you to get rid of a couple of extra pounds without much effort. In addition, according to experts, it helps to improve mood, and also helps to fight depression. What is the difference between a colored diet for weight loss? This is what we will discuss in detail in this article.

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general information

It should be noted that the colored diet for weight losslasts only a week. If you can not achieve the desired results in such a short time, you can repeat it in about two weeks. On the other hand, this kind of nutrition scheme implies a special diet under which the body receives all the necessary nutrients and trace elements, and its diversity will not allow, as they say, "break".

Colorful diet. Menu

  1. Start a new life on Monday! On this day, it is allowed to eat exceptionally white foods. This is white cabbage, low-fat cottage cheese, poultry meat, egg whites, and potatoes. For best results, it is recommended to cook steamed. For example, for breakfast, oatmeal porridge is suitable, for lunch - chicken with cabbage, and for dinner, eat cottage cheese.
  2. Red Tuesday. Perhaps, this is the most "delicious" day. Color diet for weight loss recommends eating red beans, grapes, wine, tomatoes, peppers, pomegranates. To add food to a special piquant taste, you can add a small amount of olive oil.
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  3. Green environment. In this case, you can eat absolutely all green vegetables (cucumbers, broccoli, zucchini). It's kind of a day off. Drink green tea, because it is he that helps purify the body and the subsequent release of harmful cholesterol.
  4. Orange Thursday. Prepare yourself salmon with carrots for a couple, for dinner, a great option will be papaya or mango, do not forget about a very useful sea-buckthorn jam. Vitaminize your habitual diet with juices from carrots or other orange fruits.
  5. Purple Friday. Here, special attention should be paid to fruits and berries of exclusively purple color (plum, blueberry, black currant). As for vegetables, a pleasant dinner can be considered baked aubergine with basil. It is noteworthy that fructose, available in fruits, improves skin condition and normalizes blood circulation.
  6. On Saturday, give preference to the yellow shade. It can be egg yolks, corn, apricots, honey, cheeses, apples. Of all these ingredients, you can make delicious salads or simply send apples with honey in the oven and enjoy such an unusual dessert.
  7. Colorless Sunday. Perhaps this is a very difficult day, because over the
    for whole days you can drink only non-carbonated mineral water.
    color diet menu

Colorful diet. Reviews

In conclusion, it should be noted thatIndeed, such nutrition contributes not only to weight loss, but also to the improvement of the work of the whole organism. You will not feel hungry, but at the same time and depression will not be due to the variety of color solutions. Specialists note that the days can be changed at their discretion, but on Sunday (the seventh day) only mineral water is always allowed.

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