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How to attract people you like?

If you feel lonely, if you are bored inyour environment, you need to know how to attract people you like. Most often the circle of communication includes those with whom we get acquainted at work or in the process of studying. And how about drawing people into your life who like you?

the power of thought to attract a person

What attracts or repels people in interpersonal communication?

Communication is the most important component of our life. If you want to attract interesting people to yourself, then you yourself must become such a person. First of all, it is necessary to understand what attracts or repels people in interpersonal relations. Perhaps, it's worth starting with the positive qualities that people like:

  • neat appearance;
  • tact;
  • competent and clear speech;
  • the breadth of the worldview;
  • respect for someone else's point of view;
  • openness;
  • listening skills;
  • sense of humor;
  • interest.

Remember that you need not only to acquire attractive qualities, but also to get rid of negative ones. The latter include such things as:

  • untidy appearance;
  • selfishness;
  • narcissism;
  • rudeness;
  • unnecessary mannerisms;
  • garrulity;
  • neglect of another's point of view;
  • isolation.

how to attract people to yourself

A little about the external appeal

The first thing that attracts people in interpersonal relationships is, of course, appearance. Follow some simple rules to evoke pleasant emotions in others:

  • Observe the rules of personal hygiene. You should not give off any unpleasant odors, skin and hair should be clean. Keep track of the condition of the hands and nails.
  • If you are a girl, going to a meeting, make an easy make-up to hide skin problems and emphasize facial features. If you are a man, be sure to shave your stubble or trim the contours of your beard.
  • Find your own style in clothes that will emphasize your unique personality. It should be peculiar, but not vulgar things.
  • Your clothes must match the occasion. If you go to an official event, a business suit is mandatory, and you can come to an informal meeting in jeans.
  • Watch your posture. A straight back and developed shoulders are characteristics of a confident person.

Eye contact

To attract people who you arelike to continue to communicate with them, it is important to establish eye contact. In this way, you will demonstrate to the interlocutor your interest in it. If you are shy to look into your eyes and can not hold on to contact for long, use these methods:

  • when the interlocutor begins to speak, start counting the number of blinks in him;
  • Imagine that your eyes are glued to the pupils of the interlocutor, and if you take him away, you will experience severe pain;
  • if you feel that a person is embarrassed by your gaze, interrupt eye contact periodically, looking at objects (but you need to do it reluctantly).

that attracts or repels people in interpersonal

Learn the language of the body

Nonverbal communication is much more informative thanany words. Gestures help you unravel the true mood and intentions of the interlocutor. Here are the key points that you need to master if you want to know how to draw people to yourself:

  • Pay attention to the smile. If a person rejoices sincerely, cheeks rise with the corners of his mouth, and his eyes moisten and become a little narrower. If such signs are not observed, this indicates a tense smile.
  • Look at the toes of the other person's shoes. If they are directed to you, it means that the person is interesting and fun. Otherwise, it's better to end the conversation, so as not to seem obtrusive.
  • The interest in you and your story demonstrates the position of the body of the interlocutor. If he leaned toward you, this is a favorable sign. Otherwise, the person does not want to continue the conversation.

Learn to find the right words

How to attract people you like? Learn to talk with them by choosing the right topic. So, the person is already in front of you, and you need to start a conversation somehow. Use these guidelines:

  • A successful acquaintance begins with a compliment. Find what you praise a person for. Maybe he has an original outfit, or maybe he very successfully delivered a speech. In any case, a compliment will discharge the situation and start a further dialogue.
  • If you are interested in a person with whom youyou have common friends, this will be an excellent occasion for dialogue. Tell us about your relationship with a friend and ask how your interlocutor met him.
  • If you can not find common ground in any way, "eternal themes" will come to the aid. Cinema, music, television, art - in one of these spheres you will surely find common ground.

how to attract people like a magnet

Be the initiator of further communication

Let's say the acquaintance was successful. But how to attract people to them to establish long-lasting and productive contacts with them. Most likely, you will have to initiate further communication. Take note of such recommendations:

  • Use to continue communication topics thatyou discussed during your acquaintance. So, for example, if you talked about work, send some useful information on this to your e-mail. If the theme was art, watch the announcements of exhibitions or concerts. Invite a new acquaintance to attend the event together.
  • Try to find out about important dates. For example, such as birthday, wedding anniversary or professional holiday of your new acquaintance. Periodically remind yourself, sending congratulations by e-mail.
  • Use social networks. Be sure to add friends, "like" photos, share interesting information.

what attracts people in interpersonal relationships


The power of thought plays an important role in achieving success. How to attract a person who you like? Use self-hypnosis or meditation techniques. Whenever you have a responsible event or an acquaintance with important people, do such an exercise:

  • include relaxing music or audio recording of nature sounds;
  • take a comfortable pose in which you can relax all the muscles;
  • mentally or aloud, give yourself a positive attitude to the fact that everything is good in your life, you are interesting to people, you will easily be given new acquaintances;
  • In 10 minutes you will feel that your body has become light, and thoughts are light.

what attracts or repels people in interpersonal relationships

Be active

Surely everyone wants to know the secret, howpull people like a magnet. The main rule is activity. You must be constantly on the move, constantly in the mind, take part everywhere. Be initiative in the work, organize friendly gatherings, visit public places (concerts, shopping centers, cafe, sports hall). You will become so recognizable that you will not be looking for an approach to others, but with you they will dream to get acquainted.

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