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IZH-27 guns - characteristics and advantages

When buying a gun, the question always arises,what to buy. After all, all have different characteristics. Always want to respond with one sentence: take what is more convenient for you. However, it is difficult for a person to choose a gun, especially if the models belong to the same manufacturer. IZH guns have been produced for more than a decade. Each model has its followers. But today the most popular Izhevsk gun is IZh-27.

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It embodies a successful combinationperformance and moderate cost. Modern modifications of it, in the opinion of Western experts, have many of the signs that are available in elite weapons: chrome trunks, a nut modernized bed, one descent, ejectors. For those who prefer a richer finish, there are options for "Prestige", "Rus" or "Arrow".
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And we will return to the examination of the IZH-27 gun. The trunks of this weapon are located in an upright position. The main advantage of this arrangement is that the axis of the lower trunk is located in proximity to the butt of the butt on the shoulder. Throwing a gun after the first shot is minimal. As a result, the re-shot sight is faster. Also, the axis of the lower trunk is located closer to the center of mass of the weapon. That is why when you shoot the locking mechanism of the trunk and the box receive less load.

Soldering of the barrels of this IZ gun is produced by lateral slats. It is very important that after soldering the trunks are not pulled. The trunks have chrome channels, detachable forearm.

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Locking is a powerful locking bar,thanks to which the reliability of the shutter and the durability of the gun are ensured. When the trunks are in the open position, the lock lever remains in the unchanged position with the aid of a special latch, which is released automatically when the trunks are closed.
The trigger and trigger mechanism of the IZH gun is located inshoe, the base is separate. Tracks are returnable, and fighting springs are cylindrical twisted. They are more durable and reliable. Even after a breakdown, they continue to work due to the fact that they are put in a compressed state. This weapon has an automatic fuse. He closes the whisper only when cocked cocked.

To increase the safety of the IZ gun, theirThe shock-trigger mechanism has insulators (interceptors). This allows you to prevent shots in the event that for some reason an unforeseen failure of the hook from the combat platoon occurred.

This weapon has an ejector mechanism, withWith the help of this, when the trunks are opened, only the ejected cartridges are ejected. The thickness of the walls of the trunk makes it possible to use reinforced ammunition (cartridges). You can even use the cartridges of Sunar-Magnum. Of course, the return will be a little more. However, when hunting in the fields, with bum hunting or on migratory geese, this factor can be omitted.

Weight trunks and guns IZH (3,3 kg) more than that of imported similar weapons. Due to this, the gun shakes less, and the recoil is transferred much easier.

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When choosing trunks, it is necessary to remember that hunting withus and abroad is significantly different. So, for example, in Europe there is in most cases "park" hunting. As for our hunting, it happens sometimes in difficult climatic conditions, and the gun is operated in hot heat, cold, rain and snow. Any trunk gets much in our impenetrable forests. And in many situations, you often recall the designers of Izhevsk guns.

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