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What is the personality and how important is the installation for it

The concept of "personality" has a long history. There is a well-known opinion that initially the actor was named as an actor in the Greek theater of masks.

what is a person

Personality in Greece could exist only in the context of the community.

In Christianity, the personality was equated with the soul, which, as is known, is immaterial. In modern times the person began to consider the embodiment of the "I" of man.

So what is a person today? Personality, scientists believe, is a whole complex of socially significant human traits that characterize him as a member of the collective (society). It is this complex that makes a person a subject of his conscious activity, of social relations.

On the question of what is personality, philosophers andpsychologists answer that this is the highest point of the development of the individual, the fullest embodiment of his human qualities. Personality is always conditioned by biological, social, social factors.

If you ask ordinary people about what isone can hear that this is a person with an active position in life, able to plan his actions and be responsible for their consequences. Sometimes ordinary people identify the concepts of "personality" and "leader", although they are not always the same.

personality settings

Since man exists in society, hejust have to have your own life position. The conscious activity on the formation of this position and its introduction into real life is determined by the term "self-determination of the person".

This is the basis for setting life goals and landmarks. Self-determination is affected by the environment, external circumstances, biological characteristics.

What is a person in terms of biology? This is the external data of a person, his health, his temperament and natural attractions. Undoubtedly, innate traits are important, but the determining factor for the formation of a full-fledged personality is the consciousness and attitudes of the individual. They can be positive, aimed at achieving success, freedom, justice. They can be negative, destroying the inner world.

Bringing up children, organizing anyactivities, doing self-education or achieving the goal, it is important to ensure that the installation is of a positive nature. The more positive the installation, the more benefits it will bring.

Installations are the principles responsible forthe architecture of personality, which set the tone for the way of life and the aspirations of man. Settings - the orders of the mind, controlling actions, actions, emotional state.

Positive attitudes help to achieve success, negative - lead to laziness, social paralysis, set up for defeat.

Personality, formed under the influence of positive attitudes, is not unsuccessful. There are six ideal types formed by personal attitudes.


  • Theoretical, bringing even into everyday life system and logic.
  • Economic, for which the driver of actions is their effectiveness.
  • Aesthetic, hard to bear the realities of life, but with pleasure going into the world of fantasy.
  • Social, which at the forefront is the love of people.
  • Political, aspiring to power.
  • Religious, striving for higher spiritual goals.
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